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Freight Dogs Finally a forum for those midnight prowler types who utilise the unglamorous parts of airports that many of us never get to see. Freight Dogs is for pilots and crew who operate mostly without SLF.


Old 25th Sep 2011, 22:26
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Has anyone else been invited to east mids on the 20th oct for low houred pilot assessment, 757 fleet? PM me if you have any tips on assessment and interview.
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Old 25th Sep 2011, 22:46
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Hello DA42

Judging from your nickname...am I right if I guess you are a low-timer with no commercial experience at all? Perhaps fresh out of (aviation) college?

I am sorry I do not have the tips you required (a friend of mine has though, but he has flown big Boeings for years B4 joining DHL so his approach might had been different) but if you don't mind me asking...have you been called by DHL UK itself or by Career.aero?

Best luck

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Old 29th Sep 2011, 18:19
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your right drag king, low houred pilot, been out of flight school for over a year now, and this is the first shot I've had since then, and i was sent a letter from DHL UK
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Old 30th Sep 2011, 16:21
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I received the same letter too, much to my delight I must say as i've been waiting 14 months and heard nothing back.

In my reply confirmation I asked politely for a breakdown of what to expect, seeing no harm in trying. I don't expect a response though as there's little point in DHL making it easy!

What I can suggest is looking a DHL's general recruitment website to find out exactly what kind of organisation it is. Scouring Flight International magazine for contempory industry issues would also be a plus.

On the day im planning just to turn up smart, on time and be myself (as far as appropriate). From what i've read phase 1 interviews are, in general, just to see that you can work as a team player, can fly an aircraft ok, can cope with a little stress and are as good as you looked on paper. To fail having got an ATPL you would have to be majorly deficient in some area. Its the phase 2, the personal interviews where they really screen the men from the boys. But thats a bridge to cross once part one is done.
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Old 8th Oct 2011, 20:18
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Does anyone have the details for contacting DHL UK pilot recruitment?

Checked the DHL site, nothing their and the career aero site seems to only be Germany.
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Old 9th Oct 2011, 06:59
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Old 28th Oct 2011, 19:13
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He guys,

I may be joining you guys in the future.
Can 1 of you give me some insides about the Leipzig gig?
Roster and so on?
I was told during interview, either fixed or flex-roster.
Anybody willing to give me/us more info how it works?
And which 1 is more commutable, if at all? (i do have some ideas and no, i don´t live in the uk, but mainland europe)

I am going for a DEC position.
Many thanks!

and yes, i did read previous threads and infos!
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Old 28th Oct 2011, 20:02
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You must reside in LEJ, pay german tax as a resident when there, have english as a spoken language that can be easily understood by the other international crews and show CRM skills to fit in with a highly professional workforce.
The contract is limited duration to comply with union rules and protection for the existing first officers. The job is demanding but decent time off compared with contract work or the sandpit.
Hotac is great, allowances reasonable, aircraft well maintained.
You wont sniff a 767 for some years. Bit of a political waiting game meanwhile.
The management and training staff are fair.
Rosters are easy, just follow the rules, live NEAR work and pay your taxes and suddenly it all gets sweet. Limited fixed block roster may be available but not necessarily for contract folks.
If you fit in, then that is fine, if not you will soon realise and move.
Cargo makes huge profit compared to SLF. No cabin crew is just purrfectt.

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Old 12th Nov 2011, 11:41
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Does anyone have the details concernig dhl roster and Cpt salary ?
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Old 12th Nov 2011, 13:15
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Its a secret and you won't get any information!
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Old 13th Nov 2011, 23:17
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Who is going to fly the A306 when they arrive?
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Old 14th Nov 2011, 02:34
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All 13 are on the German register, the first one having just arrived. So EAT will operate those.

Theres talk amongst the EAT folks of another 5 beng snapped up from somewhere and going to ACL on the Irish reg, but thar's crew room gossip at this stage.

New 76's arrive next year aswel. Most likey to be operated by DHK but no news yet. Exciting times!

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Old 14th Nov 2011, 08:55
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Announced a few days ago that 5 more A300B4-622Rs aquired to take the total to 18. Not stated who will operate these extra ones.

"Exciting Times"????????????

Not for me. I'm definitely out of a job next year!

Time to dust off the toolbox and pick up the oily rag again.
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Old 14th Nov 2011, 09:37
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Many apologies, I didn't mean for my comment to be insensitive. It's a real shame about the flight engineers.

All the best,

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Old 14th Nov 2011, 11:36
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Does anybody know what the hiring status is with both arms of DHL (UK & EAL)? I have applied with both (emailed CV DHL UK, filled the online form with career.aero for EAL) but nothing heard so far. EAL sends an email every so often saying "...we are making decisions here, sorry to keep you waiting..." but not much else.

I understand some out there got an assessment but the whole thing has received little publicity, right? Me probably not the right type of guy/experience for them but if the pick cadets fresh out of FTOs...


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Old 14th Nov 2011, 23:16
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DK - I believe recruitment to be ongoing, certainly at DHK. Can't answer for EAT. Likewise I have no real insight into the admin part of recruitment so can't advise on why you haven't been looked at yet. Do you know anyone who flies for DHK?
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Old 15th Nov 2011, 08:30
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Re: EAT. The last round of recruitment was effectively to a hold pool. They are slowing things down a little as the first aircraft (A300) was a little delayed (According to aero.de it's being handed over at 11 am today).

Expect some recruitment next year, but no info yet on numbers, fleet or seats. As you can imagine, the whole situation is very fluid and complicated at present.

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Old 16th Nov 2011, 10:21
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I think first all the A300b4 people will have to come over to the A300-600 before extra recruitment will take place. We also have several Fe that will be ready for a RH seat position after the face out of the A300b4

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Old 27th Nov 2011, 20:34
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Old 27th Nov 2011, 20:47
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Interesting to see Maximus getting in on the act too by providing 2 A300-600's to DHL ... through West Air Sweden!?
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