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Is It The End For Mugabe?

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Is It The End For Mugabe?

Old 18th Mar 2007, 04:43
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Is It The End For Mugabe?

Just read the following and was wondering is it the end for Mugabe and what happens if god forbid,he was replaced with someone worse,if that's possible.
Britain is trying to stoke up pressure in the United Nations and European Union for tough reprisals against Zimbabwe's leadership after a crackdown on the opposition, Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett said on Thursday.
Beckett said Britain wanted direct action against those responsible for the detention and beating of opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and others, and was also seeking to persuade European leaders to extend recently renewed sanctions.
"We are pushing for ... the human rights council at the United Nations to take an urgent look at Zimbabwe," Beckett told reporters, adding what happened next would be a real test of the council.
She said British officials had also been "working the phones" to persuade EU colleagues into action.
"We want to identify as accurately as we can who are the key people who were involved in the violence over the last few days and make sure that they are on this visa ban list that the EU has ... to make it clear that if you're engaged in that kind of thuggery this is a problem for you, not just for your country."
The 27-nation EU last month extended for another year its sanctions on Zimbabwe, including an arms embargo, travel ban and asset freeze on President Robert Mugabe and other top officials.
Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since independence from Britain in 1980.
Beckett said she hoped the treatment of opposition figures in Zimbabwe would now prompt European countries to take further action.
"We will also be talking to colleagues about how we can make the EU targeted measures more effective than they are now," she said.
"We have rolled over our sanctions. I think the EU perhaps could have said more and hopefully now it will. I'd be very surprised if there isn't more pressure now. In fact we're doing what we can to stoke it up."
The United States said on Wednesday it was looking at additional sanctions it might impose on Harare. It has already placed financial and visa restrictions on some individuals as well as banning transfers of military supplies and suspending non-humanitarian aid to the government.
But some senior U.N. and European officials have warned that stepping up sanctions on Zimbabwe could end up hurting the country's citizens more than its leaders.
"Sanctions have to be weighed very carefully because of experiences we've had in the past whereby sanctions have had a counter-productivity against innocent citizens of a particular country," U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro told reporters in Brussels.
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Old 18th Mar 2007, 09:35
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he has been in power this long after doing much worse, nothing will change, he will die of old age in power, oppressing and killing every opponent to the very end..
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Old 18th Mar 2007, 09:54
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Pity there's no oil fields in Zimbabwe. This old baboon would have been sorted out years ago.
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Old 18th Mar 2007, 18:51
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Most certainly a problem which should have been sorted decades ago.

An object lesson in how to ruin a once prosperous country and apply terrorism to your own citizens.

Vile trash.
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Old 18th Mar 2007, 19:07
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One heard quotes from His Excellence that it was considered acceptable to slap-around the opposition leaders . . .
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Old 18th Mar 2007, 23:13
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mini has many bonds with Zim. This breaks his heart.

However, don't think all this will end with the end of "Uncle Bob"

It may change but it won't improve much. The damage has been done.
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Old 18th Mar 2007, 23:23
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He has already sold most of the country to China - just as most of Burma/Myanmar has been sold to the same gentlemen .....
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Old 18th Mar 2007, 23:25
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he damage has been done.
Alas, it is not finished yet. As to who is financing him, the Chinese come to mind...

Reuters - Cape Town - Zimbabwe's economic collapse is likely to accelerate with inflation topping 5 000% by year-end as President Robert Mugabe's government loses control of a crisis already rippling across Africa, a senior IMF official said on Sunday. International Monetary Fund Africa Director Abdoulaye Bio-Tchane said Zimbabwe's government had shown little sign of coming to grips with its mounting economic problems, promising more hardships amid sharply rising political tensions.

"It depends on how much the people in the country can take," Bio-Tchane told Reuters in an interview. "The question is how far it could fall. The last four years we've seen GDP falling by more than 35%. Inflation is running at more than 1700% and our estimate is by the year's end it could move even beyond 5000%."..........

Bio-Tchane said Mugabe and Zimbabwe Central Bank Governor Gideon Gono appeared unable to stem the economic slide, which has turned one of Africa's most promising economies into a basket case beset by frequent shortages of food, fuel and foreign exchange. "It is one step forward, two steps back," he said, saying Gono was fuelling the crisis by expanding the already enormous fiscal deficit to some 40% of GDP this year, printing floods of new cash and subsidising struggling state-run firms.

