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Pension savings? You must be either kidding (I hope so) or very naive. There won't be any "savings" paid out what you "saved". It turns out to be a scam in most cases, besides, value of money decreases. When I was born my parents opened a "child's insurance account" and were paying voluntarily about 10-15 roubles per month at that time, which was quite siginificant amount of money back then. Later, Soviet Union collapsed, they continued paying. Indeed, when I turned 18, the "insurance" paid out the money, which was a total sum of 220 Lt (Litas, national currency) back then. This is equivalent to 63.71 € according to official conversion rate. How I used this amount of money, you wonder? I paid for pizza's and my coca-cola at a cafe where we were celebrating the day of school diploma.

Moral of the story - learn to save yourself and don't trust anyone regarding your money.

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Totally agree with hid3. Do you want to be really resilient? Then invest in your finance education. Even if you work at Air France.
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Using the fall of the Soviet union as an example of why pension systems never work is slightly far fetched. The discussion was wether Ryanair pays 3 times as much as Wizz. Can’t speak for Ryan but the employment cost, including pension payments to a separate pension for pilots and other social contributions here in France will very likely cost a normal airline more than 3 times as much as a Wizz air contractor would in an Eastern European country. The discussion about pension and wether or not it’s a scam is probably for another tread.
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Apologies for dragging this sideways with the 3x. While not a typo then, 2x should have been the number. PM available but closing now with accurate numerics:

- 2019 PRC standard EUR 21,5k / m after tax (~ 35% deducted locally)- post #1999: ' earn 72.5k EUR pre-tax. Times 3 would put him at 217 for the year ... fairly close - Err, no. 72,5 * (100 - 40)% = 3620 EUR net. Three times that is 11k. Deffo not the RYR take home, yet pretty short of 21,5 k out east.
Technicalities, sure. Jobless from China is the same as anywhere else.

Main point was that portraying TBS / TIA as 'actually good' requires a lot of pink illumination. Honestly respecting those making the leap, still, in the general discourse 'reasonably manageable' and 'with limited long-term earning prospects' describe the fit better. Assuming no plan to relocate long-term.

First of all, RYR is a company "born and raised" in Western Europe.

[...] years it took, and how many fights, and how many union meetings and more fights it took for it to reach [...]
Come on, you can't take Ryanair out Ryanair. Marauders of court decisions, non-compliant by intent. No doubt MOL dreams it made sense again to run the ship same as JV again.

The first EE countries to legalize self-emplyed pilot were POL and CZE (not exhaustive) but only some 15 years after Republic of Ireland Holdings Ltd. was allowed to run the show. Anywhere WZZ went in the EE they had to offer local contracts.

FD's fun with flags:
Name the countries where the following companites are incorporated: Brookfield Aviation, Rishworth, Confair, Mountain High Consultants, Aeroprofessional (bonus points for marking Commonwealth states).

West fares better because employee abuse no logner makes financial sense, as opposed to being any more cultured. A recent case of WZZ manager's speech explains that well.

The unions were only allowed at RYR where absolutely no other corporate choice was feasible. High hopes this is irreversible and the future brings the same to Wizz. Lack of job takers and people voting with feet is the necessary ingredient.

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Pilots flying 100 hrs/28 days, no rosters, asking pilots giving vacation for free. Asking for flying days off. Lowering the salaries, there is no plan B

the plan is distroy your crews making flying to the limit this summer and ask for unpaid leave in winter. Pilots fatigued mentally and phisically. Cancelling flights and leaving people in ground for their summer vacation due to lack of crews. Chaos.
training department without enough capacity. Not enough line training captains etc etc etc

and at the same time Mr.Varadi making 100 £ mill bonus. 🏃‍♂️

This is WIZZAIR today
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This airline is heading for disaster. They are totally losing sight of what's important just to save money, but the reality is crumbling around them. Crews are looking to leave, cabin crew are walking out of induction courses because they are being spoken to like dirt, contracts are being changed time and time again, crew and passenger food if you are lucky, while shares are being handed out to management for keeping us on furlough for a year. Expansion beyond it's current level can't be managed in it's current format, so it really is a risky and unhappy place to be.
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they had everything perfectly set before the pandemic to be a good low cost airline in Europe. Nice Airplanes, investors, money, routes, new bases, well prepared pilots with low cost experience. Suddenly they decided to change their stuff policy and fire 300 very well prepared guys without reason.
now they are just starting to suffer the consecuencies.

now they have the worst of the worst reputation between pilots community in Europe. And the people that still working for them are desperate to have “something” to run far way of them.

so good luck with the expansion WIZZAIR!
life is a double street way, remember?
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What expansion? They can hardly make 60-70% of their existing fleet flying even with crews maxxed out. There was not a single day this summer when more than 100 out of 140 aircraft were used. A company with 50 aircraft on ground wet-leasing five aircraft for lack of crew... Yet they are still going on and on about being the strategic winner of the pandemic. Even a child knows that if you are short of crews (and practically every resources because of your ULCC philosophy) the most stupid thing you can do is to open new bases every other day to spread yourself even thinner. Let's find something else we can brag about then: being the greenest airline of Europe! Is cramming the highest possible number of seats into a 321 enough? No, the greenest airline of Europe would stop burning thousands of tons of additional fuel only to make money for the investors. Stop the extra burn for tankering (to avoid refueling at expensive stations); hundreds of ferry flights to save money on maintenance; fuel stops by the dozen for commercial overweight (are we at Keflavik yet? No it's only Stavanger); don't skip the aircraft and engine washes (just take a look at HA-LTD now), then you may start talking about being green.
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Hi guys, I have a question for those who have travelled to Budapest from an EU member state for the assessments this month. It's regarding the travel restrictions. Is the Certificate of Travel ("entry for business and economic purposes") that Wizz Air sends to the applicant enough to be allowed entry in Hungary without a a PCR Test or without having the EU Digital Covid Certificate? According to the information from the Hungarian official websites, it should be enough, but Im afraid that the airline won't accept the certificate because the info is not too cIear. I would be grateful if someone with recent experience traveling to hungary could comment on this. Thank you in advance.
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I am going there with Wizz mobility letter and the EU green pass (2 jabs completed).
Hope this helps 👍🏻
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Thanks Giuff. I was considering getting the EU Digital Certificate, but my only option is to get a PCR test from EU approved lab (€€€). Better be safe than sorry though
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You can get the EU green pass after the second jab (at least in my country), its free and valid for 270 days.
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In May I traveled to Budapest with Wizz Air "Certificate of Travel" - no problems. I wasn't vaccinated and had no PCR test with me.
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Applied and rejected automatically!

“You have not been selected”

more than 800 hours jet and last flight this month!

must be the 300 hours IFR in the last 12 months…
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Not possible buddy. Are you sure you did not miss any box in the application?
I did not fly for a year and they called me.
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I applied a year ago. I have I’ve 5600 hours on jet and they haven’t call me.
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Hi guys,
Do you have information if JOC is necessary for non type rated cadets?
how does the assessment look like for NTR cadets?
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will check again
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when did you apply? Are you typed?
Thanks man
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few weeks ago. Yes, rated.
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