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ben1 6th Apr 2014 14:52

Easyjet MPL 2014 OAA/CTC
The Easyjet MPL is open for applications on the OAA website! There's only a 'coming soon' page on CTC but I'm sure that it will open with them in the coming days. It's a hefty old price of 100,500 and there's no mention of the new entrant contract anywhere - it will be interesting to see if there's any differences/more revealed when it opens with CTC. Good luck to everyone applying!

gbean 6th Apr 2014 15:13

I applied on Friday when it opened and haven't got the confirmation email yet....

momo95 6th Apr 2014 17:37

Have I read the OAA site correctly in that the remuneration package is approximately 38,750 ? Or is there something that i'm missing ?

average-punter 6th Apr 2014 18:15

I haven't looked at the website myself Momo but that sounds about right.

BigOllyG 6th Apr 2014 20:31

I've just submitted my application but I was expecting some essay questions. These never appeared, has anyone else found this? Do they look at your suitability and then send you the questions if they think you are likely to progress.

I'm a little worried it might have glitched and I have missed them :ugh:. In the apply now section of the CAE Easyjet MPL page it mentions answering some essay questions and the BA FPP process involved some question

Good luck to all applying, hope to see you at the assessment days!

momo95 6th Apr 2014 22:49

Things seem clearer now, thanks :) so I take it one can assume the remuneration for ezy through ctc and oaa is the same ?

goosemaverick 7th Apr 2014 10:11

I think Ben that is because with parc you are self employed and there are no deductions until you do your self assessment? ctc seems to be an employer.

gbean 7th Apr 2014 11:04


I submitted my application on Friday and it was a very small form. No questions at all. nothing like the BA form (find out those results on Friday...). It did give me a confirmation on the web page but nothing as of yet in my inbox from OAA?

Danny212 7th Apr 2014 12:34

Likewise, after submitting my application, a confirmation appeared on the webpage but I have not received an email and didn't have any essay style questions.

BigOllyG 7th Apr 2014 13:13

I called OAA earlier and I am waiting for a call back, glad it's not just me that didn't have the essay questions though.

I'll let you know when I hear something back.


gbean 7th Apr 2014 13:16

Thanks ol' boy

Jaz110285 7th Apr 2014 14:18

Hi guys! Where I can find the link to apply???


G-F0RC3 7th Apr 2014 15:19

Oh dear... :ugh:

Danny212 7th Apr 2014 15:49

After calling OAA, they called me back later today saying that my application was not showing on the system. So I have to re-apply.

BigOllyG 8th Apr 2014 08:23

I've just had a call back from OAA and they have confirmed that there are no essay questions this year. The section under 'how to apply' on the website mentioning essay questions has now been removed.

I have received a confirmation E-Mail regarding my application, so fingers crossed!

Good luck all.

ben1 8th Apr 2014 09:36

I doubt it's possible but does anyone know if you can enroll on the scheme but not do the degree element in order to make it cheaper? I'm assuming that the degree element costs 27,000 but as I will already have a degree, its pretty hard to justify that much extra for another which will have very little value.

byrondaf 8th Apr 2014 11:00

easy answer Ben1. No.

The degree part is just an additional thing you get as part of the MPL, there's no specific cost for this. On your thought process, this would equate to 70k for a MPL which includes the A320 TR, which would undercut the crazy cost OAA charge for their APP course. Like they'd ever do that!

G-F0RC3 8th Apr 2014 11:14

Good luck to all those applying! :)

G-F0RC3 8th Apr 2014 11:58

Thanks G-FORC3 ... All the best with the FPP results - must be very nervous! If you don't mind me asking will you be applying for this if you get the bad news or hold out for next years FPP?
Thanks. Awaiting FPP results is an incredibly nervous time. I'm pleasantly surprised that the wait feels to be going a good bit faster than I was expecting though. :)

I couldn't apply for the Easyjet MPL even if I wanted to. I don't have a property that I could use as security for the loan, and on top of that the loan doesn't include living expenses during traing - which I imagine would also be pretty expensive. It's still a great opportunity for those who can afford it though. ;)

SWATSON12 8th Apr 2014 12:13

I think people should Wait to see what CTC will announce when they launch the next easyJet scheme :)

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