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Favourite movie lines

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Favourite movie lines

Old 25th Jan 2010, 00:15
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"That's on a need to know basis. And you don't need to know" - Nicholas Cage, The Rock.

I know it's been mentioned before, but it's worth mentioning again, it's THAT good:
"Personally, i think you're a fukcing idiot"
Sir Sean Connery - The Rock (again)

Jack Nicholson - A Few Good Men

"I'm his brother from another mother! I'm blackenise!"
Chris Tucker - Rush Hour 2
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 00:25
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Hardly Never Not Unwilling
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Bogie: "When it comes to women you're a true Democrat."

"You dislike me, don't you, Rick?"

"If I gave you any thought I probably would."
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 04:01
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Ah Mr D, one of my all time favourite films. It is one that should always stay in black and white, colourizing it would be a crime. I still have a record with the music played by Anton Karas.
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 04:15
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Helen Hunt: "Mr. Udall, having given me all the money, if we started to see eachother, well I'd look like a......whore."

Nicholson: "Is there another way to see it?"


"we...neeed...a.... b-b-bigger....boat....."
Old 25th Jan 2010, 07:21
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30% of the lines in Casablanca

I'm going outside and might be some time. Capt Oates -Scott of The Antarctic

"Non" 100% of the dialogue in Silent Movie spoken by Marcel Marceau.

That'll do for now, but I may return
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 10:47
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"Do you mind if I smoke while you eat"?

Linda Lovelace in Deep Throat
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 11:28
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"The End"

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Old 25th Jan 2010, 11:36
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"Would you say these men were in grave danger?"

"Is there any other kind?" Jack Nicholson - A Few Good Men
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 11:53
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I'm pregnant--well congratulations , said by Steve McQueen to a woman he did not remember.
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 14:01
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'The Man Who Could Work Miracles'

Col. Winstanley (Ralph Richardson) to his butler, Moody:

'Get me a whisky, Moody. If I don't have a whisky my mind will give way.'


Capt. Renault: 'What brought you to Casablanca?'

Rick: 'I came here for the waters.'

Capt. Renault: 'Waters? There's no water around here.'

Rick: 'I was misinformed.'
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 14:42
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A 1969 flick, "The Gypsy Moths", about a troup of barnstorming skydivers, has some stunning (for the day) aerial photography. My only complaint is that the audio track does not do justice to Mr. Pratt and Mr. Whitney's radial engine.

In it Gene Hackman, after correctly decoding the Howard jump ship's designation DGA, has a great line: "You're much better off jumping out of it, than taking a chance on landing it."

This line was not in the original script, but is probably attributable to the DGA's pilot, David Llorente.

And bravery in this shoot was not limited to aeronautical endeavors: A 50-ish Deborah Kerr revealed more of her lovely self than in any of her previous films.

Footnote: The Benton, KS airfield where this flick was shot is now known as "Stearman Field Airport" on Facebook.
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 14:54
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For those whose memory of a scantily-clad 50 year old Deborah Kerr (or scantily-clad woman of any age) may be a bit scratchy, here she is:

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Old 25th Jan 2010, 15:26
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"I'll be the 'It Girl' of the skies!!" Susan Sarandon, The Great Waldo Pepper'. She fell, as did the movie.
Old 26th Jan 2010, 15:37
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"Nice beaver!"

"Thank you - I've just had it stuffed!"
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Old 26th Jan 2010, 22:25
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Agent Kulian: "Who's Keyser Soze?"
Verbal Kint: "Ahhh, F**k"!!!!!
Good call - great movie...

Another one....from Scarface

Tony Montana (Al Pachino):- "Joo wanna play rough??? Hokay..Say ggghello to my little friend..."

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Old 26th Jan 2010, 22:50
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"I can't say what happens in other commands - but personally I'm appalled"

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Old 27th Jan 2010, 02:20
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Andy talking to Red

"Get busy living, or get busy dying" The Shawshank Redemption

Canonball Run

Sammy: We've got a secret weapon. God is our co-pilot!
Jimmy the Greek: You'll need him!
Dean: *God* is our copilot?
Sammy: Uh huh...
Dean: Remember our car?
Sammy: Uh huh...
Dean: Two seats?
Sammy: Two seats...
Dean: Where's he gonna sit?
Dean: Where?
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Old 27th Jan 2010, 03:34
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Blazing Saddles
Bart: Well, Jim, since you are my guest and I am your host, what's your pleasure? What do you like to do?
Jim: Oh, I don't know. Play chess... screw...
Bart: [quickly] Well, let's play chess.
Hedley Lamarr: My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.
Taggart: God darnit, Mr. Lamarr, you use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore.
Gabby Johnson: I wash born here, an I wash raished here, and dad gum it, I am gonna die here, an no sidewindin' bushwackin', hornswagglin' cracker croaker is gonna rouin me bishen cutter.
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Old 27th Jan 2010, 11:53
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One liners? Austin Powers movies, or Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore.

But the true king of the one liner, the Governator.

"Don't disturb my friend, he's dead tired!"
"Let off some steam Bennett"
"I had to let him go"
"He had to split"
"I hope you leave enough room for my fist, because I'm going to ram it into your stomach and break your goddam spine!"
"See you at the party Richter!"
"Get to the chopper!!!"
"When I said 'Go screw yourself' I didn't mean literally"
"I'll be back"
"I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle"

and many more

Also, I'm reading Hitchiker's Guide right now, best 5 books I've ever read!
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Old 27th Jan 2010, 12:13
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"We need more speed Flash, throw some more Uranium into the furnace".
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