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FEs Lament

Old 20th Dec 2014, 23:36
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FEs Lament

Just a lurker on freight dogs, but respectful of the job you guys do. Probably old hat to all of you, but this says seasons greetings to me;

Have a safe and prosperous end of year all of the movers and shakers of our planet, and thanks for what you bring to us.

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Old 21st Dec 2014, 10:16
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Posted on here before ages ago. There is also an earlier version, again MK crew. Both good.Younger guys might say " what is an FE...."
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Old 23rd Dec 2014, 02:23
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Great bunch of guys from MK

The FE laments video, true look at freight dog life in a 2 minute
capsule. I've flown with several of the ex MK clan, greatest group of gents.

I learned more from the 747 " plumbers " then I ever learned in systems class.

Happy holidays, and ...

Safe journeys,

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Old 24th Dec 2014, 00:15
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Always love watching this,was lucky enough to grow up with a F/E on site,guys would keep you out of trouble in the air and get you into trouble on the ground(best of both worlds),missing it big time,flown a few types but the 727 will never be beat no matter what the future throws my way.Rock on.
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Old 24th Dec 2014, 16:52
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Ahh I remember the B747 Classic Freighters well.

Merry Christmas my fellow "Freight Dogs"


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Old 26th Dec 2014, 09:34
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I learned more from the 747 " plumbers " then I ever learned in systems class.
Amen to that. Now flying the B748, but still miss their knowledge, and companionship!

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Old 4th Jan 2015, 09:17
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Knowledge & CompanionshipMain

Main-Dog. Believe me, we FE's certainly miss the job and the companionship which we enjoyed. The job may no longer be there but the multitude of friendships made whilst working in the industry still endure for most of us.

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Old 4th Jan 2015, 14:27
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As one hoping to enter the Freight Dog world, that video is really good

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Old 5th Jan 2015, 08:50
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MK Airlines

MK Lux Line Station - a great 2yr period in my career to date. Great flight/ground crews, can-do attitude, work-hard/play hard ethos. Happy days!

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Old 20th Jan 2015, 21:28
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The guy who made that video did a few from his days with MK and posted them on YouTube. They give you a real taste of what it must have been like to fly for them.

Just do a search under his handle "Balleka". He now does gliding videos which are fantastic as well.
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Old 23rd Jan 2015, 01:12
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As a Loadmaster I really miss flying with a FE.

Good fun back in the day, and now we have nobody to drink with down route
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Old 20th Feb 2015, 22:14
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In my experience - good FE's worth their weight in gold. Others - not so much value to the ops. Ex BA F/E's - all brilliant.
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