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Memo to pilots using 121.5

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Memo to pilots using 121.5

Old 23rd Mar 2010, 16:23
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Your list of US records in aviation is one I am fully prepared to accept, and one which you are fully entitled to be proud of.
I listed those statistics not to be boastful or to wave the flag so to speak, but to show the total scope of aviation activity in the US and if the US changed from inches of mercury to something else, the cost would be very high. In addition, to be perfectly honest I really don't see what good it could possibly be to force the thousands of small aircraft owners, the vast majority of which will never leave the contiguous 48 States, to spend the money to change. Not to mention the thousands of un-controlled airports to change as well.

When I first started flying internationally to countries that did not use inches of mercury I had to use conversion charts, which while workable, was a real pain and one ran a risk of making serious errors. Toward the end of my career I was flying aircraft that all you had to do to change was push a button. Now that is progress by God.
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Old 23rd Mar 2010, 16:53
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I see this has finally made it to Jet Blast; maybe the tone will now be raised a bit.

Strange to see this wittering on about cricket, especially from a nation that spawned the so-called "World Series"

re the remarks about Decca. I remeber that it was allowed to fly offsets on Airway R1 using decca and that this was acceptable for providing separation; also an advertisement from Decca concerning a flight in an emergency, and in very bad weather making a night landing at Southend (the airfield was closed, no lighting etc.) I don't think VORs ever acheived such accuracy. As for the problem with roller maps that would eventually have been overcome given enough interest
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Old 23rd Mar 2010, 17:06
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Con pilot,

Conversions are open to mistakes, as you so correctly say. There have been umpteen level busts by, let us say, Russian pilots, getting a little confused in their metre / feet altitude conversions.

Toward the end of my career I was flying aircraft that all you had to do to change was push a button. Now that is progress by God.
Yes and thankfully so in international air transport.
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Old 25th Mar 2010, 19:12
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I see this has finally made it to Jet Blast; maybe the tone will now be raised a bit.
It will, so long as 411A fails to find it down here.
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Old 26th Mar 2010, 08:02
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Interesting mindsets...

123.45 is commonly used as a "chat" frequency, so that you will often hear, "Go to 3-4-5," meaning "select 123.45."

So what do the Brits do? They insist on using 123.45 for various services instead of simply bowing to this awkward reality, when I assume they must get lots of interference from habit-bound air crew just "going to 3-4-5"! Legally correct, this practice might well show a mulish disregard for reality. After all, there are 720 different com frequencies to choose from so that it might not be necessary to use the chat frequency in exactly that way.

The problem is, if you don't have an assigned company frequency, which frequency can you use to pass messages then, not being able to use 123.45? That is the only one most people know about, aside from 121.5.

I think this whole discussion exactly shows the mentality of the "guard police," people who have very little better to do than just lurk in wait for the chance to raise an objection to something. Okay, they are correct to tell someone not to use 121.5 for chat but other times they are out of line in telling someone they are on that freq when if they bothered to listen out they would know to keep quiet.

411A is one of our Living National Treasures and you shouldn't pick on him! When I was in Washington recently, at the Air and Space Museum, I asked them if they might want to have him to round out their collection in the Civil Air Transport section out at Dulles and they did express a certain degree of interest in that.
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