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calling all REAL football fans - show your support for Kevin Keegan

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calling all REAL football fans - show your support for Kevin Keegan

Old 4th Sep 2008, 20:46
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calling all REAL football fans - show your support for Kevin Keegan

Hi, I have set up a group on facebook, the "GET MIKE ASHLEY AND DENNIS WISE OUT OF NEWCASTLE UNITED"
I want to get as many people to join as possible - I am a Newcastle supporter and am disgusted at the way my club is being ruined!!

Its not just Newcastle that are in this predicament, only yesterday Alan Curbishley experienced the same treatment at West Ham of not being able to do his job.

So I call on all REAL football fans to show your support for Keegan, not necessarilly for Newcastle United, and for football as a whole, as who knows, when we get rid of him, it could be your club he buys!!

Thanks in advance

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Old 4th Sep 2008, 21:18
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Horse, bolt, stable door.
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Old 4th Sep 2008, 21:26
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well not really, just want to show our support for Keegan and not for the board!!
Its a disgrace!!
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Old 4th Sep 2008, 21:33
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Keegan needs to go

Two reasons Kev took the job at St James Park.
1 Ego
2 Glasgow is near enough to St J Pk for him to attempt to sort out his failing football academy.

That's all

Howay the Toon!
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Old 4th Sep 2008, 21:38
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And the fact he knows the club inside out!! and the fans love him!!
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Old 4th Sep 2008, 22:10
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Kevin who????
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Old 5th Sep 2008, 03:12
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It made it to 19 members before he quit...................
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Old 5th Sep 2008, 08:14
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Anybody who does not acknowledge the reason why many club owners are involved in the game are not in full possession of all the facts. Clearly they have some interest in the game,but usually that is secondary to motives such as egotism.The genuine people are usually found in the lower divisions,my club,Norwich is a good example of this.Delia Smith has been a lifelong fan of the club.

At the other extreme we have Manchester City.The new owners obviously just want yet another arena to flash their cash.I think when owners come from Russia or Middle East countries there is an Al Fayed effect whereby they feel an insecurity that their own countries have some sort of stigma that can only be erased by buying into Western Europe or America.A bit like driving a Rolls Royce only more expensive.
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Old 5th Sep 2008, 08:59
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It's just my opinion....but does King Kev really know what he is doing?????

He spend buckets of cash at Man City and got no where. The man has been on the waffle for years .....nice guy I'm sure!!

His stand on Joey Barton not a wise one........nuff said!!!

Should go into the pundit game.....has to be better than Jamie Rednapp!!
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Old 5th Sep 2008, 09:14
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Ef Man has it. There are chairmen like Steve Gibson who clearly act from the interests of the club & then there's the Enics, the Glaziers & Laurel & Hardy at Liverpool who are in it for various motives, mostly financial, occasionally ego & rarely football.

The problem stems from Sky. Murdoch's ownership of premier league football in the UK has undone the game from what it was twenty years ago. The huge sums of money involved now mean that the few who have been able to manipulate that finance are streets ahead of those who haven't.

We have a situation where Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda & Morrisons occupy the top four spots & everyone else is a corner shop and the only interest now is whether Utd drop points at Blackburn, thus handing the title to Chelsea. That is not any form of a competitive league in my view and added to that, that it now costs upwards of fifty quid a time just to get in at a lot of places, it seems to me that the working man's ballet is dead as we know it.

Sorry Newcastle, but your troubles seem to me like two bald men arguing over a comb.
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Old 5th Sep 2008, 09:17
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Once a quitter always a quitter. Look to the future, not the past. Keegan is a bitter little specimen.
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Old 5th Sep 2008, 09:35
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Thats my whole point - look to the future... what future - the club will be in ruins before long.
This wasnt just about Keegan this was more about the board and the way they have gone about their business.
Yes Keegan has done some strange things, but he was the man to take this club forward, just through his passion.
Hes the one who took us from the brink of relegation to the then 3rd division, straight to 3rd in the Premier League in our first season.

Even the most loyal of managers could have stayed when he wasnt allowed to run things - Look at Alan Curbishley, he isnt a quitter, yet he couldnt work with the chairman buying/selling players from under him.

