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Freaky Taxi / Crewbus Rides

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Freaky Taxi / Crewbus Rides

Old 12th Mar 2005, 09:36
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Question Freaky Taxi / Crewbus Rides

Plagiarised from El Grifo in another post, he mentioned a freaky taxi ride through Kingston from airport to residence.

So where has your freakiest taxi or crewbus trip been thorugh??

Was taken through the backstreets and shanty areas of Yangon by a taxi driver who claimed he knew where the hotel was but had to stop every couple of miles to ask for directions.

And.......was once driven thorught Harlem by an Afghani taxi driver in a Yellow Cab who kept saying ' This is a really bad area you don't wan't to drive through here'
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Old 12th Mar 2005, 10:57
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Genoa to Milan airport in a chauffer driven Alfa when the driver thought I was late for my flight, rain all the way and the guy thought he was Fangio. It was a long time ago but it is still very clear in my mind, I was convinced we were going to end up a tangled mess of metal..
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Old 12th Mar 2005, 11:18
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Paris. Many moons ago. 3am and not a taxi in sight for ages. When we finally got one the driver quoted some extortionate rate. A Gallic shrug and a 'take it or leave it matey' type of negotiation led us to say yes on the basis that a) we got a receipt and b) it would be quick. BIG mistake that last one. HUGE!

Drove like a complete loony. Very imaginative use of one way streets, back alleys and the pavement (sidewalk). Clearly colour blind too - traffic lights? pah! No amount of protest from the back could persuade the to slow down either.

Nervous wrecks when we got to our hotel
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Old 12th Mar 2005, 13:14
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Maastricht to Schiphol, many moons ago. Driver kept saying, `I know the road`and was driving about 150kph. The trouble was there was thick mist, vis. less than 100m. I think there was a dent in the floor from where I kept stamping on the brakes.
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Old 12th Mar 2005, 16:08
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In Toronto 2 years ago the taxi ride from downtown to the airport was without a doubt the craziest and scariest I've ever had.

Standing on Young Street, we managed to flag a cab from our side of the road that was going the other way. The u-turn he executed to get to us should have been a warning. We go our luggage in and sat in the back. Foot to the boards, the driver took off. Blatting past the Eaton Centre at well over the speed limit, the driver asked us what terminal we needed. We told him we were flying Air Canada so we needed Terminal One. Still travelling at great speed, he scratched his head and said ok.

He weaved through traffic like a bloody dodgem ride and got onto the expressway. Funny thing was he was doing nearly the same speed on the expressway as in the city. He must have had his horn replaced recently, because he wanted to world to hear it on every occasion...........all while commenting about the quality of everybody elses driving. He executed his manoeuvre towards the off ramp AT THE SAME SPEED (carving up some lady in a horrendous way).

I swear when we go to the terminal the brakes were smoking and the car breathed a sigh of relief. He jumped out, helped us get our bags out and gave us a cheery handshake and wished us a safe flight. I believe Mrs J had her eyes closed the whole trip.
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Old 12th Mar 2005, 17:18
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Gaberone, Botswana, some years ago. Driver thought it a good idea to run a miitary roadblock. Hostesses thought it was a great fun thing to do. Skipper and I did not. Driver had a very thick head. By the time we beat him into stopping, the military were popping off at us.
Luckily they missed and we were allowed to get to our hotel. Next morning the SA army sent a squad in and shot up an ANC HQ.
Never did see the driver again.
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Old 14th Mar 2005, 13:46
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I know exactly what you mean. They drive like complete idiot's in Toronto. You may find the odd one in the burbs that will take his time, and wants to see his family the next morning, but down in the city, forget it. They all drive like madmen. And when they are not driving, they are all parked at the side of the street, spoutting off in a hundread different languages. I am sure they are calling everyone that walks by them Aholes or something.
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Old 14th Mar 2005, 14:02
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Istanbul, Turkey.

several extremely fast, demented drivers, near collision and resulting 180 degree spin.

