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B*gger. I've got cancer.

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B*gger. I've got cancer.

Old 13th Sep 2007, 20:00
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B*gger. I've got cancer.

I've had better days than this one.

I had a bad pain in my abdomen a couple of days ago and my prospective father-in-law had a prod around and dragged me into his hospital for a few tests.

What felt like 3 pints of blood later and a go in the star-trek like CT machine and there they were. An enlarged spleen and some nodules under my arms and in my groin.

Luckily the blood tests have come back clear and the nodules are small and I have no other symptoms, so according to the oncologist this is a very good sign.

It really is amazing how your friends rally around you when you need them, my phone has rung off the hook and the doorbell hasn't stopped chiming. They all seem more upset than I am!

A bit of pain as it seems I'm going to be losing my medical for the forseeable future.

I should start chemo next week, which won't exactly be fun.

There's no reason for this post other thana blatant attempt for sympathy and sticking it up has made me feel better. Oh well it'll take my mind off the fact I'm supposed to be getting married in three weeks........

Any happy ending stories about how friends/family members/yourselves kicked this in the backside will be gratefully recieved!
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 20:13
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Say again s l o w l y,

I am truly sorry to hear your news yet happy to hear it is caught at an early stage.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 20:14
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Say again........My only advice is to keep positive....even when you want to give up.....don't....keep fighting and if ever you want to scream and shout do it on here, we are all 'friends'
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 20:26
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Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult
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ditto to snappy's sentiments
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 20:30
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Good for you, sticking this on here Say again.
You´ve been part of the PPRuNe family for as long as I can remember, and that´s what you´ll be for the next 30 years.
At least!
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 20:33
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Say again - sorry to hear that mate but don't get too down, you can beat this. Good job your FIL to be had the prescence of mind to drag you to hospital.

If posting this thread makes you feel better, then go for it, we're all with you.

Good luck and if I make the WAKEbash, I'll raise a glass to you.
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 20:39
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Luckily the blood tests have come back clear and the nodules are small and I have no other symptoms, so according to the oncologist this is a very good sign.
Yes, an excellent sign, looks like they have found it early, at your age I'd say you will have a rapid recovery. Sorry about the chemo, but it has improved lately and has less side affects.

Anyway, best of luck and keep us updated. You'll do alright.
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 20:40
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Good luck and if I make the WAKEbash, I'll raise a glass to you.
And the rest of us there will make sure he does and do likewise. Good luck, stick it out through the grotty bits, come in here and tell us especially when it seems hard going and I'm sure people will be there to help. Now get on with the wedding preparations
Oh, before I forget - we would all like to see them too.
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 20:56
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SaS - not much that i can add that hasn't already been said, but a multitude of glasses will certainly be raised at the wakebash for your good health!

I guess that somebody will eventually come through with a story about a person that has coped... i've a few - they've each had a fight and touch wood, all the peeps that I know that have had cancer have either beaten it or are in remission. Sounds like you've got it early which makes your chances infinitely better - good on you.

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Old 13th Sep 2007, 20:59
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Let me add my voice to those wishing you goodluck......

I know its easy to say..but stay positive..the power of positive thought is amazing.
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 21:23
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Thanks for all the PM's and messages here. It really does help!

I'm surprisingly up beat tonight. I suppose it's because I thought it was going to be fatal after the first round of tests, but the oncologist has put most of my fears to rest.

I'm still p*ssed off, but I've been through this before when my mother had Hodgkins 15 years ago and she's still going strong!

As for the wedding, well at the moment it's definately going ahead. I didn't realise it, but my incredibly organised fiance actually insured the wedding against this sort of thing, so if we do postpone, it won't be a problem!! Smart girl.
When it happens though, I'll put the piccies up. I suppose I'll have time to learn how to upload photos to a website now.

I'll be bashing my head against a wall sometimes and feeling like death warmed up, but I'm not going to give in to this thing. I've already given it a nickname and it's going to get dog's abuse from me.

I'm just annoyed as I'm not allowed off on my stag do which is tomorrow, as it involves 12 hours in a car and lots of rumbustious activites washed down with lashing of alcohol.... Ah well, something to be saved up as an I've got better party.

Juud, 30 years? I hope to able to post on here for an awful lot longer than that!
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 21:41
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Good Luck in your fight against Cancer, it sounds as if they have caught you nice and early which truly makes a huge difference in both prognosis and treatment. Sounds as if you have great family and friends around you to help you through.
The one bit of advice i would give you is if you feel down don't bottle it up , if you need to rant only the obnoxious could object if you wrote it down on here .
I shall look forward to the day you write the all clear on here
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 21:44
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Im sorry to hear about your news and I hope you get better.

My mum has a growth in her intestine im very worried about it
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 21:48
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Well they do tell us that 1 in 3 people will get it, let's put that into perspetive, next time you're in the pub look around a count how many people will get it. It could be any of us.
18 months ago we were told our son had cancer ' Hodgkins diease ' cancer of the limph nodes, we were told on his 16 th birthday. ' why me, why him, why us. he had chemo and radio but it returned within 3 months. He then had intense chemo ( not nice for him ). He came out of Weston park hospital ( brilliant staff ) 2 day's before his 17 th birthday, he has now passed his driving test, his hair has grown back ( big thing for a 17 yr old ) and got a job. To look at him you would not know that he has been through so much shit I can't tell you. This is something that could be with him for life, however reseach and treatment is moving at a fantastic pace so we all have to have hope, and drop a few coins into the 'cancer reseach UK' box.
My whole family has been to hell and back, but i'm lucky I have a very strong family who are very positive. I'm sure this has helped a lot.
I wish you all the very best and if you feel you need to talk to someone send me a PM. I have seen this shit first hand and you can come through.

Last edited by Dean Johnston; 13th Sep 2007 at 22:37.
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 22:12
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Say Again,

You survived Emerald and night freight. This should be a doddle.

get well soon.
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 22:13
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Warning Toxic!
Disgusted of Tunbridge
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No sympathy. Just be beastly with it. Kick it in the arse every step of the way. Hate it. It is an intruder, an interloper that doesn't belong. Make it unwelcome and throw it out of the front door!
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 22:16
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Also forgot to mention. Don't 'Google' it comes with so much shit it will scare you. Go to ' Cancer research uk ' and use the link's.
You have my full sympathy.
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 22:23
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Hey Reddo,

Do you know what I've nicknamed it.... MOB!! If that doesn't make me want to kick it out of my body, I don't know what else would!

Rainboe, damn straight. I don't care which door it goes out of front/back or side.

Dean, I'm glad to hear your son is O.K now. Thanks for the offer. I may well take you up on it.

Commander, I hope your Mum gets sorted out. Worrying without information is the worst part. You think the worst, I know I certainly let my imagination run away this morning.

Thanks everyone else for your thoughts.
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 22:37
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SAY AGAIN - Thoughts with you also
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 22:38
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Say Again,

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Great strides have been made in the treatment of cancer in the last few years. I'm sure your FIL can direct you to the best doctors for your case. Sounds like you've got good family and friends for support. Let them know how they can help. Mowing the lawn, running errands and such makes your friends feel useful. Please take advantage of these offers as it makes those who care about you really want to help.

In my town, we have an excellent "Wellness Center" for emotional support and advice. Some meetings are for patients only and some encourage family and friends to attend. Check it out in your area.

This may sound a little crazy, but don't lose your sense of humor. Laughter is great medicine. A friend of mine had his favorite sports team logo tattooed on his head! He was just a bit disappointed when his hair grew back!

I'll hold a positive thought for you!

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