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What started your Aviation interest/career?

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What started your Aviation interest/career?

Old 12th Dec 2004, 04:12
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Eight Gun Fighter
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What started your Aviation interest/career?

Father pointing out a high flying aircraft at Bellevue Zoo in Manchester....Flying in a BOAC Stratocruiser trans-atlantic... Visits on the weekends to Dorval's viewing balcony was a treat.... plowing through 4 foot of snow to the airport fence in Feb to watch B707s and DC8 landing and being able to id both and explain why.... and it continued on...
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 04:37
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I'll have to pass on the catalyst that kicked me off. I came from a shipping family but apparently was drawing aircraft from the day I got my first set of crayons. It never went..

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Old 12th Dec 2004, 05:10
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My mom told me : "I' ll never put my back in something not on the ground !"... that was enough for me to get hooked...
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 05:33
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When I was about 5 years old, my Father took me up in a Tiger Moth. I could barely see over the rim of the cockpit but I loved it and was hooked.
I wish I could get to fly that Tiger now!
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 09:27
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The stream of trans-Atlantics wending their way to Garston (Bovingdon hadn't yet been invented) in the late 1960s which included B707s of BOAC, TWA and Pan-Am. Then of course the stretched DC-8s of Air Canada and, if memory serves correctly, Seaboard World Airways. There seemed to be a never ending supply of Vanguards and Viscounts on domestic routes (before the Trident took over) and, in its twilight years, the Britannia from Newcastle to Heathrow. I think it was G-ANBK of BKS, but will happily stand corrected. Others that spring to mind are the BEA Argosy freighters and Comets, together with the British Eagle B707s that managed to get a toe hold in the trans-Atlantic market shortly before the firm folded.

Edited to add:

I now live only about a mile from my childhood home and still glance up at the sound of passing aircraft. I have some difficulty distinguishing one Airbus from another (except the 340) but the Air NZ B747 en-route to the US West Coast (SFO or LAX?) is a sight worth seeing especially on a hot summer's afternoon as it heads for WOBUN. The Bovingdon Hold is always worth more than the occasional glance and I shall probably walk into a hole in the road as a consequence of my gaze being permanently at least twenty degrees above the horizontal!

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Old 12th Dec 2004, 09:33
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The unadulterated glamour.
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 10:44
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Tsamaya sentle
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Probably the F-27s that flew over my parent´s house approaching LFSB, and me being able to watch them from my room.
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 11:09
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Dad took me to a local show which had low level noisy passes from a Vulcan and a Buccaneer, that was it - hooked
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 11:14
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Both my parents were aviation-minded. My dad did aviation patent work much of his life. My mum spent probably a week's pay for a short flight in a Jenny way back when and went as far as ground school while my dad did patent work for Sherman Fairchild in the 1920s. There was apparently [idle] talk of doing a home-built before I came along.

As a spoiled brat used to get my parents to take me to Hoover Field (which was replaced by Washington National Airport) to see the planes. I can remember being proud to be able to identify the DC-2, while there must have been far more exotic types I don't remember.

When I was 13 my father's boss's son and I rode our bikes out to a local airfield and begged a ride in a Cub.

My time in the Air Force right out of uni was as an electronics R&D officer. I flipped the heading switches testing our ground-to-air data link while it was coupled to our B-25's autopilot. The pilots complained when I switched the 180-degree switch too often! Ah, youth.

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Old 12th Dec 2004, 12:08
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As a boy in the 1950`s and early 1960`s I was part of the Airfix generation.....sadly most of the kits I was given were badly put together. You could buy a series one model (eg Spitfire) for 2 shillings. Other influences were the biographies of the WW2 aces being published then, and TV, notably Raymond Baxter and his commentaries of the Farnborough air shows.

My very first flight, in a Heron, from Gatwick (newly opened) to Guernsey is a long lasting memory, as was being allowed to climb into and sit for a while in the cockpit of the prototype Mosquito.

None of the Above: Yes, Seaboard World...I only remember them when you and I were working together at Heathrow. Can`t remember the reg of the BKS Britannias, but the Corgi model that sits on my desk is GAPLL. Remember Sagittair?

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Old 12th Dec 2004, 13:14
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Probably the DC-4 trip down to Tassie as a kid, too young to remember, but must have left an impression on me.

Then the old lady got a job at AN. At one stage we had 4 family members working there. I too built the Airfix models & painted them up in all sorts of scemes.

Spent 26 years living under the YMEN flightpath & the rest under YMML!
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 13:40
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Riding my bicycle to St Athans and watching the Vulcans do a stream departure from just off the end of the runway. The noise, the size, the beauty and scareyness of it all. Aaaah I remember it well.
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 13:45
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When I was a little horror of 2 or 3 in the early sixties, my dad used to pick up people from India, as these folks had no wheels my dad would drive from Wolverhampton to Heathrow and pick them up, and took me with him (as my mom had to work). Unfortunately, as a result of inhaling too many fumes of spent jet fuel, and having being subjected to the upper decibel levels of 707's VC-10's, Comets and DC-8's, my mushy brain formed the wrong way.......as a result my life spiralled to one of being an airline pilot for Continental Airlines, and now myself, am spreading jet fumes and (not so) high decibels to the next generation............
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 14:05
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Being dragged around one of the Qantas hangars in the late 60's by my scottish grandfather.
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 14:14
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Air temperature at ground level in Phoenix summer is 40C. Temperature at 5000ft above ground in Phoenix summer is 25C. Quickest way there is leaky light aircraft.
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 14:17
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I'm Just A Lawnmower
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1975, package holiday booked, I had to find out what we were flying on - a Dan-Air Comet. Spawned the interest. Alas, never went on that trip due to family tragedy and never had another chance of flying in a Comet.
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 16:29
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Spending 5 years at school next door to Hamble airfield. Every Tuesday morning, the BE55s would depart, and with a northerly breeze, right over the school at 50ft. The wheels were still rotating from the ground run....brilliant!!!

So I got a job in ATC......
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 16:43
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Being dragged around various control towers across Australia kinda had something to do with. I think my brother and I both agreed "Geezus, if the old man can do it, we can".
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 19:15
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Living under the approach to RAF Middleton St George and seeing the Hunters, Javelins and Lightnings pass over got me interested enough to join the Air Training Corps. Eventually, when South Durham's 25% unemployment rate forced me to follow local tradition and take the Queen's shilling, the Royal Air Force was the obvious choice. A good choice too, I like to think although back in the sixties and seventies, the RAF wasn't a comfortable home for a hippy pacifist like me. I was often in trouble with the authorities over my hair and certain lifestyle choices, but aeroplanes are fixed firmly in my blood and I was [and still are] a dedicated tradesman.
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 19:25
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Am you?

(note to self: - never possed pist!)

Always been interested in aviation. Dad used to drag me out to watch skydivers. Began jumping at an early age and gradually progressed to the civilised side of the sport. Natural progression from there....
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