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FTE Jerez (Merged)

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doesn't appear to be in the list.

Standards Document 31: Organisations Conducting Approved Courses of Flight and Ground Training | Publications | About the CAA
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Its just an easa regulation which means they have to come under the oversight of the local caa which is the Spanish caa.
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I was investigating more
it is not only the oversight, it means, that the CAA-UK is not anymore the authority how is responsible for them.
It seams to be now a pure Spanish ATO and also the Spanish are the only one how do the Audit on this ATO.
As well as the management is only Spanish now.
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ATOs located within the territory of the EU member states must be approved by the state in which they have their principle place of business. FTE has its principle place of business in Spain and so is approved by the Spanish authority - simples!

See ORA.GEN.105(a)(2)(ii)
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Same boat, hopefully it's floating

I'm looking very intently at Jerez at the moment. They seem great, cheaper than CTC and OAA.
It seems incredibly difficult to get into contact with past or current students. As far as I can see only one has posted on this thread and this was some time ago.

I have heard the pitch over the phone from OAA, CTC and Jerez. I was least impressed by OAA who mentioned "teething problems" when I brought up CAE. When I inquired as what kind of dental issues Oxford had, the answer was "general stuff"...
OAA is also the most expensive school at 92k (inc. accomodation) and 84k without but as I understand it, it's hard, rare and distracting to attempt to get a better deal than that.
They also offered no concession from the price for having a PPL - I have a PPL and was duly informed that I'd have to do the whole thing all over again. No thank you.
95% employment rate with self-sponsored cadets (they quoted)

CTC was a while ago but they boasted a 98% post-graduation employment rate. However, I do need to check with them if this includes their dubious flexicrew course. As far as I can tell, this basically means being hired by an airline (sort of) without much job security, having a limited term contract that can be terminated abruptly. However, this is my interpretation of what they've said on their website, I do not have the solid facts. But everyone in the industry who I've talked to repeats the same "once you're in, you're in" attitude so once you've gotten a position with one of these temporary contracts (if that is indeed what they are), it shouldn't be too hard to find subsequent employment. On the website, the intergrated cost is, near as makes no difference 90k. I also did a bit of checking and their incredible figure of 98% does include MPL students. If you don't know what an MPL means, under my understanding, an airline has practically already guaranteed a cadet a job prior to starting at the school as the training will be tailored to their own airline. So it would appear that CTC cannot take full credit for its 98% mark, but all this means is it's worth trying to apply for this mentored scheme.

FTE Jerez has, according their training adviser, an 80% employment rate not including their MPL students, I believe this is only the self-sponsored pupils but do not take my word for it, I still need to double-check. They also said that they were not in contact with all of their graduates so the statistic could well be higher.
If it sounds less than encouraging, I don't blame you. However, the man I spoke to seemed to be the most honest. The fact that it looks like, at the very least, CTC has included its mentored students into its statistic, Jerez has not.
The other thing is the cost. Around 112k EU = 87k (rounded up). This includes room and board, making it by far, the cheapest FTO out of the three.
The class sizes are apparently no more than 14, making it the smallest school out of the three. You can decide for yourself if this is an advantage or not.

OAA and Jerez train on PA-28s and Senecas; CTC uses the more modern Twin-stars and gives you more multi-engine hours. This is a point in CTC's favour.

However, with every training adviser I have spoken to and practically everyone who I've met, they have all encouraged me to visit the schools and to do my homework on them. The other thing they have all said is that there is no huge difference between the schools - at the end of it you end up as a graduate of an integrated course at one of the big three schools, which is the key thing. It's not a case of Indiana Jones, picking the right cup - you live, the wrong one - you die. What it does seem to be about is picking the school that you most approve of, that you feel is best for you. For me, that is Jerez: I like the small class size, the lower cost, their honesty, the location, the campus, the fact that I won't have to train on the other side of the world. However, this could easily be different for you. There is an expo of different schools on 1st November at Heathrow, if you want to hear them tell you why you should sign up for them, you could try that but if you want an unbiased opinion, try to ask around at an airfield for any CPLs, ex-airline pilots, current airline pilots or even people studying for their frozen ATPL, desperate for a job.
In my experience, you have to take everything that a school tells you with a pinch of salt, you have to find out their disadvantages and then ask them about them, challenge them.
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The school isn't important: where your first job comes from is. Put bluntly, unless you start on a mentored scheme with an airline you will more than likely not see airline employment. This is what you need to think about...
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Hey guys! I am going to the Flight Deck Open Day event later this month and was wondering what package you would recommend for me to prepare for the tests?
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Thanks for that, I'll be sure to look out for you at the social bar

Regarding the interview, how far should I go with regards to interview prep? Also, how do the tests differ from the ones on the site?

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Can I just UNDERLINE to EVERYONE. DO NOT self sponsor your training, you could be part of the 1% who find work, or you could be part of the 99% sitting at home or flying for some outfit that pays 900 a month.

If someone starts talking about a pilot shortage, turn around and walk away. It's not happening right now.

I don't mean to be a pessimist, I'm just telling you the truth. Find yourself a cadet scheme and keep applying till you get there. Trust me, the job is more than worth it.

And that's from someone who attended FTE and couldn't imagine going anywhere else.
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I'm interested in why choose FTE over CTC wing?
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In the physics test, were there any questions that they asked that wasn't based on the pre-guidance material? I am more than comfortable with the material in the pack, but when I use the info on the website "" , it paints a totally different picture.
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Anyone with a fairly basic high school level of Physics will not find the tests difficult. They even give you some of the formulas. However, it would still be a good idea to revise the stuff, particularly that contained within the pre-test guidance materials (although a look over of the latestpilotjobs stuff won't hurt either).
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