"They need to rein this in," he said. "But obviously they need more than that. You can't let the economy function if people are not free to operate, if their rights are not secured, including human rights. You will always find a few people who will benefit from this system, so therefore it may continue. I can't give a date when the whole thing will stop or collapse. But it will certainly continue falling. This will continue impoverishing people, people will continue losing their jobs, continue losing their purchasing power."

Bio-Tchane said Zimbabwe's woes were already felt across Africa as millions of economic refugees stream out of the country, mostly to neighbouring South Africa, while economic growth is hampered by the loss of regional trade and investment opportunities. "It's holding the sub-region back, and it is holding the whole Africa region back," he said. "This was a booming economy, this was a net exporter of goods and services in the past. Now exports are falling. It is a country that is a net importer today."

He added that it appeared some countries were helping to bankroll Mugabe through loans or other deals. "We don't have evidence of the sources, but clearly they are getting some financing," he said.
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Old 18th Mar 2007, 23:32
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The Chinese... these gentlemen have become the new "colonisers" of Africa. Note the monument in the roundabout at Bole in Addis for example...

Spoke to a Chinese gent who was running the cement factory in Gweru (Zim) a few years ago - in the DA's office. He was thowing in the towel & heading home.

Still, they persevere. ZA next?
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Old 18th Mar 2007, 23:58
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E-ba-gum is Mugabe spelled backwards!

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Old 19th Mar 2007, 00:15
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Eight Gun Fighter
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Cure for Mugabe the asshole......
Several 1,000 lb bombs into his residences and the parliament....then do it again. Then target his motorcade with a couple of A10's. There will be collateral damage. All the talking in the UN won't make a bit of difference....talk...talk...talk....useless.
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Old 19th Mar 2007, 00:29
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E-ba-gum is Mugabe spelt backwards!
But will it 'turn out nice again' for Zimbabwe?
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Old 19th Mar 2007, 00:34
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Was staying at the Pamuzinda safari lodge on one visit to Zimbabwe and on the first morning I woke to find the place surrounded by armed military. Apparently the mongrel was to have lunch there that day and all the guests were herded to another part of the lodge. He was there to "celebrate" the signing of a mining deal between an Aus. company and the Zim Govt. since collapsed like everything else.

Hard to do anything really without hurting the people of Zim even further.
That spineless Mbeki holds the key to the mess because without his support, Mugabe would have been history years ago.
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Old 19th Mar 2007, 01:17
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Nixor ut Ledo
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One hates to say it but if Mugabe is toppled and Morgan Ts-thingy takes over then it is likely to be more of the same with old scores being settled.

Africa? Dig a deep pit around the whole lot and sink it.
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Old 19th Mar 2007, 04:19
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Let us out first before you pull the plug, Allan mate. Don't know where we'll go, though...

Filling stations around the Zim side of Vic Falls haven't had fuel for two years now, with folks who can afford to just going over the border to Livingstone to fill up and buy groceries.

The lack of action perturbs me, particularly in light of the undignified scramble by the UK to get an already gently frothing Mad Bob into power, and the rejection of the moderate candidate, Abel Muzorewa.

As for Mbeki and his not so covert support of Mugarbage...

With this clown in charge, SA is next.



Mbeki's 'inaction' to blame for Zim

Fri, 16 Mar 2007

President Thabo Mbeki's "dithering, inaction and often tacit support" are largely to blame for the current bloody shambles in Zimbabwe, says Democratic Alliance leader Tony Leon.

"Let me put this bluntly: much of the blame for the present lamentable condition of Zimbabwe must be laid at President Mbeki's door," he said in his weekly newsletter, published on the DA's SA Today website on Friday.
For reasons of sentiment as well as practicality, Mbeki was the one person outside Zimbabwe with the greatest possible leverage over its president, Robert Mugabe.

"We are that country's biggest trading partner and, as rotating chair of the United Nations Security Council this month, able to place the matter squarely on the world's agenda.

"Yet Mr Mbeki's dithering, inaction and often tacit support have let us all down both the people of Zimbabwe and the people of South Africa, who live every day with the disastrous consequences of Mugabe's wrong-headed policies," Leon said.

His sharply critical comments come in the wake of the arrest, beating and torture last weekend of Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai by members of Mugabe's security establishment.

