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Planes of 911 exceeded their software limits?

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Planes of 911 exceeded their software limits?

Old 10th Jul 2006, 04:46
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If I still smoked I'd ask you for some.
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Old 10th Jul 2006, 05:21
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Some of that info at the beginning is truly bizarre.

Some of the claims made about the 757, if including the standard airline versions, are absolutely wrong, or have totally inaccurate wording. Including remote-controlled flight, unless there is a special test 757/767 aircraft which NASA operates. The Air Force or NASA did this with some F-4 Phantoms and maybe T-33s, in order to test heat-seeker or radar-guided SAMS (?) etc. Many of us on PPRuNe flew the 757 or 767. The original author might be confused about the 757 versus the A-320's special protections.Those much-touted protections have not prevented the loss of many lives.

Captain Danny? Knock knock, ring ring!

People who work for the NSA or CIA etc do not expose highly-classified facts or personal data, at least not in this manner.

Some of the original author's information could have been provided by a veteran of the Bulldog Cafe in Amsterdam, near the Leidseplein.
Too much skimming weird websites after eating some 'Space Brownies' etc and not enough long rides on the rolling fietspads to Scheveningen?

It is often impossible to guess when a person is actually accomplishing a second or (unknown) third person's hidden agenda. There are many people who blame conspiracies for many things, and although many facts on the TWA 800 tragedy (much of that is so classified [the public will never know for 50-100 years] that it can not be discussed: contacts in certain govt. departments say "Don't even ask about TWA 800"), will be suppressed for a very long time, there were far, far too many witnesses at the 9/11 scenes to fool the public, and except for that one part of Pennsylvania, the other planes crashed in highly-populated areas. But there have been many wonderful and very encouraging advances in the field of pharmaceuticals.

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Old 10th Jul 2006, 05:42
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Huh? 75/767's are capable of automatic flight yes, but not automatic take off and even use of VNAV and LNAV, coupled with an automatic approach and landing requires human intervention. It's far from fool proof. Whilst it's true that all the impact aircraft were almost certainly overspeeding (the WTC only being designed to withstand an impact from a 707 at approach speeds) Mr Boeing makes tough aeroplanes and the rough handling by the terrorist fliers didn't stop them reaching their respective targets.

You're talking out of your bottom I'm afraid old chap.
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Old 10th Jul 2006, 05:43
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Jeezus - 8000 hours on those types I obviously don't know half the systems and capabilities of the aeroplane. I'd better go and do some study . . .

Either that or I can I have some of those mind altering substances too please.
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Old 10th Jul 2006, 05:56
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Instead of prescribing just Zyprexa, some test patients will be given " 'ACP-104' on top of low doses of Halparidol." It has good pharma-kenetek properties and "less pharma D-2 induced side effects". Some receptors need to be blocked.

But on the other hand, many initial topics on PPRuNe are only there to solicit a reaction, as a joke or a provocation. Posters might be the opposite of what they appear to be. This can easily include the motivations.

Captain Danny has these cautions on the website's first pages.

Is there also hope for those who must, thankfully only for a few hours, ingest random, non-prescription quantities of airline 'trail mix' (no more m&ms included) snacks and moderate doses aircraft coffee, a bit watery, but almost as bad and bitter as "StarYucks"? ?
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Old 10th Jul 2006, 05:59
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If airline management ould know this; 95% of the 757 and 767 drivers should be looking for a new job!
I.O. you sound waaay to familiar with what AMS has too offer!
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Old 10th Jul 2006, 06:16
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The Boeing 757 and 767 are equipped with fully autonomous flight capability, they are the only two Boeing commuter aircraft capable of fully autonomous flight. They can be programmed to take off, fly to a destination and land, completely without a pilot at the controls.
They are intelligent planes, and have software limits pre set so that pilot error cannot cause passenger injury. Though they are physically capable of high g maneuvers, the software in their flight control systems prevents high g maneuvers from being performed via the cockpit controls. They are limited to approximately 1.5 g's, I repeat, one and one half g's. This is so that a pilot mistake cannot end up breaking grandma's neck.
No matter what the pilot wants, he cannot override this feature.
This must be a world record for the number of errors fitted into seven sentences!
I could not be bothered reading any further.
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Old 10th Jul 2006, 06:21
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Ray Cosmic (not too many gamma rays I hope)-I can sometimes remember strange, unprofitable stuff, or where the (S/T-28) c.b. is, in order to extinguish an enroute "rev. accum. press. low" light, max. 3 seconds.

Well, some common travel books (even in the 80s) for young people warned or advised people about such pubs as the Bulldog. I only went, back then, to Central Europe, not the Netherlands. I would have wandered away on the bike paths and never come back; too much fun and convenience! Maybe books in the late 70's described them? Several years ago my wife and I went out for a last drifting walk, in our normal daze, rather tired on our first day, easily mistaken for provincial zombies with the thousand-yard gaze, from the Colonies. Stayed just south of the outer-most canal, somewhere near (?) the Leidseplein, and desired a glass of beer and wijn before much-needed sleep. We had to go to three different pubs in order to smell normal air.

