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The CTC Wings (Cadets) Thread - Part 2.

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The CTC Wings (Cadets) Thread - Part 2.

Old 30th Jul 2007, 14:35
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Yeah you can go through selection no probs.

They said that to me when I first applied which was over a year ago, I just never got my ass in gear to go to phase 2 because of uni work etc. It is about 5 months the wait to go from the time you pass so by the time you've got through all the stages you won't be far of that?

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Old 30th Jul 2007, 17:43
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I called them up today and it was not a problem at all with my l8 payment. My Phase 2 is still tomorrow, 31/07/07. wish me luck

i actually forgot to ask why and when did they changed the time of payment for selection fee...

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Old 31st Jul 2007, 14:10
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Hello friends.

I have found informations about application description of Phrases II->IV. But I can not find thing about how much time we are waiting for verify our application (Phrase I)? ... Average latency is?
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Old 31st Jul 2007, 14:12
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Varies, for me it was about 3 hours, lol.
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Old 31st Jul 2007, 14:24
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Bit late now I know but anyone on CP52 flying out a week tomorrow (8th) that hasnt already joined the facebook group- get on it!


And good luck to everyone going through selection at the moment
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Old 31st Jul 2007, 14:38
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Well I havn't received a reply yet and I sent my application on friday! :S
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Old 31st Jul 2007, 14:54
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Phase 1 confirmation

It took a couple of weeks for my confirmation to come through (and it felt like a really long couple of weeks) so don't stress about it too much.
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Old 1st Aug 2007, 13:52
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My reply for phase 1 was @ ~10am via email, when i sent off the application @5am in the morning! this was only 2 weeks ago.

btw i passed phase 2 yesterday, subject to retaking maths test. that reply was next day as promised on the day.

though i messed up Pialp completely as i got seriously bad marks in the shape colour match excersise, 1st attempt 0hits:25miss, 2nd 2:28, 3rd 0:35!!! this was because i did not realise that i had to press the keypad to chose the colours, instead i was trying to click the screen with the mouse. a big doh!!!

i did ok in the other tests, 666 in deviation, 10-10-10 in fly boxes, the (last) multitasking test i did quite good, about 4:1 hit miss ratio. all miss' r with the counting test where u had to pull trigger, i'll blame it on finger cramp.

Last edited by BornEvil; 1st Aug 2007 at 14:02.
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Old 1st Aug 2007, 13:56
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Nice1 BornEvil, i guess maths was a lil bit hard then? guess that's what i'll be looking at improving.

In regards to application, I sent mine on firday evening and still havn't heard yet, wondering if its via an inbox system and it's at the bottomof the pile, but then again I don't want to bother them saying "I sent my application off on friday and havn't heard anything yet".
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Old 1st Aug 2007, 14:11
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No, for me the maths test was not hard at all, i have a degree in physics for crying out loud, but tbh it is not really relivent as it is just number crunching!

I guess i was in bad form, waking up early (5:00am) to train down to bouremouth, 2 hours plus cab ride. getting there more than 2 hours early (13:00 appointment) and trying to find a place to burn time. I would seriously recommend staying the night and be very fit on the day.

the fatigue really made my performance poor, its just brain dead @ the wrong time.
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Old 1st Aug 2007, 14:53
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Insurance Issues

I'm just exploring all the various insurances that you need to take out before starting the course.

Loss of License
Loss of Class 1 Medical
Loss of Life
Health Insurance and Repatriation

have I missed any?!

Could any current cadets please PM, who did you go with, who did others go with, what should I expect to pay?

cheers guys
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Old 1st Aug 2007, 19:49
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I've just received an email from Paul Jones Insurance Services regarding my insurances required prior to going to NZ on CP57 next January. Details are as below....


I understand that you are booked on a course in the near future for the CTC Wings Training Programme.

You may have taken advantage of the HSBC Professional Studies Loan and as you are aware, the Bank requires certain insurances to be effected to protect the loan. I would like to clarify that although the HSBC Professional Studies Loan conditions require Life Assurance and Bond Insurance, these do not have to be arranged through the Bank, (indeed they do not have a facility for arranging Bond Insurance).

We have arranged a package of insurance covers, designed to protect the loan and your investment for the training course, together with medical expenses and personal property whilst travelling in New Zealand and these include:

a)Term Life Assurance in respect of the bank loan undertaken
b)A bond protecting the training investment, in the event of your loss of medical status, preventing completion of the course
c)Medical Expenses and Repatriation Insurance for the duration of your training in New Zealand
d)Insurance in respect of Personal Possessions whilst in New Zealand

Whilst this package is designed to meet your insurance requirements for the duration of the training course, should you have any other insurance requirements, we would be pleased to discuss these with you.

I can confirm the premiums required for the insurances noted above are as follows:
Term Life Assurance 2 year period £188.67
Training Bond (Loss of Medical Status) until type rating is achieved or a maximum of 24 months £367.50
New Zealand - Personal Accident, Medical Expenses and Repatriation £377.89
New Zealand - Personal Possessions and Money £3000 £110.00 (+ £30.00 to add Personal Liability)
Personal Possessions and Money £4000 £140.00 (+ £30.00 to add Personal Liability)

These premiums apply to cadets up to the age of 29 - please contact us for a quotation if you are not in this age range. Cover may be available at an additional premium for excluded activities listed on the policy summaries. Please contact me if you wish to have a quotation.

