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ATR 42/72 JOB

HI everyone , I am trying to find a job as a FO on ATR 42/72, cose i have finished the type rating and I have written to a lot of airlines in Africa and Asia I have 550 hours of total flying but no hours on type. i know wings air is going to order more atrs .I know i have to be patient and dont desperate.Could you give me some advise?
Thanks a lot
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Wings wont take you without hours. Those jobs are for locals.

Your kinda out of luck without hours on type, most of these "expat" jobs are for Captains only, Wings being an exception.. but the FO must have 500 hours on type, the agency dealing with Wings is Rishworth.

Infact if memory serves me right Rishworth were very specific in that the 500 hours must be on ATR 72-212A no other varient was acceptable.
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About Lion Air
PT Wings Air is a subsidiary of Lion Air, Indonesias largest private carrier which currently operates a mixed
fleet consisting of B737EFIS and B737NG (900ERs) with additional 151 B737-900ERs on order of which will
make Lion Air the largest operator of this type in the world.
On 15 November 2009, Wings Air announced that they had signed a deal with ATR worth $600 million. The
deal involves 15 orders of ATR 72-500 aircraft with a further 15 options for ATR's new ATR 72-600 aircraft. The
new aircraft are to replace the airlines ageing McDonnell Douglas MD-82 and MD-83 aircraft to standardise the
fleet over time.
Wings Air is currently supports Lion Air by operating the feeder routes to the main hubs. Wings Air is a mixed
fleet compromising of MD82s, ATR72s and Q300s. The fleet plan is to replace all non ATR aircraft with
ATR72s over time to standardise the fleet.
Wings Air main operating base is Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta.

Minimum Qualifications /Hours:
A. First Officer
1500+ hours total time
300 hours logged as First Officer on type
Under 45 years of age
Date of last flight on the ATR72 as First Officer within the last 12 months
and Date of last SIM check within the last 6 months on the ATR72
CPL holders will be accepted

Base Residence:
Jakarta, Indonesia is the operating, base residence for this assignment.
Monthly Service Fee:
A. Standardisation Training Allowance
Daily per diem of USD75 per day payable for the first 12 days upon arrival in Jakarta. From the
13th day you will be entitled to receive your full monthly allowance.
B. First Officer
USD6, 000 per month or prorated for part months following standardisation training.
C. Overtime Payments
Additional block hours worked over 90 block hours for each calendar month worked (pro rated for
part month), will be paid an amount equal to one ninetieth (1/90) of the monthly fee.
Note: Payment amounts are net of taxes in Indonesia. All currencies are in US dollars
Contract Term:
The contract period is 2 years renewable. Due to the Indonesian DGCA Foreign crew regulations licenses
must be renewed ever 6 months which is managed by Lion Air.
Start Date:
As soon as possible.
Work Pattern:
6 weeks on, 2 weeks off.
Sick Leave Provisions
10 paid sick days per annum shall be granted to the Crew Member, prorated for any part year.
Duty Transportation:
Wings Air will provide ground transport to and from base residence accommodation and at layover
stations when away from the base residence whilst on duty.
Return economy class ticket shall be paid for by Wings Air network at commencement and final
termination of contract. Note that the ticket provided will be to/from the nearest international
airport closest to your home residence.
Wings Air will make available travel benefits to the Pilots and extend this to families according to
current Lion Air policies. Flights to and from Jeddah shall be provided for your 14 consecutive
rostered days off.
Wings Air will provide and pay for single occupancy, un-serviced (4 star equivalent) apartment style
accommodation (including internet connection) at base residence. Equivalent style Hotel accommodation
will be provided at layover stations other than base residence.
Rishworth Aviation provides you with worldwide Medical and Repatriation insurance as part of your
contract (no cost to you).
Relocation / Excess Baggage:
Wings Air will provide an excess baggage allowance of 100kg at commencement and termination of the
Selection Process:
Wings Air will not be running dedicated screenings. The process for selection is based upon the quality of
your past experience and qualifications as outlined in the documents that we require from you (outlined
Should you be invited to join Wings Air through Rishworth, upon arrival you will be required to undertake
the following before your license is validated by the Indonesia DGCA;

1. Air Law Examination.
2. Medical Examination
3. Company indoctrination
4. Flight Technique Class room.
5. Technical Knowledge Exam.
6. Three sessions (including Check-ride) of Full Flight Simulator Standardisations.
Upon successful completion of the Once they are pass the check-ride, the license will be validated through the
Indonesian DGCA, upon which you will then proceed to the Line indoctrination.
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Tks !

Tks for the information. Very helpful.
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Hi mate,

Take a look at the website below. Blue Islands based in the Channel Islands are recruiting for FO's which are type rated but it doesn't say anything about hours. Worth sending them your CV though. Hope it helps!!!


ATR 42 Type rated Captains and First Officers-Latest Pilot Jobs-Latest Pilot Jobs
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OLT Express - Jobs offers

Don't expect to earn a lot; this is central Europe, not the sandpit. Cracking place, Poland, though!

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Old 12th Apr 2012, 12:40   #7 (permalink)
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Looks interesting, thanks guys. Any idea of salary though?? Ballpark figure?
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need a job desperately ... :(

hey friends .. i have completed my cpl since 4 yrs n me still not in to job .. n i want a job desperately but no luck as of now .. i have applied for costa air .. please let me know about all the charter or any airlines who are hiring cpl holders .. i have 200 hrs n i dont have a multi engine rating .. kindly advice ..
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Old 3rd May 2012, 17:26   #9 (permalink)
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wings air and Skywest Aviation

Are they still looking for pilots on the ATR??

Last time i contact them they email me from a brooker in India telling me that theyd rather employ me as a captain on the B737 after paying myself the Type rating. Im not interested in that but Id consider an offer flying the ATR.

Any news about skywest Aviation, I heard that they are looking for ATR pilots as well but Im not sure about.

Thank you for the info.
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Old 3rd May 2012, 17:50   #10 (permalink)
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Have to have 500 PIC on type for India.
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Old 25th Sep 2012, 16:13   #11 (permalink)
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if the original author is still searching for a job, Farnair may be a possibility. Although they seem to be geared very much towards p2f ...
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Wings Air

Does anyone know what's the contract terms and conditions for Capt ATR72 at Wings Air?
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