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I've ate all the pies-diet advice required please.

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I've ate all the pies-diet advice required please.

Old 13th Jan 2009, 21:22
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I know...who the flippin' 'ek wants to know the phases of the moon.
Mrs wiccan would love one....
OOI Mrs wiccan also had Cancer [of the cervix], and blew up like a Barrage Balloon...people said that she nad never looked healthier....
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Old 14th Jan 2009, 12:34
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Re-an earlier post (Rad 66?) I, too have a friend who is grossly overweight, so-much-so that he's abandoned his lightweight landrover,'cos his belly jams the steering wheel. The rub is, he's a well-qualified St. john member and Paramedic.

He pointed out that his "extra" weight is equivalent to carrying me around all day! He is well aware that he's eating himself towards a heart attack.
The admitted truth is SELF CONTROL.....or as alternatively put "if the hole at the top is bigger that the hole at the bottom, You'll put on weight.

Eat less,try to be selective with "junk" food like crisps...apart from anything, they're ridiculously expensive for a few shards of fried potato.

Generally , any diet will show a dramatic weight-loss in the first week, That is purely water! After that, is the laborious, systematic burning-away of the fat....as suggested, 1-lb. a week will melt away without concious effort ONCE YOU CURB YOUR GLUTTONY.

Eat the same, just eat less!...How much less?Well, I'd suggest you look at how quickly you piled it on, hazard a guess and multiply by 4, eat that weight LESS over the same period. Not scientific, but makes you think about the QUANYITY you shovel down the cake-hole.

All this "bands" and "staples" "special diet" crap is just an excuse to shift the responsibility onto someone else.

My daughter suggested to an overweight colleague, that fat people lacked authority and credibility as managers, as they couldn't manage their own body successfully......the guy is, 18 months later, a slimmer, more dynamic and happier bunny.
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Old 14th Jan 2009, 13:13
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Dear Gingernut,

Just came across this thread - 122lbs = 55kg - what are you complaining about????

If you were 122kg, then as has already been said, diet plus exercise should do the job.

Oh, and a few less gingernuts!!



ps - last quick and easy tip which is dietry in nature:

(1) Buy 1kg of cooked prawns;
(2) Leave in sun for 2-3 hours (temp + 20C or greater);
(3) Consume prawns (by yourself) with a nice wine;
(4) Ensure toilet close by;
(5) Lose 10kg overnight;
(6) Repeat steps 1-5 each week until ideal weight is achieved or you're dead.

Last edited by VH-MLE; 14th Jan 2009 at 13:30.
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Old 14th Jan 2009, 14:12
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Join Date: May 2005
Location: UK
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Great way to go down to 10% body fat is to do the Annapurna Circuit trek and only eat Dal Bhat on the way.

I defy anybody to be fat after that. You will also be fitter than you have ever been on your life.
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Old 14th Jan 2009, 18:58
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Join Date: May 2001
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Paul McKenna Books

I know a couple of folk that have bought the book and CD and it worked so well I read the book as well.

Its a swine though I didn't think anything of it until one of them stated taking the wee at a pub lunch when I left half of it.

BTW I have gone from 110kg down to 95kg and haven't really thought about it in the last 9 months. And its just from not eating unless I am hungry and stopping eating as soon as I don't feel hungry any more, even if it means leaving half the plate.

Its all to do with our parents and the war instilling waste nothing and always clean your plate.

Now if only his stop smoking book worked so well.
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Old 14th Jan 2009, 19:29
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Join Date: Jan 2008
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A burst gall bladder did the same for me as cancer did for you.

Seriously, to Gingernut - each as much vegetables as you like, except for the starchy ones. Have small portions of starch - rice, potates. apasta and so n. Eat a couple of portions of fruit a day as well but don't go wild with it as it contains quite a lot of sugar. Have small portions of meat, so make it really good quality. If you get the nibbles try to contain if with carrots, celery and like stuff. Eat several small meals a day, and lay off the C2H5OH most days.

Lastly, consider getting a dog so you have to take seveal walks a day!
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Old 15th Jan 2009, 00:02
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If all else fails, there's always the Champagne and sex diet...

Never tried it myself, well, not to lose weight anyway.
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Old 15th Jan 2009, 18:58
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Originally Posted by Beatriz Fontana View Post
Walk everywhere. If a car journey is less than 15 minutes, then walk it. Stick to that and you'll be fine. Oh, and stay off the pies.

