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Things that really pi55 me off: Part 1, On the roads

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Things that really pi55 me off: Part 1, On the roads

Old 27th Sep 2001, 21:40
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Post Things that really pi55 me off: Part 1, On the roads

I hate it when you get stuck behind some dawdling idiot who drives like he has all the time in the world and finally makes it to the traffic light when it turns amber. He goes through and you're left there looking at red.

Anyone else got any particular favourites?

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[Edited because I can't spell - and that pisses me off too ]

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Old 27th Sep 2001, 22:20
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Morons that think the outside lane is the "fast" lane and sit there as the speed slowly drops off leaving the bigger morons in the middle lane wondering why the fast lane lane is going slower than them so they slow down leaving only the inside lane free and empty for motorcylists to enjoy an unobstructed high speed run down the M1.
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Old 27th Sep 2001, 22:33
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People who aw bugrit!

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Old 27th Sep 2001, 22:41
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My pet hate is people who don't put their lights on in the pi##ing rain because they think it runs the battery down
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Old 27th Sep 2001, 22:55
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Ahh good. (rubs hands)

Councils which spend hundreds of thousands of pounds blocking off half a road, put priority signs on it and call it traffic calming. It is a point of honour for me to drive sufficiently quickly to ensure I do not get stopped by oncoming traffic.

Councils which spend hundreds of thousands of pounds putting bumps in the road restricting ones speed to 40mph (if you have half decent suspension) when three yards further on there is a ninety degree turn at a junction which Schumacher couldn't negotiate at over 10mph.

Councils which spend hundreds of thousands of pounds painting the road green for the last 6 ft before a traffic light. Then spend another grand putting a cyclist symbol in it when it would be tantamount to suicide for a row of cyclists to occupy this zone in front of a large queue of traffic.

Councils which spend hundreds of thousands of pounds painting the inside lane of a carriageway green and calling it a bus lane thus allowing loads of empty buses and taxis to take no-one somewhere very quickly. This forty years after the same council spent hundreds of thousands of index linked pounds tearing up tram lines which would have provided a superb basis for a good public transport system. And then have the nerve to tell us to use the aforementioned buses. At the risk of getting my uniform covered in chewing gum and adding twelve hours to my working day. And then threatening us with a "city centre tax."

Don't even think about starting me on news readers who get their jobs when they are congenitally incapable of saying the word "nuclear." IT IS NUCLEAR NOT "NEWKYELUR"

pant pant pant pant
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Old 27th Sep 2001, 23:15
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In 40,000 miles a year you build up a lot of pet hates.

I agree with most of the above plus:

People who attach sheds on wheels behind their cars, especially when they have horses in them.

Anything obscuring the front or rear windscreen, especially if it moves or has "Baby on Board" written on it.

Rear or front fog lights on when it isn't foggy.
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Old 27th Sep 2001, 23:27
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Caravans. Need I say more. Should be banned from everywhere but dual carriageways, except between the hours of 1am and 4am (just before the times I'm usually scheduled for).

Oh and whilst I'm on the matter why not stay in a hotel rather than a tin-can that costs £10 000 and makes you [email protected] in a chemical loo.
Old 27th Sep 2001, 23:38
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The one that never fails to get me shouting is slow vehicles on country roads.

I´m talking about tractors, horseboxes, people with caravans, HGVs and most frustratingly of all people who have no obvious reason for being slow but obviously subscribe to the theory that you can drive as slowly as you like, as long as you don´t speed.

I live in the country, which is nice. Every time I want to go anywhere during daylight hours I find myself stuck behind someone driving really slowly. I´m not saying I want to speed, but these people take the **** . The fact is that septegenarians pottering along at forty miles an hour for mile after mile while building up a queue of angry people trying to actually get somewhere cause accidents. I regularly find myself coming around a bend on the A281 only to find myself face to face with some desperado in a repmobile who´s patience has run so thin that they´ve attempted a kamikaze overtaking move. Experience has taught me the folly of such moves because there´s always another convoy leader three miles up the road.

Here´s a thought for these people: If you´re so dedicated to driving twenty miles an hour slower than the rest of the world then why not look in your mirror every so often? If there´s a queue there then pull over at the next layby and let everyone else get on with their day. It´s not like you´re in any particular hurry is it?
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Old 28th Sep 2001, 00:24
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PPRuNe Enigma
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Now that it's getting dark in the evenings again we're back to the old favourite - the idiots who dawdle along the country lanes with their headlights dipped even when there's no other traffic for miles.

