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gipilot 20th Sep 2021 12:19

Visa Denied
Just heard the first couple of visa rejection letters are out. Wishing all the guys, all the best, hell maybe it's a blessing in disguise. Good luck boys.

LLLQNH 20th Sep 2021 13:04

Not only visa rejections, renewal rejections too. The six month grace period is about to expire and word is no more extensions, no more visas, no more jobs! What a bloody mess.

Flying Clog 20th Sep 2021 16:48

Massive blessing in disguise for the based pilots. Hopefully CX will get their comeuppance and go under. Utter :mad:

Dragon Pacific 21st Sep 2021 03:58


ToCatLady 21st Sep 2021 04:06

Oh wow. Really, really didn’t see this coming. What utter shock.

Load Toad 21st Sep 2021 05:31

Folks, it's been happening in other industries already (F&B being an obvious one) - they don't need no damn foreigners coming here...

S22 21st Sep 2021 05:48

Surely at some stage they will. How many visa holders have to leave to reach that point?

controlledrest 21st Sep 2021 07:31

Load Toad

F&B? Food and Beverage or Finance and Banking? Either way HKG produces plenty of people suitable for these industries and I have no issue with localization. HKG Aviation is a little different as there is no local educator of pilots.

The best cadet pilots are those locals who attended a foreign university and started off flying on their own initiative. They are in many respects 'foreigners'. The worst are the 100% locals who get taken off the street by CX and are sent off to Aussie and turned into 'pilots'.

Perhaps this is all coming from PEK. Downsize CX to make it easier for GBA.


AQIS Boigu 21st Sep 2021 08:30

GBA has plenty of “foreigners” working for them…(with PR)

Sam Ting Wong 22nd Sep 2021 02:55

I wonder if there is any other airline in the world where on one hand pilots seem to really really hate every moment, and on the other fight so hard to keep their job.

PS 25ish PR pilots from Canada alone chose to move their family over and continue to work for Cx..
( but of course vivaciously hate it here.

Piet Lood 22nd Sep 2021 05:23

Bloody hell, I was starting to think you walked into the sunset and silently moved on, but it appears you have some new found “energy” to defend this poor excuse of a company and its management.
Could it be people hate working here, but currently have very little choice?
So at the same time they would be happy to continue fighting for improved conditions and a fairer distribution of wealth?
Nah, that can’t be it.

Sam Ting Wong 22nd Sep 2021 05:29

"Continue fighting for improved conditions"

and "fairer distribution of wealth", would that be more $$$ for pilots?

hahahaha, Piet, you are unbeatable. Comedy Gold! For this alone it was worth posting.

Piet Lood 22nd Sep 2021 05:57

I understand this sounds hilarious to a defeatist like yourself.
You bought into this “there’s no more money for payincrease” well before covid and cowered at the first intimidation tactic from management many moons ago.
And yet, lo and behold, even after 2 years of grounding almost the entire fleet, there is still money to keep guys sitting at home.

You know what’s Comedy Gold?
Watching this trainwreck with you in it from my hammock. That and your abundant use of emojis (and capital letters) to hide your pain.

Better abandon the AOA guys; STW guarantees there is no more money for pilots.
Even laughs at the idea.

He was wrong then and he is wrong now.
He will never see it, let alone admit it.
I get it. It’s pretty hard to see the state of aviation from his position of wealth and privilege.
He can’t see the situation he has left behind for you peasants.

Yes, STW: YOU did that, because you and your ilk never had the guts to stand up for what was right.
There are many who fall into your category, but not many who defend that lack of courage with the bravado that you do.

controlledrest 22nd Sep 2021 06:17

AQIS Boigu

Yeah, but the point I was trying to make was that by not renewing visas the HKG government (a puppet of PEK), is drastically reducing the ability of CX to ramp up once the borders open. CX has been hanging on to a lot of pilots who aren't working with the hope to cream it again soon (and the soon keeps on being delayed - by PEK). Without visas about 1/3 (?) of the pilots are gone. It takes a long time for retentive outfits like CX to recruit and process a pilot.

It will be interesting to see how things pan out for PR pilots in HKG. There finally could be some competition for their skills.

quadspeed 22nd Sep 2021 07:18

Wtf are you on about?

Cathay knew the permts would not be renewed, and they never had a choice. Otherwise, they would simply reopen the bases.

​​​​​Arrogant Gweilos have no place in China

S22 22nd Sep 2021 07:54


I think uou are over thinkibg it .

Load Toad 22nd Sep 2021 08:21

Whatever F&B you care it to mean there are people in those industries who will use the exact same argument that you are using about piltots - and I'm not arguing with you at all on your comparision.

- Yes I also agree - directives are from PEK and no one dare or can disagree.

GMEDX 22nd Sep 2021 08:34

AQIS Boigu

Not all have PR. A dependant visa works too.

Cortisol Depleted 22nd Sep 2021 09:00

If somebody's PR has expired I understand it 'downgrades' to Right-to-Land. This, along with Dependant visas allows the Right to Live and Work in Hong Kong. Are any of the based pilots that want to return to CX in Hong Kong in this situation? Just curious, no skin in the game.

LLLQNH 22nd Sep 2021 09:09

There has never been a requirement to have PR to return from a base or be employed with Cathay Pacific in Hong. The requirement is simply that you are legally authorised to perform employment and legally authorised to stay in Hong Kong, something that previously the Company sponsored and took care of. The sponsorship is no longer available, how you go about obtaining the right to live and work in Hong Kong doesn't matter be it right to land, dependents visa or something else.

New employment visas and renewals of employment visas going forward through sponsorship from the company are no longer an option.

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