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Eagle Jet ???

Old 9th Sep 2004, 13:08
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Eagle Jet ???

Can anyone give me some more info on Eaglejet and their B737 type rating they do.

I know it's £35k for a type rating and 300hrs on type. I know it's done with Astraeus.

Has anyone done it? What's your opinion?

Please don't post if you're just going to slag off paying for type ratings, it's the way the industry is going, paying or being bonded.

Many thanks

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Old 9th Sep 2004, 13:39
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There are hundreds of threads on Eaglejet on here, PLEASE do a search!

But haven't heard one good thing about the company (oh and it consists of 3 members!).
Its only when you give them the money for 300 hours when they tell you which airline you'll be paying to fly for.

There are lots of people out there getting jobs without splashing out all of this money, but what do airlines really think of pilots paying for actual line experience?
The pilots interviewing you probably wouldn't have even considered such a thing in their day, and would have a lot to say about your motivation.

just my opinion,
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Old 9th Sep 2004, 15:56
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Hi Guy's,

Very wise words speedbird744, I have had a few friends that had problems with them just make sure you look at all your
options before you give them that type of money.

its true they don't tell you who you are going to fly with or where
which is important.

just be careful.

safe flying guy's

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Old 9th Sep 2004, 15:57
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The industry will continue to go that way and get worse while people continue to pay. If everyone did it then all the airlines would have is pilots that could 'afford' to fly.

This attitude spreads like cancer and the only people who can stop it are the newly qualified and training pilots themselves, by refusing to pay.
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Old 10th Sep 2004, 14:14
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I know/have spoken to three people who are on it/completed it. Not one has had problems. It is not a scam. Be aware of the following though:

1) The Asian 737 programme to Air Asia is having problems finding enough training captains and sim slots right now

2) The Asian A320 programme (not going to tell you who) may be running into visa issues - you will have to chase me on this if you want to know more

3) The European programmes are unlikely to offer you a job at the end, whereas the asian programmes are better for LT employment

4) The 737 is harder to fly than the A320, due to manual trim and less computers in normal (no autopilot/rejected TO) flight

My advice - get type rated first, then go to EJ - you never know, you may get that job offer....
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Old 10th Sep 2004, 16:40
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"What do airlines really think of pilots paying for actual line experience?"

Well, I can tell you about Iberia in Spain. A friend of mine was called for interview some months ago. Min requirements were 500 hrs on type A320, he had about 800 hrs on type as he paid for TR and 300 hrs of actual line experience before being employed with a Turkish A320 operator.

Needless to say he was turned down at interview with the training captains as they didn't want "flying prostitutes" in the company.
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Old 11th Sep 2004, 00:57
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Devil Flying prostitutes

Hi BarajasGuy!

Well... the training cap's don't want flying prostitutes, but IB just asks for type rated guys with a few hours on type SO THEY SAVE ALL THE TRAINING COSTS!!! I think this is a hypocrisy 'cos they're stealing pilots trained by another company. Why do they mind so much 'bout who pays for the training?


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Old 28th Feb 2005, 14:35
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Exactly! Experience is experience. It doesn't matter if you paid for that experience or not. The ammount of ours and the experience a person gained remain the same. Indepent whether he paid for it or not. I don't agree with buying line experience for such a large amount of money. But if someone chooses to go down that road, he/ she shouldn't be disadvantaged later on just for this fact.
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Old 28th Feb 2005, 15:53
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The experience might be just as good but paying for it really smells of desperation. Having said that if you have to do it, why not go direct to the operator. Eaglejet and the like are middlemen just there to take your money.
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Old 28th Feb 2005, 19:33
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I do not understand you guys, and also i do not understund tha company who can say "flying prostitutes", i mean, where can i find those 500, 600, 700, 800, !!!!!! hours if none would give me a chanse?!?!?!?

It is a big paradox.
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Old 28th Feb 2005, 22:13
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ah ah ah, eagle jet !!!! I see they are still in business.I still wonder why the US INS did not kick them out of florida.US citizen dont like them.

the company they "work" with are very bad. there is one at "crankbank" in california, they do cargo on the metroliner.
another shitty company called ameriflight who does fret for UPS.
some have shitty learjet 25.

ok, you paid a fortune because you think you will log some hours, and you finish your miserable life in a shitty cold place in Canada or north USA freezing your balls. then you have to load/unload the whole plane at 4 o'clock in the morning.they do not have even any insurance. if you break your neck, your career is over...I mean your life is over!

I am not surprised they deal now with these monkeys at disastrous airline.

what a pitty if you have to pay these guys to "work".even my bitches do more money at pigal .

please, do me a favor...send these clows to hell. disastrous airline included.
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Old 28th Feb 2005, 22:32
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Canada is a fine place to finish/have a career spaceman. Why don't your try talking about something you acutally have some knowledge in. The West Coast of Canada is warmer that many places in Europe.

With regards to Eaglejet, I only know 1 person who delt with them, and he ended up with a job on a 320. So if you have tons of cash, go for it. But I would rather avoid paying if I don't have to.
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Old 28th Feb 2005, 23:08
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Gina I'm with you, Canada rocks!
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Old 1st Mar 2005, 01:22
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Well Its true that experience is exeperience no matter if you paid for it but let me point out that before all this self-sponsored b.s. was around people use to have to go through a screen to get employed and then get their experience, but nowadays it seem like the only thing you need to be employed is a bag full of cash, and no matter if you can't fly to save your life, you´ll be employed. So you might end up with a guy with 800 hrs (it may not be the case) that might have been sitting on the right hand seat of a jet becuse it was good for the airline´s budget, but been told to do, touch or say nothing, because the captain (very wisely) might have thought that he wasn´t ready to fly.
Off course he could have been an excellent pilot, or maniac, but since there was no screening (olny money) how do we know
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