Stuck behind 'em for miles as they peer into the darkness.

Put your blOOdy headlights on full, then we can get along at a reasonable speed for crying out loud !!!

And no, sidelights plus fogs doesn't help you see any better either
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Old 28th Sep 2001, 00:35
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Grainger, I think we´re talking about the same people!

Their mindset is: "If I put the high beams on, thus illuminating the road ahead of me I will only encourage that speed-crazed and probably drug-addicted maniac behind me to overtake at the first straight bit of road"

I´d honestly like to see the police intervene when people drive like this. Perhaps with guns.
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Old 28th Sep 2001, 00:50
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All two-and-a-half ton 4 x 4s. Especially the ones driven by a posh looking woman with an on-the-way-to-school tot in the back seat.

Bull bars designed to fend off kangaroos and the like, but likely to kill a kid in Purley instead.

Hot saloons stuck (like everyone else) on the M25, but which nevertheless have spoilers that are ineffective under 120 mph.

People who sit 2 yards from your tail in heavy traffic, when you are already doing 80, who hurtle by when you are able to move over, then head for the exit at a 45 degree angle, 200 yards later.

People who get in my way, because my journey is important.

Bloody tourists, which is the definition of other people on holiday.

All French drivers.

All drivers of Astra diesel vans, especially those with a copy of the Sun wedged behind the speedo.



Everybody else.

Thank you nurse, yes I will come for my tablets now.......
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Old 28th Sep 2001, 00:58
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Number One Hate at the moment are those ****s who pull straight into the parking place I'm about to reverse into, putting themselves halfway across the kerb in the process. There are words that I use in such circumstances but I'm sure readers don't need me to recite them here.
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Old 28th Sep 2001, 03:06
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All the above plus the wan**rs who pull out of side roads right in front of me (usually without looking) causing me to brake sharply and then proceed to stop 200yds up the road whilst they try to turn right across an unending flow of oncoming traffic..... coo! sounds a bit like being at work
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Old 28th Sep 2001, 03:39
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The ones who get up my nose when I am behind them are the ultra cautious who wait at an intersection until there is no traffic for at least a couple of miles in either direction before venturing across.
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Old 28th Sep 2001, 04:36
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Eight Gun Fighter
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Drivers who somehow got it into their heads that it was effective to drive automatics with both feet - thereby causing the brake lights to be on all the time or just flicker on and off, randomly, often.

Drivers who are licensed to drive without glasses but can't see motorcycles at any distance.
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Old 28th Sep 2001, 07:55
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The drivers who slow down to a crawl when approaching a green stoplight then accelerate across as it turns amber thus causing a whole line of vehicles behind them to have to stop.

The speed demons in huge lorries doing 19mph on a two lane highway. Problem is the one in the fast lane doing 19 and 1/4 mph trying to pass the other on a hill and causing a 2 mile backup of traffic.

Taxi drivers who, when you allow them into the traffic flow ahead of you, will angle across you then wait for traffic in the next lane and the next because they're on the wrong side of a four lane road to take the next corner 20 yds ahead. Just go ONE block farther along, you idiots, then turn.

Guaranteed to transform me into a tyre biting, carpet chewing maniac.
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Old 28th Sep 2001, 08:55
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I have one of those 2.5 ton 4X4s with the wrap around cow pusher on the front, my sister calls it a " high performance dog killer " and it looks like a little toy compared to some of the vehicles people here drive
My pet peeve on the roadways are those that slam on the brakes at the first sign of a Police car, they'll do it if they're going well under the speed limit as well as over! And the other champions who can't seem to drive past an accident scene without gawking so much that they darn near ( and in some cases do ) cause another accident.
Old 28th Sep 2001, 10:42
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I hate with a pasion those that dawdle along at 70 or 80 km/h then speed up when they come to an overtaking lane, Tailgaters should be shot rooted and burned.
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Old 28th Sep 2001, 11:10
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Thumbs up

...... and then rolled, bowled and @rseholed!
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Old 28th Sep 2001, 11:30
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I also hate 2.5 ton 4 x 4's and people carriers because you can't see past them when they are holding you up in the outside lane.
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