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TNT Airways

Old 29th Jun 2011, 07:40
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TNT Airways

How is life on the TNT airways long haul line ?
Pay package ?
Life and Lifestyle ?
Days gone ?
working and living in that part of Europe ?


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Old 2nd Jul 2011, 07:28
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from what I hear, the pay is very LOW and you work quite a hard. Of course it's all night flights.
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Old 3rd Jul 2011, 17:29
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Don't Vampires get to suck th eblood out of the living?
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Old 3rd Jul 2011, 18:00
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Low pay

I got last week another call about a exciting contract with a certain Cargo Company to fly B777 for them. The demand is there but the pay is missing, take home would be about 4800,-- € after the taxation in Belgium. Not to mention the further costs of either commuting or relocating.

Adequate is something diffrent I would say, when the numbers are right the slots will fill faster. It would be embarressing to take the low payscale, it would destroy the market further. Why leave a establishment for that?

Fly safe and land happy

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Old 4th Jul 2011, 09:21
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if this is true with regards to the extremely low pay, then why do they have so many planes flying, while being able to retain their pilot employment.

In other words, why dont people leave, there are much better paying jobs out there.

.. am i missing something ?

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Old 4th Jul 2011, 12:52
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Originally Posted by Wango Z Tango
In other words, why dont people leave, there are much better paying jobs out there.
I think you will find that they do have a fairly large turnover of crews. The replacements are then 250 hour wonders who sold their grandmother for a shot at a 146 or people in the latter stage of their career wishing to return home.

On the 744 PARC and retired KLM crews make up a not insignificant part.
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Old 6th Jul 2011, 12:53
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There are other thread about this particular subject, make a search.
Salary seems low, but there are other things to concider.
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Old 6th Jul 2011, 23:27
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how much is the taxation, maybe that is something u eu folks should change! sorry to say we are heading the same way in the US. unless we nip it in the bud. but i dont hold much hope. to many blood sucking socialist!
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Old 23rd Jul 2011, 10:50
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For your information, the first 777 has been delivered this morning!
Photos: Boeing 777-FHT Aircraft Pictures |
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Old 28th Oct 2011, 00:43
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Regarding per diems, PPJN says €4,20 per duty hour. What’s the average duty hours for both, medium and long haul? Are per diems also taxable?

Many thanks in advance

Happy landings to all
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Old 6th Nov 2011, 15:39
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Hello there

Does anyone have an update on what's on with these guys? They have recently posted some vacancies on their website as well as other industry-related ones. It's quite clear to me what the requirements are for the widebodies but what about the B737 and BAe?

They said (roughly) 300TT min, 100 on type but isn't that a bit naive to aim for the fresh-out-of-school-just-type-rated-guys only, leaving many other (i.e. experienced TP and/or GA crews) out the loop?

Any update would be very welcome, especially when coming from someone recently invited for interview.

Have a nice WE

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Old 11th Nov 2011, 08:03
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sounds to me like they are having a bit of a hard time finding good B777 pilots that are willing to work for the money they offer

interesting times ahead for them i'm sure.

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Old 29th Nov 2011, 01:55
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What ever happened to TNT's TU-204? Looks a lot like a B757 and never found out the story of when and why TNT stopped flying them.
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