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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

Old 5th Feb 2018, 12:57
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Originally Posted by CharlieTangoCharlie View Post
Does anyone know if it's possible to work after the end of the line training before the beginning of the line training ? I'm self-employed in computing and need to reimburse my loan, pay my rent and so on
If you're self employed that shoudn't be an issue for you to work, don't ask don't tell; however be ready to be called for sim refresh at least once a week, at your own cost off course (except travel).
Friends told me the total cost for the course, all included reach 45KE
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 13:02
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Thank you very much for these informations.

Once a week for the simulator ... i believed it was once a month.

Do you have any fresh news about the delay before starting the Line training ?
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 13:41
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What's the going rate for an individual sim refresh?
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 13:48
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Originally Posted by The Foss View Post
Expansion is planned but even the huge numbers coming in are being pretty much wiped out by endless resignations.

OíLeary denied there was a shoftfall, saying Ryanair had recruited 1,100 cadets and would hire a further 1,000 pilots in 2018.
From this, I understand that 2 100 pilots will be hired in 2018?
That will be equivalent to ca. 210 aircrafts. Ryanair will obviously not receive 210 aircrafts in 2018, so most of the 2 100 pilots will be hired to cover up the endless resignations. Any thoughts?
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 14:18
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Hi all
I have followed this thread over some years now. I want to give the guys thinking about applying some info regarding the current situation.

So by bow everyone knows how the application process works, and there numerous experiences in this forum of what to expect on THE DAY.
Once you get selected, expect a lot of emails with all the steps to take, the paperwork you need and the money. Type rating is about 30k in euros. Apart from that you will need at least another 10k euros for the rest: uniform, company ID card, accommodation during Type Rating, Initial flight to the Type rating city, food and some money for after the type rating when your waiting to start line training and The first month to two months after starting the line training. Unfortunately, it’s not always been like this that you have to wait so long something like 2 to 3 months, can be a lottery. But not enough line training Captains for the number of cadets joining the company. So over all money wise you will need 40k to 45k depending as well what accommodation you choose and if you need extra stuff. It does sound a lot in the short run but it really is an investment. With the current salary, post line training, you will recover this money within the first 18 months. Remember that with Ryanair you build hours quick on a jet aircraft for the guys looking to maybe applying to legacy carriers back home or other airlines. For the guys looking to stay in Ryanair after gaining experience as an FO you can become an SFI or command within 4 years of joining the company, to be very honest, it is the one of the best opportunities out there in Europe, and the company is trying to improve their treatment towards its employees.

In terms of bases, you get to chose 5 bases. You might get one of them or none of them. If you wait, at some point its fairly probable you will get one of the bases. During summer a few bases open up for the summer period and you may apply for them. Ibiza, Alghero, Corfu, Burgas and one other is open during the summer.

The flying is great, lots of destinations, real good maintenance, friendly crews and ground crews.

To most cadets out there, the money can initially seem like a set back and not getting your preferred base initially will suck but let’s get honest here, starting an airline career on a 737 around Europe with 200h doesn’t give you the position to complain or choose much. When you get to the 1500hrs on type and many options open up, go ahead. Remember our friends across the pond can only get into regionals with 1500hrs. If you’re not in your chosen base try and enjoy it, make friends. Make a good and positive experience out of it. There will be other Cabin crew and pilots that are not in their preferred base but they make the most out of it and you end making some very memorable moments. One thing that everyone is doing is joining the local union, a good idea and initiative that everyone should take.

Good luck to everyone.
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 14:53
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Is the suit mandatory for the assessment ? May be my question is weird but iím not familiar with irish culture for an interview ...

iíve done many interviews on France and a lot of Time without a suit.
Is it different in irish culture ?

thank you
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 17:13
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How much time do they normally give between the phone call and the interview?
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 17:29
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The article suggests that O'leary denies the cancellation of flights in 2017 being due to a shortage of pilots as the airline had hired 1100 pilots (in 2017). A further 1000 pilots will be hired in 2018. That's my take on it.

I think Ryanair will be hiring cadets at this rate until at least 2020, where the 737 MAX 200 deliveries will be coming in.

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Old 6th Feb 2018, 22:40
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Hey there guys,

Application: 22nd of November 2017
Phone call: 20th of December 2017
Assessment: January 23rd 2018
Positive mail: January 26th 2018
Start date: 23rd of April 2018

The assessment was the same as described here, very helpful thread. Thanks for the help and good luck to everyone!
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Old 7th Feb 2018, 09:29
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Hey guys

Anyone knows if we can use FORDEC instead of the DODAR for the CRM?

Thanks guys
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Old 7th Feb 2018, 12:28
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Hey man Congrats to being successful in the assessment. Would be nice if you give us a quick feedback about the questions you were asked!

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Old 7th Feb 2018, 17:10
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Originally Posted by krik767 View Post
Hey guys

Anyone knows if we can use FORDEC instead of the DODAR for the CRM?

Thanks guys
Well it's basically the same...so I guess there shouldn't be much of a difference. I'd talk to your sim partner before which one you will use or ask the assessors, but I don't think they'll mind.
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Old 7th Feb 2018, 22:18
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Both are fine. Assessors don’t care, as long as you apply one of both.
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Old 7th Feb 2018, 22:52
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I was wondering if someone would be able to help me. I am trying to submit my application for the Ryanair cadet programme through the CAE website. Once I fill out the training request section and attach my documents there seems to be no button to submit my application. If I go back to the training request section, none of my information is there. Any ideas?
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Old 8th Feb 2018, 15:44
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Originally Posted by Veltro View Post
If I remember correctly, it will be sent automatically once all documents have been uploaded. Then just check the status of your application. If it says submitted it's alright.
Ah I see. I have uploaded my documents but there is no indication as to whether the application has been sent or not. Can't see any section for me to check the status either. I've attached a screenshot of what I'm seeing.
Attached Images
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Old 8th Feb 2018, 17:59
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Looks normal to me, if you also have filled in the profile page (with hours, ratings, etc.)

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Old 8th Feb 2018, 18:22
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It is the normal thing. I don't know why they haven't updated that as everyone ( the first time ) seems to be thinking that their uploads aren't in their database.

You have everything right so, just wait
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Old 8th Feb 2018, 21:32
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Quick question folks,
I've sent out the training request a couple of weeks ago now but does anybody know roughly how long until I could potentially hear back from them? Will they also email me with a heads up prior to giving out a phone call or should I keep my phone within arms reach while I wait?
Thanks a bunch!
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Old 9th Feb 2018, 14:46
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A few pages back you will see someone got a call the day after APC application!
CAE applications seem to get some attention between two weeks and two months from completion, some on here claim several years! No real pattern.
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Old 9th Feb 2018, 15:19
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you dont have to take a sim session before. was there without any 737 expirience and got the job. just fly the requested heading and hold alt and ur fine.
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