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LimaVictor 30th Sep 2021 10:47

Hello Gents;
did anybody applied and received any kind of confirmation or even invitation to an assessment from this supposed new air-freight company based out of CDG?
They posted a month ago searching for B777F crews.
Have a nice day:ok:

SWBKCB 30th Sep 2021 12:07

They've been operating A.332's out of Liege since March, operated by Air Belgium. Just ordered 2 new B.777F's.

Banana Joe 30th Sep 2021 12:10

The 777 won't be operated by Air Belgium. It will be a new company in France.

Johnthemidjit 30th Sep 2021 14:23

No reply

Another "fishing expedition" operation

EGGW 30th Sep 2021 20:35

Nope, a good friend has gotten a job with them, very experienced 777 TRE. CDG base.


Johnthemidjit 30th Sep 2021 23:17

Originally Posted by EGGW (Post 11119371)
Nope, a good friend has gotten a job with them, very experienced 777 TRE. CDG base.


oh right,

how’s his french ? I can order a beer and that’s about it . Still working on my “level 6”

EGGW 1st Oct 2021 20:14

He is French :)


SaulGoodman 2nd Oct 2021 08:46

Will they start their own AOC? Or are they going to use the same model as with Air Belgium?

Johnthemidjit 2nd Oct 2021 15:16

Originally Posted by EGGW (Post 11119868)
He is French :)


ok nice one . I guess there are a good few rated guys around there from Air France etc . Happy to see progress anyway

mark_one 11th Oct 2021 19:19

Any details on the psychometric evalutation / Theoretical knowledge / Sim profile available? Is the sim done on B777 or B737? there's not a lot to go on. TIA

mark_one 2nd Nov 2021 05:31

Nobody have any info on the sim assessment / tech quiz? Anyone from Air Belgium flying the A330F for Cma cgm want to comment?

Carbo 2nd Nov 2021 15:58

60’ assessment on AF B777 SIM in Roissy. Tech quiz is 20 questions on B777 systems and 10 general aviation knowledge. One aircraft arrives in March and one in April. Unfortunately it’s low cost salaries comparable to French bee.

bongo bongo 2nd Nov 2021 22:50

only french speakers?

mark_one 3rd Nov 2021 05:12

@carbo, thanks for the update.

Carbo 3rd Nov 2021 07:30

Originally Posted by bongo bongo (Post 11136349)
only french speakers?

Yes they want the equivalent of a level 4 in French. No ZED tickets, no LOL.

TTOTT 18th Nov 2021 13:18

What are the Terms and Conditions?

eiffel 28th Nov 2021 10:21

Any details on how the recruitment is going? Any feedback from guys who have been through it?

centerline 4th Dec 2021 11:57

Anyone has been through the selection process care to share infos? (PM)
Tech questionaire/sim...

rudestuff 4th Dec 2021 12:57

Originally Posted by TTOTT (Post 11144018)
What are the Terms and Conditions?

Are there rosters you would say no to?

TTOTT 6th Dec 2021 08:38

Originally Posted by rudestuff (Post 11151284)
Are there rosters you would say no to?

i. e. ...
Is it 20ON / 10OFF ?
Random "Bullet" rotations? ( 4ON (ATL) / 3OFF .... 3ON (ORD/JFK) / 2OFF .... )
Tours? (18 days around the house.... CDG-IST-DXB-DEL-PVG-ANC-ORD-CDG)

Rosters ( = lifestyle) with cargo operators can massively vary from one company to the other.... (Usually lots of positioning involved, long layovers, long time away from home, etc etc...). It's not everyone's cup of tea. Roster are, more than any other type of flying, a very relevant point when you decide (or not) to join such airlines.

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