These people ultimately are going to be the end of football as we know it in this country.
People like Mike Ashley are ruining Clubs left right and centre
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Old 5th Sep 2008, 10:23
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para, Obviously like me you go back to the good old days when two quid bought you access to your square foot of concrete on the terraces.In the Championship there is still a whiff of the old days.I walked down to Carrow Road with my teenage son one winter evening last season in the company of a group of Hull City supporters.We chatted about our sides respective chances and I assured them that because I was there they were sure of a point(which they got)

I think that because we all know we are yokels from the backwaters there isn't the hatred that there would be with the top teams and while we generally don't see the polished football people like those from Hull do get the occasional chance in the limelight (Courtesy of a goal from the old warhorse Windass that is equal to any you will see in the Premiership this season)I hope they get more than one season.
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Old 5th Sep 2008, 11:06
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Pattern emerging, ran away from the England job when things weren't going well..............

Make yer own minds up, suffice to say I never forgave that scumbag Revie for doing the same.
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Old 5th Sep 2008, 11:42
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Keegan has run away from every job he ever had - usually in tears, crying that the big boys were bullying him.
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Old 5th Sep 2008, 12:05
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I wonder if he cried on the A23!!
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Old 5th Sep 2008, 12:56
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I wonder if he cried on the A23!!
ZFT that brought back a memory or 2! Cruel but funny

The truth is no-one outside of the Toon gives a monkeys about KK, except for die-hard fans. There are probably more 'real' fans supporting NUFC than most of the premiership clubs, who have basked in adopted worship, often from afar, as they have become more showbiz than substance these last few years.

Rather than rejoice at the avalanche of foreign money coming into the UK football business, I shed a silent tear that the heart has been slowly dissolved from the game. The Toon are trying to 'keep up with the joneskis' and want 'celebrities' (players) rather than let the manager make the stratigic and tactical decisions that he should be allowed to make to bring the team on.

I was fortunate enough (?) to get a halfway line seat at the recent England-Czech Republic game where from my good position was able to observe the proceedings. It was obvious that the England squad, despite all the obscenely paid stars on the squad, were the worse team. No cohesion, no heart, no fight, which the Czech players seemed to have in spades (and Mr Cech in goal ) and the England squad were VERY fortunate to get a draw against this relative minnow.

Excuse the thread drift, but for me it really is the nub of the problem and the elephant in the living room that no-one is really (practically) addressing. Good managers and players are being stifled and/or ignored for the sake of short term titillation of the media/fickle fans etc. It's almost as if a pneumatic blond euro/brazilian bimbo (no offence ladeez!) is preferred rather than the homegrown rose that will be true and proud for the long run....

It's ALL about the money and sadly the Tyne, Mersey, Man ship canal etc will not keep those 'galacticos' that have the choice of living in much better environments for the playboy-about-town such as London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Rome and so on. Perhaps if the Ashleys of the world would let KK or his ilk develop things, then there wouldn't be anymore attempts at putting exotic square pegs into grey round holes.


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Old 5th Sep 2008, 13:45
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Should never have got rid of Allardyce, didn't get a chance to make any impact on the club, admittedly King Kev did a decent job for the short time he was there but the guy is a joker and it was only a matter of time til he did a runner back to the circus.

Not having money for players is frustrating but where is it all supposed to come from, Ashley must be one of the main 'credit crunch' victims especially with half of this years profits lost when England missed the Euro's - people buying tacky crap from sports direct...]

Wenger (dam his eyes) seems to challenge for top 4 without spending buckets of cash, maybe other teams need to take note of this, yes having shed loads of cash is a quick route to success but is it sustainable?

Don't know all the reasons behind him leaving but feel more sorry for Curbishley than Kev... hope west ham sink without a trace.
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Old 5th Sep 2008, 14:57
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Originally Posted by ZFT View Post
I wonder if he cried on the A23!!
Glad to see someone going in to bat for him!
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Old 6th Sep 2008, 06:34
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West Ham were famous for only changing managers when they died or retired Just shows you what the game has become. Ef man, I've been a Spurs fan all my life & I used to go and watch the reserves midweek for fifty pence & the big match for four quid as a teenager. I haven't been for years now as I refuse to cough up 45 quid for mediocrity.

I have a far better day out watching Stevenage borough for a fiver. The football's rubbish, but the day out is at least a bit more like the old days.
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