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Hello guy's,

Im new to this forum so hello to all . Im 28 and iv just started some lessons at EFG Biggin Hill flying school. So far i have managed to pay for ten hours and passed three exams Air Law, Meteorology and Human Performance. I am currently stuck due to, what else but no MONEY and if my age is aggainst me? Can i get into these cadet pilot schemes i ear about. Im thinking of getting a loan but i think its too early for this. Can i get some info please tanx
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Old 11th Apr 2008, 23:40
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Crew training centre? I thought it was Chief training captain
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Old 12th Apr 2008, 00:33
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Irrelevant thought it is, CTC did indeed used to stand for "Chief Training Captains". However, it's no longer an abbreviation; it's just a name.
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OAA is oxford aviation academy.

age wise your fine, there are many guys on our course above the 28 age bracket so dont worry about that!

If you are struggling to pay for PPL lessons then you may struggle to pay for an integrated course as they require you to pay a subsequent amount of the training costs as a personal investment.

For OAA you will be loaned a max of 50 000 the rest is up to you, so that 13 500 for the course plus living etc.

good luck
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Old 15th Apr 2008, 09:53
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Don't worry for the age... I'm 28 years too.. trying to do any pass in the aviation world.
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tnx guys

Tnx for your reply guy's, very uplifting. I was getting myself realy down because of this. Djfingerscrossed, to answer your question, my education is very bad, I have a qualification on General Engineering that is equivalent to five GCSE's and thats it. The road im thinking of taking is as follows: Continue with the ground training and at the same time try and do a course for A, AS level GCSE on Mathematics or Physics, once i complete my ground school i would them go to the states and do all the hours there, what do you think? I was hopping that I can come back here and do my skills test here, u reckon this can be done? Could you get back to me on this.
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Avoid doing JAA approved training in the US. If you are going to do training in the US do FAA ratings and then convert them to JAA ratings back in the UK. Schools offering JAA approved training in the US are not necessarily bad schools it is quite often they charge a premium for the JAA approval; ie: one school I knew charged 320 dollars an hour for JAA approved multi engine training where as the FAA school next door was charging 200 dollars an hour for the equivalent FAA training.

Infact in your situation if you're considering training in the US, your best bet would be to do a FAA CPL, ME IR and CFI in the US, get a J1 visa and work in the US as an instructor for a year. Some US schools will sponsor you for a J1 visa, however only expect to earn about $10 an hour flown.
While working as an instructor you could be studying for the JAA ATPL thoery by distance learning. That way at the end of the year you could have a 1000 hours in the log book, be ready to sit the ATPL exams and then be ready to convert your ratings to JAA ratings in the UK. Your GCSE level education will be sufficient for completing the JAA theory.

Converting FAA ratings isn't necessarily cheaper than doing all modular training in the UK, but it will be alot cheaper than doing an integrated course.

If you already had good A levels then by all means go for the CTC schemes and Oxford approved schemes but for you the FAA option could see you holding a 1000 hours and JAA ratings before you hit 30.

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