"While the world condemned [this], the African Union confessed to being 'embarrassed' by Zimbabwe [and] for two days, South Africa remained deafeningly silent.

"On Tuesday, foreign affairs spokesman Ronnie Mamoepa issued a bland if not wholly predictable statement: Zimbabwe's problems should be solved by the people of that country.

"Amid justifiable howls of outrage, Deputy Foreign Minister Aziz Pahad sounded a little tougher: he urged the Zimbabwe government to 'respect the rights of all Zimbabweans and leaders of various political parties'.

'Damage to our tarnished reputation has been done'

"Yet the damage to our already tarnished reputation as an honest broker in the Zimbabwean conflict had been done. Pahad's statement was too little, way too late."

Leon said Mbeki had ensured Zimbabwe was provided with a steady supply of electricity and fuel, "despite Mugabe's inability to pay his bills and his continued economic mismanagement".

In June 2003, Mbeki had explicitly promised the World Economic Forum the Zimbabwe crisis would be resolved "within a year" and that talks between Zanu-PF and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change were taking place -- a claim that was furiously denied by both parties.

In July that year, Mbeki had gone further, reportedly promising United States President George W Bush that Mugabe would "step down" by December, and assuring him: "We have urged the government and the opposition to get together. They are indeed discussing all issues. That process is going on".
Hindsight confirmed Mbeki had been "merely drawing the heat off Mugabe and buying him time".

South Africa had said little despite the naked assault on civil liberties and free political action in Zimbabwe, a clamp-down on the courts and the media, Mugabe's ransacking of the public purse, and the wholesale perversion of land "reform" in the interests of Mugabe's cronies.

"Most telling of all has been our government's continuous policy of whitewashing the shamelessly rigged elections there in 2002 and 2005.
Mbeki had warmly congratulated Mugabe
"While foreign observer missions including the DA's condemned these ruthless exercises in state terror, Mr Mbeki and the ANC hailed them both as legitimate, warmly congratulating Mugabe on 'a convincing majority win' and a 'peaceful, credible and well-organised election which we feel reflects the will of the people'.

"In what Orwellian world of doublespeak could the bloody shambles to our north... be described as peaceful, never mind credible or well-organised?" Leon asked.

He called for urgent action on Zimbabwe, including condemnation of the weekend arrest of Tsvangirai by South Africa, the imposition of "smart sanctions" against Mugabe, and the facilitation of talks between the two factions of the MDC and the ruling Zanu-PF.

"The South African government's record in aiding and abetting the Mugabe regime is a shameful blot on our international reputation. We stand culpable of sustaining the life of one of the world's most despotic regimes," Leon said.


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Old 19th Mar 2007, 08:24
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If Bob were ousted tomorrow and a competent government put in place it would take around 20 years to get back to year 2000 levels.

Look at the mess, highest rate of inflation in the world at 1700% and increasing, next highest is Burma on 60%. Hourly price increases on the cards by May.

Fastest shrinking economy in the world outside of a war zone, even if the country was at war the rate of decline would still be unusually high.

Who would replace him ? Morgan doesn't have the brains to sort things out. Prehaps it will be someone from the military or his own party who will be interested soley in lining his or her own pockets and incapable of putting things back on track. If only Ian Smith were younger he could take on the challenge, I'm sure the population would welcome him with open arms.

Would all those whinging liberals from the 1970s who campaigned so hard for "Black Majority Rule" please step foward.
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Old 19th Mar 2007, 10:09
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I read in the Times that the cost of a house brick today would have bought a 3 bedroom house, with swimming pool, in 1990.
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Old 19th Mar 2007, 11:13
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"......millions of economic refugees stream out of the country, mostly to neighbouring South Africa...."

Yeah, great, just what we need.

Half of the rest of pathetic, shambolic, ruined Africa streaming down to stuff up the one functional economy on the continent.

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Old 19th Mar 2007, 13:53
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Hmmm....Mugabe's link with the Chinese sounds a bit dodgy.

Could they be the chink in his armour?

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Old 19th Mar 2007, 13:56
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Metro man said:

Would all those whinging liberals from the 1970s who campaigned so hard for "Black Majority Rule" please step foward.

Here, here

Maybe Mr Hain would like to be the first and act as government spokesman.
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