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Car Insurance

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Car Insurance

Old 3rd Jan 2006, 21:19
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Angry Car Insurance

Had my renewal through the door this morning. Have been with More Than for a few years, never had a major problem, until a few weeks ago.
Mrs Spark has been taking lessons so I phoned up to get her put on the insurance, no problem said I , some companies will even reduce the premium for having a spouse named. 'Sorry sir, we cannot insure your wife on that vehicle'
Oh well sorry dear you will just have to wait until you pass your test.
Then the renewal arrives.
'Thank you for choosing..blah blah. Although you are a year older and and have another years NCD we are going to incease your premium by over £100 and increase your damage excess to £250!!! WTF??!!?!?
Cue lots of phoning around talking to computers and waiting in queues listening to never ending renditions of Greensleeves. Most didn't want to touch the wife and one wouldn't insure me as I own another (work) car!
Finally got a quote from Swinton. £50 excess for me, £100 cheaper than I paid THIS year and they will happily cover the wife, albeit for a fairly hefty excess. So thanks More Than for making me phone around, calling Swinton was 'more than lucky'. Tossers.
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Old 3rd Jan 2006, 21:24
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Re: Car Insurance

I love telling this story.

I had a similar letter arrive while I was residing in Old Blighty. Curiosity got the better of me, so I rang the mob I was insured with to get a quote as if I was a new customer...........which turned out to be 50 quid cheaper than the renewal notice I got.

Effin insurance companies *kick*
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Old 3rd Jan 2006, 21:24
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Re: Car Insurance

It is where they get the name. "More than" last time. Bet that if that is true, they may well take over the rest of the insurance industry anytime soon.

Glad to hear that you found a cheaper one.

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Old 3rd Jan 2006, 21:36
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Helicopter Pilots Get It Up Quicker
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Re: Car Insurance

I was also with them for 2 years... this year - well last now - the renewel premium was about £230 more than the cheapest equivalent policy (Sainsburys)...

Called More Than to enquire if they could compete tobe told "Sorry Sir we don't price match... would you like to pay your premium now by credit/debit card to save you calling again?"

You can guess my reply.

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Old 3rd Jan 2006, 22:17
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Re: Car Insurance

Similar experience with More Than...

With them for years (as Royal Sun Alliance) then got a hefty price hike, phoned and was told to phone their 'new' outfit - got around £100 off old price.

Next year, another price hike, negotiated down on phone, following year (this year), wouldn't play so switched to AXA (through HSBC).

I expect there will be another charade when renewal time comes around and I will be fascinated to see what More Than quote me as a new customer, because new customers are the name of the game with that lot.
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Old 4th Jan 2006, 09:08
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Re: Car Insurance

Or do what I did. Move to Hong Kong (where there's no point in having a car), sell cars, don't pay car insurance!
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Old 4th Jan 2006, 09:58
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Re: Car Insurance

Strangely enough, same company did something similar to me on my house insurance. Told me that I had to have some separate accidental damage to fittings cover as well - all from an Indian call centre and a somewhat aggressive lady, who when she called me back two days later to tell me that I didn't need this extra cover after all, was quite rude when I told her I'd got insurance elsewhere - cheaper!
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Old 4th Jan 2006, 10:01
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Suave yet Shallow
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Re: Car Insurance

Had exactly the same happen with me, I remember my renewal letter where the price had gone up by some £200 since the last year, and in the letter itself it actually said 'in order to remain competative we've also increased your excess to £Stooopid amount without asking you'

Robbin' barstewards.
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Old 4th Jan 2006, 12:52
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Re: Car Insurance

For renewal I used confused.com to shop around (not connected to the company just found that personally it saved me a lot of time). The most expensive on the list was the "Quote me happy" mob - more than double the cheapest quote!! (which in turn was £50 less than my current so it seems to be alright).

Couple of years ago I tried the AA after all that "we try so many companies.." etc - Quoted me £1500 when my renewal was less than £400!