At 30mph, 15 mins equates to 7.5 miles.

These bloaters get out of breath stirring their cups of heavily sugar-laden tea.

I repeat: an ECA stack combined with a gym membership.
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Old 15th Jan 2009, 19:04
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Originally Posted by Parapunter View Post
What would the BMI of someone like say Phil Vickery or Ugo Monye? I'm not at all convinced of the BMi as a measure.

My bloke is 5'9" and weighs well over 13 stone so he's probably labelled by the BMI as obese.

Except he's a gym fanatic and is 11.2% bodyfat.

And a gym-freak girl I work with is 5'7" but weighs 11 stone.......but she is all muscle and is a size 8 dress size.

Go figure.
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Old 15th Jan 2009, 19:40
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And I omitted words in that post. Frickin wireless keyboard. I play squash three times a week, completely have the bug, love it to bits. Consequently, I have what you might call muskerley legs, since they go like jackhammers on court. I find that as the rest of me is skinny enough, I'm quite happy with where it's all at, yet my BMI says no no, you must diet.

Load of old tosh to me. BTW first one to mention Len Rossiter gets a punch on the hootter.
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Old 15th Jan 2009, 20:05
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Oh dear, oh dear, heal thyself gingernut.

BMI is a crock of sh*t if under 30 and ones waist is slim

Unfortunately, I fail on both counts, and am a self confessed fat bar steward.
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Old 15th Jan 2009, 21:48
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have you looked at the link that I sent you yet Ginger?

Tis all very well going on a 'diet' to loose a few pounds but then most people go back to eating the way that they used to once they've reached their target weight and then lament the fact that their so called 'diet' didn't work.


If you are fat then you need to look at your eating patterns AND your exercise patterns. One needs to balance the other. Exercise less, eat less, exercise more, eat more. Rocket science or what?!

Somebody from this board once said to me when I offered her a piece of banoffee pie: "What on earth is that?! Hmmm... sounds amazing, but is it worth the calories?" That's not a bad attitude to have IMHO!

(Oh, and it was deemed to be worth the calories and more btw! )
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Old 15th Jan 2009, 22:35
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Doing well here.
2 of the 5 kg Xmas lard are off, only another month of daily work-outs, veges, lean meat and fish only ahead.
And then somebody had to mention banoffee pie and I had to look up what it was again and now lying here not only starving but drooling too.
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Old 16th Jan 2009, 20:59
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Join Date: Apr 2000
Location: gone surfin'
Age: 54
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Cheers C, looked at the the link, but to be honest, preferred it when you were more sturdy

In fact, I think I've gone off you a bit now you're skinny.

Cheers for the advice folks, nice to hear from you VH-MLE, doing 4 miles a day walking round Tatton Park, got it down to 1hr 10 mins-getting hot and sweaty so I reckon it's doing some good.

Keep you posted, ginge the pie eater.
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Old 16th Jan 2009, 21:04
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erm.... I WAS thinner before I moved in with Mr Sodding Fantastic Cook....
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Old 16th Jan 2009, 21:56
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Location: gone surfin'
Age: 54
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Mr sodding fantastic what???

Oh sorry, cook

It's obviously contentment, and it sounds like he wants to fatten' you up a bit.'Nowt like a warm buxom woman on a Saturday morning to make you wanna keep out of your shed.

3 things I hate:

Warm Beer
Cheeky Kids
Skinny women.

Have a slice of that lovely Bonnofie-----you know you want to.
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Old 16th Jan 2009, 22:13
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oh do b*gger off Ginger!!

I've got a wedding dress to get into and photographs that lasts for eternity to pose for FFS!
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Old 16th Jan 2009, 23:14
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Don't worry Rads, it'll be fine.

I lost half a stone over christmas. Sodding flu! Hmm Banoffee pie..............Since I'm trying to put on weight (far too bloody successfully I might add) I'll eat your portion of it if anyone is worried about fitting into clothing.
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Old 16th Jan 2009, 23:27
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here you go Sassy!

I can tell ya, on the 30th August, that'll be the very very first thing that I'll be pigging out on....
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Old 16th Jan 2009, 23:50
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Hovering AND talking
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Bloomin' 'eck Radz luv, I hope you're not going to have 7 month-old leftovers


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