4 people, 2 weeks worth of luggage each strewn across the road on the bridge over the Bosphorus (luggage not the people). First day of holiday and the girls were not very happy about the tyre tread patterns across their frocks.
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Old 14th Mar 2005, 14:02
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Alba Gu Brath
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Indonesia, Yogyakarta to Solo City. 2 lane highway with 6 lanes of traffic. Our taxi driver undertook a bus by using the dirt verge at the side of the road, speed around about 50mph. There was no near side mirror, probably as a result of some previous collision with someones front door!
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Old 14th Mar 2005, 14:44
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Istanbul for me too. Things were going OK until another driver cut us up, which gave rise to a high-speed car chase with our driver screaming obscenities (I presume) as he tried to catch the weaving and swerving car ahead (which eventually did a high-speed 90 down a little side turning and we overshot him).

Comment by my boss when we got to the airport "That's the lowest-altitude flight it's ever been my misfortune to take".
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Old 14th Mar 2005, 15:39
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10 of us in a small minivan being driven from Fujairah to Dubai - first sign of trouble was the passenger facing me (I was rear facing) went "OH SH1T" as we launched ourselves into the air as a result of hitting one of those lovely speed humps so thoughtfully placed in the middle of a 2 lane motorway. How the front axle, wheels and any other parts remained attached from
the resulting 'landing' I will never know.
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Old 14th Mar 2005, 19:31
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Arrived at Cairo airport in the middle of the night and got picked up by a driver & taken to the staff house in New Madhi (sp?).

There we are, steaming down the mostly empty dual carrigeway drifting from lane to lane in an old Merc with one headlight, with the driver turning around to talk to me every now and again....Then while he is in the outside lane at around 85mph I see a donkey & cart in our lane ambling towards us...Driver mustve seen my eyes go wide as I start to mumble 'what..the..f...' turns around to swerve and avoid and then carries on talking as if nothing happened. I only saw it because the road lighting was on at that section, but the best bit was that the guy in the cart also seemed unfazed as we zoomed by!!

Many stories of mad drives in foriegn countries, but this was my first "dodgy" experience and first trip out of Europe/North America so it has stuck in my mind rather well...

Regards, SD..
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Old 14th Mar 2005, 20:06
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Madrid at 0130, one February night - 135kph in a Seat with an unbelted driver and the airbag light on the whole time...
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Old 14th Mar 2005, 20:53
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Khartoum, Sudan. Me in front seat next to the taxi driver. Capt, Co and Purser in the back seat.
Busy roundabout, suddenly an almighty racket, much schreeching of metal and yelling male voices. Capt, Co & Purser had fallen through the floor, back seat and all.

Nobody seriously hurt, but they sported some humongeous bruises.
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Old 15th Mar 2005, 02:32
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Kathmandu. Using the 'back way' to go out to the airport and rescue a stranded "Flying Spanner" during the time of the MPD anti-Monarchy riots in 1990. We got caught in a riot and had a crowd try to turn the car over and set it on fire. Managed to persuade them to leave us alone after one of our Nepalese colleagues appeared from among the crowd and convinced them we were sympathetic and helpful foreigners. The driver then took shelter in a police station that bore an uncanny resemblance to The Alamo - surrounded by a high wall with big gate in the middle of one side and rifle toting policemen lining the top of the wall. Didn't look too good, so we abandoned the police station and legged it back behind the army lines in Durbar Marg. [To spend the next three days under siege in the Yak & Yeti, but that's another story.]
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Old 15th Mar 2005, 03:28
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Well i wasn't on the crewbus when this happened ..but one of our FO's put his bag on the back of the crew shuttle (those mitsubishi L-300's with the backdoor going up and down not left and right)...when they were getting the stuff out with the other cabin crew, a male flight attendant closed the door while the fo's head was in between..poor F/O fell to the ground unconscious and was sent to hospital on a stretcher.
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