An airline crew from the UK reportedly drank beer in such a colorful pub-some pubs have three unusual colors (either Jamaican or from the illegal SWAPO group [?] in Southwest Afrika?), and initially tested positive on a random test, simply by breathing the atmosphere for a while. They seem to have passed on the more refined GC-MS test. Gas-Chromatography, Mass-Spectrometry?

Back to the actual, grisly topic which claims to address the 9/11 mass murders. They can't fool pilots who flew such amazing aircraft which can do many things which we were never told about.
Quite a number of useless "facts" can be entered onto various websites, as with a book which has no author, disguised as the truth, and some of those contributors are probably sympathetic with Al Qaeda, the mass murderers.

This is quite sad and strange. But cowardly murders and savage attacks on the innocent and unsuspecting (i.e. blowing up a math. building on campus, a la Uni.Wis. Madison), whether done by Black Panthers, the SDS in the 60s, Baader-Meinhof, Red Army Faktion, PFLP (the recent German Foreign Minister/Aussenminister Joschke Fischer, when he was a charming young radikal, allegedly burning with Molotov 'c0cktails' or severely beating up Frankfurt policemen...once attended their meeting in North Afrika) etc is always much more exciting and 'empowering' than working to support a family and contributing something positive to society or the neighborhood.

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Old 10th Jul 2006, 06:23
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I missed something

After 20 years flying on this ships there are still new features to surface - really amazing.
Now there is also an big question? Who is the other guy f%$&%g up some landings on the remote control.
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Old 10th Jul 2006, 06:46
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I never new the 767 or 767 were commuters. Wow... I learned something new. Hey Anatomist... stay away from the mushrooms.
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Old 10th Jul 2006, 06:46
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I take issue with most of the points raised in the original post. Most of all, I contest that it would not be possible for a pilot to wrest control of the plane under adverse control circumstances. Clearly, however, it would have taken considerable, almost superhuman, strength. It may indeed be beyond the capabilities of the supposed hijackers. Far more plausible is the prognosis that some sort of chymera, most likely an ape-like human was also present. Only bigfoot would be capable of such a feat.

Mods, a movement must surely be on the cards....
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Old 10th Jul 2006, 07:03
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Whatever the merits of that post, I must admit to sharing a considerable amount of scepticism about those phone calls.

It is of interest, though, that the first reports on Fox News included an eyewitness report (Mark Bernbach, if I got the name right) of a Boeing with a circular blue logo on the front and no windows (United has a red logo, and it's on the tail). Also, there was a report on WCPO TV (wcpo.com) at 11.43 on Sept 11 that United Flight 93 (the one we are told crashed in Pennsylvania) landed at Cleveland's Hawkins International airfield with a bomb feared aboard. The Mayor reported that it was evacuated in a secure area. The airline themselves said that it was Flight 93. That report was pulled off the Internet 3 years later. I make no comment - I just like facts.

Didn't Lufthansa remove their US-made autopilots because they could be controlled from the ground? I heard the then German foreign minister talk about it on British radio some years ago.

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Old 10th Jul 2006, 07:04
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the lunatic fringe
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I googled "Jim Heikkila" and it would appear that this article has been around since at least 2002.

What is frighteneing is that it is quoted, and re-quoted as truth on site after site.

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Old 10th Jul 2006, 07:35
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My opinion is that this thread serves no purpose at all and is in fact in places quite insulting and disrespectful to those who lost their lives or those who suffered loss from the mentioned incidents.
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Old 10th Jul 2006, 07:36
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What a complete load of utter crap.
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Old 10th Jul 2006, 07:49
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More bang for your buck
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Originally Posted by mondriver
What a complete load of utter crap.
Yes, but unfortunately to the average member of the great unwashed an excellent conspiracy theory and I'm sure will be taken as gospel by many
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Old 10th Jul 2006, 08:20
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Wasn't it a missile that hit the pentagon?
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Old 10th Jul 2006, 08:38
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The Cellphone stuff is nonsense too

The stuff about the cellphones is nonsense too. For example, the maximum transmit power of a hand-held cellular phone is 0.5 Watt. It's limited to this so that the microwave radiation from the phone's transmitter won't fry the corneas of your eyes. There's more, but is it worth the trouble just to debunk this recycled myth?
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Old 10th Jul 2006, 08:53
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Originally Posted by paco
Didn't Lufthansa remove their US-made autopilots because they could be controlled from the ground? I heard the then German foreign minister talk about it on British radio some years ago.
Yes, that is confirmed. LH got rid of their US-made autopilots and invented little black worms in black boxes. These little buggers control the entire fleet and are eatable.

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Old 10th Jul 2006, 09:03
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How come MY mobile works below about 3000 feet at 90-100 kts? I can phone home and get the kettle switched on before doing the approach checklist. Motorola 601 (8 years old)
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