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BT - ANOTHER greedy and outrageous money grabber!

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BT - ANOTHER greedy and outrageous money grabber!

Old 13th Jan 2005, 11:43
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BT - ANOTHER greedy and outrageous money grabber!

A lot has been said of late about the greedy companies who charge us for late payment on credit cards, debit cards, cheques.......in fact, any form of paying your dues. I do all my payments online but I got a letter from BT this morning referring to an account which has been paid but will not reach their account until today.

They say that they are now charging 5 for each late payment!

This stinks of profiterring just as WHICH magazine has announced. The credit card companies like GE, who had the finger pointed at them yesterday by the newspapers, say that it is out of date information - but it isn't. The stores are charging up to 29.9% APR on GE's cards and the banks themselves are charging 20 per late payment along with MasterCard Visa and just about all of them. Many of the companies you deal with are doing it.

It is plainly greed stacked on more greed to get bigger and bigger profits, and we the customer pay without a whimper. Why?

It just cannot be right and I hope the various Ombudsmen get to grips with it. It is all this greed that leads to higher costs on everything you buy.

Everyone in business seems obessed by greed and higher profits. They don't care from whom they get it or how it hurts either.
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Old 13th Jan 2005, 11:46
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I suggest you change to another provider and tell BT why you are leaving.
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Old 13th Jan 2005, 13:57
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Not everyone can change provider. BT is the only line provider I can get currently. I can pay for calls with others if I wanted, but line provision and rental is to BT only.
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Old 13th Jan 2005, 14:19
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You can't leave BT if they are your line provider. Only those with cable can do that.

My point is not that I am with BT but that BT are joining the greedy mob who dreamed up this scheme of charging for late payments. No if's no but's no chance.
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Old 13th Jan 2005, 17:17
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Novel idea this, but if one pays ones bills when they are presented one does not get stuffed by late payment charges.

Just a thought.
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Old 13th Jan 2005, 17:33
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Try to pay on time but pay in cash preferably in coins. The smaller the better since it ties their resources for longer.

Another way if they do charge 5 GBP for a late payment maybe you can combine two payments together (since it does not matter if you are late for 1 day or a full billing period)

Rwy in Sight
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Old 13th Jan 2005, 17:43
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I alway charge companies everytime I have to write or contact them because they've screwed up.

20 quid for a letter and 10 for a call to cover my admin time. Doesn't always work but you'd be suprised how often it does. Also try writing the the chairman, at his/her home address available at companies house web site.

And if only 10-20 pecent of their customers engaged with them in this way they'd grind to a halt.

Also worth a try with the local council when they congratulate themselves on only putting up council tax by 10 pecent this year. Force the buggers to engage with you. would only take couple of thousand people and they'd grind to a halt under the complaints

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Old 13th Jan 2005, 17:50
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Unless they simply ignore the complaints, which is what they seem to do best.
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Old 13th Jan 2005, 18:00
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Like 'highflyin' said, send them a letter, short and polite and firm, clearly outlining your case and telling them that you expect an immediate refund.

Set them a deadline and inform them in the letter that you will be charging them for your time and effort in contacting them if they delay.

Keep sending them letters if they don't cough up, and increase the bill until they do. It's worked for me before with other companies.
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Old 13th Jan 2005, 18:29
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Companies employ vast armies of lawyers to get the fine print in the contracts they offer just right, in order to fleece their clients amongst other things.

But why should the ordinary punter have to accept their contract in its entirety without being able to put a word in? OK, that would be impractical. But then what's to stop a consumer association or even the government paying a platoon of lawyers to come up with a standard set of clauses that look at protecting the consumer's interests? And the public would insist on having these clauses inserted in all contracts they sign.

Here's a sample clause I would like to see:

(Telecoms companies)

Interruption of service for any reason other than the fault of the client: where the disruption of service exceeds 2 hours in any 24 hours period, the supplier will credit the client the equivalent of 1 full day's charges; where the disruption to service exceeds 24 hours, the equivalent of 1 month's charges etc.

I'm sure you can come up with a few others...?!

Comrades Unite!
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Old 14th Jan 2005, 06:57
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Don't assume paying your bill on time saves this hassle as suggested earlier.

I pay my bill using BT's monthly payment plan (direct debit to you and me). I recently changed bank accounts, with the bank re-arranging all my direct debits. All relevant parties informed on the 24th Dec of the new details, with a supposedly regulatory requirement to sort it out within 10 days. BT due for payment on the 10th Jan, yet on 10th Jan, lo and behold, no payment.

12th Jan, letter arrives from BT informing me that new DD instructions received and payment will be taken in the next 9 days. 13th Jan, a late payment letter arrives from BT, politely informing me to pay my bill or else, and threatening a charge for late payment. The inter-departmental co-ordination is stunning.

I am actualy looking forward to BT trying to enforce late payment of a bill when they are responsible for delaying payment.
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Old 14th Jan 2005, 07:10
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You can ditch BT even if you don't have cable. I have signed up with Homecall, www.homecall.co.uk and pay my line rental through them.

Worth a look.
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Old 14th Jan 2005, 07:36
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Hey saintsman, thanks for the heads up! That looks good to me.
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Old 14th Jan 2005, 07:53
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Or you could try the new Post Office phone service, also available to all regardless of location and no secondary bills to pay to BT:

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Old 14th Jan 2005, 08:29
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PPRuNe Enigma
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" . . . the new Post Office phone service . . ."

I'm having some kind of bizarre flashback.

For all those youngsters among you, in the Old Days before BT the telephones were operated by . . . you guessed it !
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Old 14th Jan 2005, 08:29
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Great, thanks guys! It's good to know that there are real alternatives now!
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Old 14th Jan 2005, 08:35
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Try www.onetel.co.uk they can take over your line, though you'll still pay the basic line rental to BT (10 ish pm). Calls througout the day are cheaper, and if you combine this with their internet or mobile packages, you could save a small fortune. I'm saving roughly 30 per month since the switch.
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Old 14th Jan 2005, 09:52
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It's all a bit worrying really. 2 years ago, BT lost one of our payments for the quarterly bill. We paid it through the wife's bank in person, the day the bill arrived. Three weeks later we got a red notice. I phoned BT to tell them it had been paid and they said they had no record of the payment. We sent them the proof from my wife's bank, who also phoned BT on our behalf to back up our claim, but to no avail. For 6 weeks, we argued over it with BT still refuting our claim. Finally, I told them I was taking legal advice and that they had 14 days to "find" the money we paid to them or I would cancel the line rental agreement and just use our mobiles. Within 3 days, they found the money and claimed it had been there all along but it had been "mislaid"! Potentially, if this was to happen again, we could be charged a fiver even though we'd have done nothing wrong.
We didn't even get so much as an apology and if I could find an alternative company to rent the line from, I'd still change. I'm not good with the forgiveness thing.
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Old 14th Jan 2005, 22:16
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I paid my car insurance today by means of a bank deposit. The guy responsible for collecting the money is down with the flu so I had to find a way to pay the money.

What I did and it might be intresting for you is that I subtract from the total fee the bank commision.

See if you can do the same thing if you pay by a check (subtract the late fee)

Rwy in Sight
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