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Glass Half Empty 7th Nov 2021 09:27

Uniform standards
It’s good to see that with closed loop, poor morale, non negotiated contracts etc etc etc that the third floor has its head screwed on with the latest edict on dress standards. Good on ya for that genius move, I can see morale soaring now……

G Merch 7th Nov 2021 11:20

How long will it be until people begin to realise that the company leaders do not care about morale?

dabz 7th Nov 2021 13:02

Issuing the uniform policy now is a warning to everyone.

It's another set of rules to punish you with if you don't have your attire on correctly as set out in the policy.

cxflog 7th Nov 2021 13:23

A quick glance on the company ‘social media’ will highlight that management doesn’t care about about morale, nor any of its pilots concerns.

Oh but please keep volunteering for closed loops

el commandante 7th Nov 2021 13:23


and who is going to enforce that?

Bangaluru 7th Nov 2021 14:14

It’s cost saving, first, second and third.

main_dog 7th Nov 2021 23:50

Maybe I should finally start wearing my hat :}

stevieboy330 8th Nov 2021 00:11

I still remember my humiliating dress down in the terminal in HK by an STC for wearing my jacket but not having it buttoned up (as clearly stated in op's A), what a company ! I don't miss that rubbish.

Grateful.. 8th Nov 2021 02:02

I’ve had a similar experience, also with a STC! Imagine wearing the uniform with pride..

BuzzBox 8th Nov 2021 02:34

Call me old-fashioned, but is it really so unreasonable to wear a uniform properly when out and about in public?

Cury Lamb 8th Nov 2021 05:40

Yes. Kleider machen leute.

Flying Clog 8th Nov 2021 06:32

Yes. When it's uncomfortable, :mad: hot for example, or having a tie around your neck in the Midfield Terminal after an 18 hour duty and sitting on the naughty step fuming with anger.

TriJetFlying 8th Nov 2021 06:33

No, not unreasonable at all, you are absolutely correct. Call me old fashioned, but is it really so unreasonable to expect a colleague not to “dress another down” in public.

The level of self importance here is embarrassing.

BuzzBox 8th Nov 2021 07:00

Nope, not unreasonable and I did not mean to imply a public dressing down was acceptable.

Auxtank 8th Nov 2021 09:05

Flying Clog

Forgive me, but that is just the time when one should be able to demonstrate the standards required.

Handsanitser 8th Nov 2021 09:22

What standard?

do you think passengers care if pilots are wearing ties after a flight? give us a break… do you care when the MTR operator is not wearing his hat and tie? Get over your ego and start accepting that a career in CX is now the joke in the industry.

cLeArIcE 8th Nov 2021 12:24


The thing is, it's not about the uniform it's what that uniform represents. If your uniform represents a giant stinking pile of :mad: you are hardly going to care about wearing it correctly are you?

Handsanitser 8th Nov 2021 12:28

Eloquently put sir!

CRWCRW 8th Nov 2021 12:42

Get used to this kind of diatribe inmates…

TB is the next DFO apparently!

BuzzBox 8th Nov 2021 12:43

It reflects just as badly on you personally as it does the company. If you feel comfortable walking around looking like a sack of :mad: then so be it, but don’t expect any sympathy from anyone, especially the pax.

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