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Terror on holiday jet

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Terror on holiday jet

Old 4th Sep 2007, 08:55
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Terror on holiday jet

Yet more obscene overstatement in the Daily Mail today talking of pax screaming in terror at a GA.
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 08:59
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Well, he did only miss the other aircraft by a few hundred feet...
I look forward to the Daily Mail article about GA's giving you cancer
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 09:14
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I am sure the Daily Mail will link this to a house price crash in the UK. Why do they bother writing this rubbish?
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 09:23
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Same story on thisislondon.com
I've submitted a reply pointing out that this is a non story but it doesn't seem to have appeared yet.....
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 09:24
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Now that's a go-around! (Not my video)

Seriously though, there should be a ban on writing articles like that. No wonder theres so many fearful flyers. I suppose they do sell papers though.
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 09:27
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I assume that the ensuing nosedive terror-plummet was caused by an air pocket. It is fortunate that the brave pilot wrestled with the joystick to avoid the nearby orphanage / hospital / school / newspaper offices. Did the petrol make the engines stall (again)? We should be told.
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 09:31
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" .... the pilot forced the plane up using a surge of power which made the engines roar"

Well I never - as Confucius said "What comes around goes around"!

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Old 4th Sep 2007, 09:41
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I hate to think how much the pax screamed when they got into a taxi to go to the hotel! Oh and those slides at the aquapark.

Far more scary than a controlled go around.

Another reason not to read the Daily Mail.
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 09:58
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I am actually lost for words....
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 10:14
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Thats right guys, salve your own precious little egos by demeaning your cargo who have absolutely no idea what is happening
I was on an operating table today getting a tumor removed under local anesthetic. Did I hear the nurse say "Ohmigod look at that!" or similar words, or some Latin, or nothing? Nope, all I got was constant reassurance about what was happening and what I was about to feel. Result: A (relatively) calm Sunfish, slightly lighter than he was before.

My experience is that smart professional pilots leave their passengers little room or motivation to contribute to scare stories by telling them whats going on and why, and effectively making them part of the story.

But don't listen to me. Demean your passengers for their fears if it makes you feel good.
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 10:24
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I was on an operating table today getting a tumor removed under local anesthetic. Did I hear the nurse say "Ohmigod look at that!" or similar words, or some Latin, or nothing? Nope, all I got was constant reassurance about what was happening and what I was about to feel. Result: A (relatively) calm Sunfish, slightly lighter than he was before.

Yes you are totally right; if I was in a similar situation I would always much preferred it if the captain came through on the PA and said - "I have seen a plane on the runway a few hundred feet in front of us, I'll therefore have to pull up to avoid it, you may notice that the engines will get a bit louder and you'll be pushed back into your seat, but don't worry it is totally normal."

However I imagine that by the time he got around to "I have seen a plane ..." we would have already crashed into it and be overcome by a big ball of burning flames.

Therefore I'll go with the "don't tell us until after the event" option.

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Old 4th Sep 2007, 10:30
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Sunfish, I think that you are shouting at the wrong people. If the medical staff that took care of you had said bad things - that would be wrong but they might have said bad things after you left the surgery (Did you see how flabby his legs were?)

What we have here in this thread is folks complaining about a Newspaper that has tried to make more money out of the misery of passengers. Even IF the passengers had received a beautiful announcement from the flight deck, this horrible newspaper would still have printed this nonsense.

I cannot see how folks making bad remarks about a newspaper becomes making bad remarks to the paxs face. Which is the comparison you are making.
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 10:33
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Oh honestly.

How many times do you think that happened that day to other people who didn't have the chance to get their name in a paper by saying stupid things like "I could see the fuel tanks, we were that close". Providiing its CAVOK you can see the fuel tanks from 38,000ft for sake!

No one who wasnt actaully on that aircraft knows what information was given to the pax, but I will guarantee you one thing if every pax was asked what they were told you would not get the same answer from everyone, because its such a non-event most either didn't notice or didn't listen, and yes pax do routinely not notice the dancing with death manouvere that all us steely eyed heros do that we call a Go-around and the press call a dance with death while everyone screams in horror, oh my god we are all going to die, save me, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, honestly grow up or go watch road accidents, you'll find they occur more frequently but don't sell newspapers!

Rant over!
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 10:34
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How about a pre-recorded cabin announcement, activated automatically by the engine and attitude changes?

It needs to be succinct, and probably quite loud. A simple DON'T PANIC! should suffice.
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 10:57
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Well - My F/O and I nearly killed all our passengers 4 times yesterday when our aeroplane plummeted towards the tarmac at over a 120mph. Just at the last minute we managed to stuggle with the controls close to the runway and eventually pulled off 4 greasers. I am so alarmed at the danger of getting so close to the ground that I have suggested to the company that we should land at at least 500 feet up
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 10:58
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I agree with PAXBOY. It's the sensationalist reporting that is such a bore. Had a long delay at Naples many years ago at the take off point whilst ATC recovered a light aircraft who had got "a little unsure of his position". I gave a couple of p.a.'s keeping the people who pay my wages in the picture until the l.a. was on the ground. Once airborne the purser came in to say there was a nervous pax. complaining that I shouldn't have told them that an aircraft had got lost etc. Had a word with the gentleman, apologised if he was nervous and yes I should have told a pack of lies!!! Two days later I had a letter from the Company from another pax. complimenting the Capt on his p.a.'s telling everyone what was going on!
Sorry if this is a little off thread but weren't we talking about COMMUNICATION? Let the people know when you have time,which I'm sure the BMI Captain did after landing.
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 11:12
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A simple DON'T PANIC! should suffice.
As in Coporal Jones' effort? He of Dad's Army? The mind boggles just thinking about the result that could have.
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 11:26
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I don't consider myself a "steely eyed hero" .......just a highly trained professional pilot, but I will say that when we decide on a GA, which I might add is a STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE.......the flight deck is a busy place. Any pilot will tell you that the first rule is to always "fly the aircraft" and not inform the pax as to your next command.
Likening a go around to the horror at Tenerife or using words such as "dive" to an unqualified public is unhelpful at best.
Quoting TCAS alert information is just as immotive and misleading to the extreme.
If any "hacks" are reading this thread then SHAME ON YOU......
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 11:34
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There were TWO go arounds in the space of ten minutes at around one in the morning at EGGW a few nights ago - some rather bizarre radar vectoring in clear weather. I expect it'll be on the BBC National News tonight ......
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 11:43
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....and the plane miraculously avoided the schoolbus/kindergarten/children's hospital (please select most suitable word) when it veered off....

Oww come on!!!!

Here we go again. Ladies and gentlemen, I suppose we give this journo the same treatment we gave Colum Kenny a few months ago. (Irish Independent) See this thread:


Mr. Kenny was contacted via e-mail and asked to join PPRuNe, so he could "explain" himself....It helped. Not too much later, he placed a sort of rectification article in his newspaper with a much more balanced view.

BTW: his name is James Mills....
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