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CTC AQC phase two

Old 21st Jan 2006, 17:46
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CTC AQC phase two

Hello guys,

I have been called with very short notice to attend the CTC AQC phase two selection.
I searched the forum and I would like to hear from who recently attended the selection what to expect from this day.
Do you confirm that I will sit a math test and an aviation technical test, together with PILAPT test and group discussions?
If you could please describe what those tests are about I am sure many PPrunes will appreciate it.
Any advice, feedback, impression will be really appreciated.

Many thanks to all
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Old 23rd Jan 2006, 18:19
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Check your PM's

Check your PM's.....
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Old 23rd Jan 2006, 22:30
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I am also in the process for the AQC course. Could you PM me also any details you have on the Maths and Technical questions.

Very much appreciated
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Old 24th Jan 2006, 08:00
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pm or here


same here, any info about phase two would be very welcome...

maybe better not to pm, because there are many more, going to ctc in the next months

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Old 24th Jan 2006, 09:10
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My PM to ricky-godf

Please note that I was not PM'ing ricky-godf details of CTC phase 2 selection. I have no better info than already posted!
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Old 27th Jan 2006, 15:02
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For those who could be interested in the Wings ATP programme, this is my experience and my impression about phase 2.

Very nice place and easy-going staff, they will make their best to let you relax.
This is what to expect:

INTRODUCTION - you have to introduce yourself to your examiners and the rest of the applicants, well... just thing about the best way to talk about yourself to the group, try to be relaxed and and concise.
This is their first impression about you, so you have to play well your cards.

GROUP DISCUSSION - three subjects, when I attended the first one was not related to aviation, the other two yes.
They don't give specifical intructions on what to talk about, they want to see how you interpretate the subject and mainly how you talk and go along with the rest of the group.
Do not feel like you need to talk as much as possible, do not overpower the rest of the group, and try to focus on the subject you are talking about.
It is much better to speak twice and say very interesting things than talk all the time saying just "bullshit".

MATH TEST - a bit short of time, long divisions and not very easy if your math skills are weak. Examples of what is asked are:
- 1£ is 1.6€ , and 1 € is 1.2$. How many dollars you buy with 25£?
- an aeroplane is flying for 2hours 15 min. With an average fuel flow of 1500 kgs per hour how many litres will you burn (1 litre equals 0.7 kgs)?
- 3300 X 17.5 = ?
No calculators allowed, obviously.

TECHICAL TEST - not very hard and plenty of time. Easier than ATPL examination and it covers different subjects. Few questions about approach plates as well.

Both math and technical tests are multi-choice.

At the end of the day, I would say CTC standards are certainly high, although they are not looking for super-heroes.
Try to relax, be yourself and sell your image in the best way.
Convince them you are the right person to be a pilot, and the only way to do so is to truly believe you are.

If anyone could pass information about WINGS ATP phase 3 (please note this is not the cadet scheme) I would appreciate it.

Many thanks
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Old 27th Jan 2006, 15:54
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no PILAPT test?
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Old 27th Jan 2006, 17:06
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Not for the Wings ATP selection, I believe they recognize the applicants hold good co-ordination skills since they hold a CPL ME/IR.
As far as I know Phase three includes some sort of exercises, and I look forward to discover what is it about.

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Old 27th Jan 2006, 17:24
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Do you get rough paper to work out the maths problems or is it all mental arithmetic? I assume the latter.
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Old 27th Jan 2006, 17:39
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Yes, they provide rough papers...otherwise it would be really hard, most of the exercises require a step-by-step least that is how I did them.
As I told you, nothing really hard or rocket science, but you need to be fast for the math test.
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