And I can't remember who it is but one company advertising at the moment offers to refund the difference if you find a cheaper quote - who goes comparison shopping after they have paid for a product? And they are only offering to match it - not beat it. Insurance companies advertising campaigns are nothing but meaningless sentences - you still need to do some shopping around
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Old 4th Jan 2006, 13:01
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Re: Car Insurance

Mrs G-CPTN's car insurance company 'slipped-in' removal of 'driving to and from place of work'!
Apparently, many companies are doing the same 'to remain competitive'.
You might like to check . . .
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Old 4th Jan 2006, 15:53
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Re: Car Insurance

Been with the Halifax for 3 years and never had my renewal go up. They even seem to be cheaper than their own 'lo cost' offshoot, esure.
Mrs Noise has had no problems with More than, although they were taking the pish when I got a quote from them.
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Old 21st Jan 2006, 14:51
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Just had my renewal from Admiral and surprisingly it is a few quid cheaper than last year and lower than any other quotes that I had obtained.

Booby prize has to go to Liverpool Victoria who have written to me offering to insure my old car for which I last brought insurance two years ago for over twice the premium of my current policy and at least three times what I was paying to insure it.
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Old 21st Jan 2006, 15:16
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Jet Blast Rat
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I found Tesco was the cheapest, so surprised no-one has mentioned it. Had tried all the internet ones I could find plus a local broker (who was good actualy, better than some well-advertised internet ones). Give them a go if you're looking.
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Old 21st Jan 2006, 15:54
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Controversial, moi?
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It has always been the case, certainly in recent years that it pays to shop around. Human nature is to take the path of least resistance and pay the increase in premium by default.

The thread starter got a good deal with Swinton and I have always found them excellent for House insurance they always shop around for competitive quotes for me if the renewal company has hiked the price.

I found them when I missed my house renewal with Norwich Union by about 2 days. I rang NU to renew and they refused at the renewal price and said it was 'new' business! The revised quote was around £100 more than the renewal quote of 2 days before. I found Swinton on the internet and they found me insurance for less than the original renewal quote through another company who, guess what, was underwritten by NU. You couldn't make it up.
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Old 21st Jan 2006, 16:00
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Premiums are a bit like low-cost air fares - they change all the time. If, say, Norwich Union's actuary says that they are a bit underweight in 40-45 year old women living in Cheshire and driving a Group 12 car, they will trim their quotes to attract more of that business until their book is balanced. The same with particular postcodes and vehicles. They are just like bookies; if they do their sums right they can't lose over a period of time.
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Old 21st Jan 2006, 19:49
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Originally Posted by Unwell_Raptor
They are just like bookies; if they do their sums right they can't lose over a period of time.
That's as maybe U_R, but it don't stop them issuing profit warnings and moaning that they're poor!
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Old 21st Jan 2006, 20:41
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All of these posts prove that, as has ever been the case, it is worth shopping around each year for car insurance.

No point in brand loyalty in this particular area!!
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Old 21st Jan 2006, 23:42
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Lady Lexxington
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I used confused.com to shop around for me and they were surprisingly good, got me a good deal with the "quote me happy mob". Will be using the site again in a couple of months time
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Old 22nd Jan 2006, 08:01
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Combine Operations
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No mention so far (I think) of anything other than the price of the premiums. i.e. how do they look after you when you need them?

I have made a couple of claims on my insurance, and the company looked after me very well indeed - caring, quick, efficient - you name it, they were it.

For me, service like that is worth a lot extra. There's the old adage, of course, you get what you pay for. However, I chose this company several years ago because they were over £200 cheaper than my previous company.

I guess you'd call that brand loyalty.
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Old 22nd Jan 2006, 09:42
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Always shop around for car insurance, in my seven years of driving Ive never been with the same insurance company for more than two years. Currently Im with Virgin who gave the cheapest quote and allowed me to pay monthly with 0% APR. Always check the APR if paying monthly, usually it is much cheaper to buy it up front on a credit card if you dont have the cash readily available. It is also worth paying an increased excess, if you have an accident and the repair bill is less than ~£500 you are better off paying out of your own pocket anyway.
I do not know how certain insurance companies can get away with advertising themselves as the cheapest around. A few years ago when I first got my Alfa, my premium was £800 pa with Tesco. A certain company who promised to 'quote me happy' asked for £2400 well it certainly gave me a good laugh.
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