An application form and proposal forms are attached which should be completed and returned to us together with your payment which can be by cheque payable to Paul Jones Insurance Services Ltd, debit card or credit card. Please note that we will require the start date (if shown), expiry date, issue number (if relevant) and security numbers shown on the back of the card as well as the card number. There is a 1% service charge for credit cards

Please note a separate proposal form is attached for Personal Possessions cover which will also need to be completed and returned to us. Details of the model and serial number will be required for laptops/notepads and any items valued over £500.

We recommend this package of insurance as being suitable protection against the risks noted above whilst undertaking the CTC Wings Training Programme and as outlined in the enclosed Summaries of Cover. Our Terms of Business are attached for your reference.

On receipt of your instructions, the completed applications forms and payment we are able to confirm to the Bank via fax, that appropriate cover is effective to avoid any delay in the Bank implementing the drawdown facility.

Is Paul Jones Insurance Services the only ones who deal with this?? I'm going to be flying to NZ on 9th January 2008 and will be 30 years old on 30th January so not sure how this will affect my premiums with them.....

Anyone know of anyone else who deals with these types of insurance?
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Old 1st Aug 2007, 20:14
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When I went for my loan application, I did ask what cover needed to be in place. Was told that HSBC want loss of life and CTC want loss of medical. Anything above that is optional. I guess it just depends on your personal opinion for the rest. I know my mum has family travel insurance so I would assume my medical expenses would be covered on that. Guess itís another thing to call them up and ask about!
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Old 1st Aug 2007, 20:26
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The CTC Wings scheme is very specialised as I am sure you are aware - CTC offer that much security and piece of mind (or so to speak anyway!!) to lenders that they have arranged for HSBC to give you up to £75k unsecured on top of mortgage commitments/ student loan commitments if you have any (although I should add that this is case dependent from HSBC's stand point). To take out such a loan without any significant assets or legal guarantor, a form of secutiry is required and that is where Paul Jones come in - the predominant cover HSBC are interested in is the Loss of life and Loss of Class 1 medical as these immediately bar you from a career as a pilot. They know CTC intimately and have decided that they will be profitable from insuring people on the scheme. Other insurance companies tend to be reluctant to insure against the £75k when they do not understand the scheme or for that matter the nature of new pilots entering the industry. There are a few aviation specialist insurers that may agree too insure you but I highly doubt you would get any cheaper offer - if you have loads of time until you get out here (like CP57), search around because Paul Jones is still fairly steep, and from my understanding, you need to be insured for 2 years to cover until your line training is complete and you then fall into the airline's benefits contract. This means forking out twice for the £800 odd.

Cover for loss of life and loss of medical are the key ones HSBC are intersted in, but for yourself, you would be very wise to get some medical and repatriation cover as you will not get cover ont the state out here - one of my coursemates required a minor op just after arriving costing about £2000 and PJ paid up very efficiently to cover the full amount as I understand. Being so far from home, it can pay to have the peace of mind. As for possessions insurance, this is your call. I have it as losing all my stuff would severely bankrupt me!! The latter two you can shop around for but normal travel insurance will I doubt cover it as you are out of the country for so long.

As for being 30 years old, you are by no means unique there and to my knowledge it has no effect on your premium. Hope that helps.
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Old 1st Aug 2007, 21:11
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I haven't received an email from Paul Jones yet but I think that I'd rather have an insurer that knows CTC and what they are about instead of having to explain something to a claims adjuster just for them to say "oh well if we knew that we wouldn't have insured you!".

Cheers for the info guys.

For those on CP56 I have set up a Facebook group because I'm a saddact and decided to copy the CP55 lot!!

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Old 2nd Aug 2007, 09:29
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its ok EZYramper, we shall go easy on you when you get out here a month after us
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Old 3rd Aug 2007, 17:28
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just recieved really good news - i have been sucessfull with ctc selection and going to be on CP 56. Over the moon - has not really sank in yet!
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Old 3rd Aug 2007, 17:56
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Nice one matey, you'll be in the same group as me!!

Phase 4 is a good experience ain't it!
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Old 3rd Aug 2007, 23:34
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Everyone seems to be rattling on about how much fun phase 4 is.

As someone who's had to stew for 2 weeks waiting on my phase 4, can anyone give me any gen?

Are you expected to sit in the SIM and fly that bird straight off??

What does the intro give/not give you??
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Old 4th Aug 2007, 10:42
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It is fun but you donít appreciate how fun it is until they've told you your successful! I remember during mine for most of the time I was aware he would be looking at my performance, only briefly did I forget the other person next to me and really enjoy it! You are given a briefing beforehand which lasts nearly as long as the sim itís self. I believe what they expect of you is related to how much flying experience you have. Everything you need to know is included in that and they make it clear if you have any questions at any time then just speak up. I have found that throughout my selection process everyone at CTC has been fantastic at relaxing you and getting the best out of you. I know itís been said a million and one times but do relax and just do your best. As long as you know that you've given your all there is nothing else you can do.
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