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Hard to believe I know but last night age the age of 29 I went for my first proper curry.
And it was excellent. According to the chef it was 'only a medium' but it was quite warm enough for me
However it seems I am now hooked, as I can't wait for my next
one, so can anyone tell me which curry to go for next time? (preferably one that leaves the lining of my mouth intact)
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Tuba Mirum
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AeroSpark, you are in good company - Mrs TM discovered Indian food at the age of 44. (Her ex-husband has never discovered it at all )

For something mild, I suggest a korma or pasanda dish. For something a bit warmer, tikka masala (actually a dish invented in the UK, I gather) or jalfrezi. I don't go much for anything hotter, so can't advise.

My local Indian does a wonderful chicken tikka tandoori, but this is liable to vary a great deal in content from restaurant to restaurant. It may be a Bengali thing to do it the way they do - no sauce as such, but the chicken lumps cooked in spices in a tandoori oven have an extraordinarily delicate taste.

If you find yourself anywhere near Oxfordshire, PM me and I'll tell you where my favourite restaurant is.

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Better late than never Aerospark.

My personal recommendations, in no particular order:

Karai Chicken (usually on the specials menu)

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Dhansak

Lamb Bhuna

With Pilau rice and if you can fit it, some garlic or vegetable naan. A splash of Raita will cool your mouth down if things get out of hand.

You MUST wash it down with a cold bottle of one of the following:

Kingfisher (especially good)

Drinking Carling with curry carries the death penalty.

Enjoy your next one, whatever it may be
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Yes yes yes - curry . The best traditional British food.

Chicken Dhansak
Karai Chicken
Machurian chicken

plus of course side orders - best in my mind

Chana Chat

Bdami vegetables

Keema Nan

Mater Paneer

Plus beer wise,

In fact i'm hungary and . .. oh b*ther, they are shut
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I would kill for some curry and chips right about now.
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Always been partial to a mutton Dopiaza m'self. Inform the chef not to be stingy with the onions and you're on to a winner.

Salted Lassi goes well with this one.

Caerphilly Express (Ridley's Train Series) because I've got a soft spot for it.....
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I used to enjoy an Indoneasian Curry on occassions and the Indoneasian I knew used to scoff and those bland Indian curries. The first time I tried Indian food was on a visit to the UK in '88. Every second restaurant seemed to be Indian, so I tried a chicken tandoori. I didn't like the flavour, found the chicken very tough and six days later I finally stopped trying in in various forms. I was not a happy camper. Never been game to try Indian since.
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Cunning Artificer
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Now you've lost your cherry so to speak, book your next holiday to India and try the real thing. Stay out of the hotel restaurants and eat what you can see being cooked fresh in the local eateries open to the street. Don't drink anything with ice in it or that hasn't been boiled.

A safety warning is in order - don't eat raw vegetables (ie salad) or fruit that doesn't have to be peeled before you eat it and you should be safe from Delhi-Belly. The worst case of food poisoning I ever saw in India was a chap who ate from the buffet in an internationally acclaimed 5-star chain hotel.
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And if you haven't tasted Bombay Potato you haven't lived!

(Some of the best Prawn Curry I have ever eaten came from a Chinese Take Away!).
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Get a good recipe book and try it yourself

Bought most of mine yonks go but recently bought "The best ever Indian" pub. by Paragon at the local suprmarket. Lots of good recipes with photos.

Try dhansak or korma recipes, quite easy to cook, and fairly mild.
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What about sweets after your curry?

Why not a kulfi.............?
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Objection! One of my cats is called Kulfi.
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No Problem!

Call it Khulfi..................

(how sweet is your cat?)
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2nd vote for Bombay Potato. Like yourself Aero, I didn't experience a real curry until I was well into my second quater century. It was in a little pub tucked out of the way between Hook and Highfield (in Hampshire, of the B3349). It was an experience I will never forget (and the next morning as well )
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tall and tasty
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Hi AeroSpark

I was a late comer to curry to and am truly hooked now.

Depends whether you are a fish eater too, but if you are go for any of the Tiger pawn dishes too especially with the lemon rice. God I am getting hungry for one now.

The side orders just try a whole range if you go with a group of people and every restaurant has its own variation. But love Bombay Potato, bindi bhaji ( okra), sag aloo sag ponir and the bhaji mushroom or onion.. Popadoms can be lethal as they fill you up as you wait so be prepared!

Wash the lot down with Cobra if you are a beer drinker and then diet for the next 10 weeks! (joking)

Hope you get some ideas from that


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While I agree that a good Indian curry is good, I prefer Thai food

I'd almost go so far as to wager that a good Thai curry is better than an Indian but the two types are too different to be compared in that way.

Thai dishes are easily as hot but there are also more subtle and delicate sensations.
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I'd say you can't go far wrong with.....

A couple of Poppadoms + Dips
Chicken Bhuna
Keema Rice
Bombay Aloo
Keema Naan
Lots of Cobra

Lets us know how you get on with the next visit to the Curry House !
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You have to try Fahl at least's more like chemotherapy than curry!!
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Talking The Best

So where is the best curry house in the world? The Fort Raj in Horley would do for starters.
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