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Kalitta Air question

Greetings, can someone point me in the direction of where I can get simulator training in a 747 200 without spending a fortune to prepare for an F/O interview with Kalitta? Thanks in advance.


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Pan Am in Miami.
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Since Kalitta is flying more 744s than 742s, you might better spend your money on the 744 sim...
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Old 7th Jan 2017, 13:11   #4 (permalink)
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I'd say, keep your money, don't spend it of some expensive simulator. If you have the flight time, PIC hours and experience in larger aircraft, polish your interview skills. If you want don't buy more than a hour and at max two.

The more important question is why Kalitta? Why work for a bottom feeder, when there is UPS and all the other self loading carriers?
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You can go hangout with Susie mustang and work for a real winner and disregard the fact that Kalitta has, I believe, the highest 767 rates in the industry and the highest first year starting pay and probably the best health insurance in the industry and flies to some very interesting places that Sally has probably never heard of, or you can go do the same boring thing day after day after day.................... ad nauseam.........
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That is indecipherable
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