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anxiao 23rd Jun 2021 11:04

Apple Daily to Close Tonight
After 26 years of publication Apple Daily will close tonight. A dark day for press freedom in Hong Kong, and a reminder that Hong Kong is changing very quickly.

Here's to the brave 500 police that it needed to raid the offices and arrest 5 senior staff. Asia's finest (?), now cowed by 5 unarmed managers. Didn't it used to be an offence to waste police time?

For those who did not know the paper, it started as a salacious "Which actress is dating which actor, and who's paying the rent" type of flashy trashy thing and developed in the ensuing years into the serious liberal newspaper it became today. The last bastion of HK news that you knew was neither censored nor self censored. They had an English online version, which was a shadow of the print version, but gave you a taste for the real thing.

So, Vale veritate

Sqwak7700 23rd Jun 2021 12:10

Sad day indeed. One of many HKG brands that will go by the wayside in this new dystopian society that we all once proudly called our home.

Put your muzzle on, install the required spyware on your mobile, and don’t make eye contact or congregate. Welcome to “Asia’s World City Prison”.

quadspeed 23rd Jun 2021 18:39

Weeks, not months, before Facebook, Google (unrestricted) and anything else mildly resembling free speech gets blocked. Seriously.

​​​​​​The money required to entice anybody with a Western mindset to work under those conditions has been, and will be, ludicrous . To which the response is:
a) It will not be, and
b) we do not want anyone with a Western mindset.

And that was that.

veryoldchinahand 24th Jun 2021 02:16

The Apple Daily a 'serious liberal newspaper' is rather akin to referring to The Daily Fail as the British a heavyweight newspaper of record. The AD was seldom ever more more than a salacious comic until it perceived that there was increased adv revenue and circulation in becoming the organ of the mob bent on destroying the fabric of Hong Kong. Any serious liberal leanings were purely incidental until the US realized that it was a useful stick with which to beat China and channeled funds to the proprietors. A typical Hong Kong story of a money making scheme dressed up to be something of benefit to the local working class.

Load Toad 24th Jun 2021 03:10

- Absolute garbage. I'm sure you'll enjoy being in the open prison that will be Hong Kong JAMC (Just Another Mainland City).

veryoldchinahand 24th Jun 2021 05:02

I have rather enjoyed Hong Kong for thirty years when it was a hard ruled British Colony so very possibly yes. The first 20 years under the Chinese have not been at all bad and going forward the fabric of this much loved city is unlikely to be destroyed by the packs of roaming adolescents children and thugs with who we were plagued for the past two years. Taking history as a guide many of these rioters would have been shot and killed under British rule whereas as a Chinese colony the governance is likely to be more benevolent if anything.
Anyone who believes that Hong Kong was in any way 'free' and had no draconian security laws under our British masters is in my opinion severely delusional. BTW I am British, vote conservative and have a subscription to Country Life Magazine.

Rie 24th Jun 2021 06:56

Vote conservative but sound like a Tankie? Retirement plans are off to the old Soviet Bloc?

Bokpiel 24th Jun 2021 07:22


Yes we are in trouble, but weeks are a bit far fetched, even months.

JMock 24th Jun 2021 07:44


let me take a stab at it. You are an old white retired HK copper or similar conveniently blurring the boundaries between then and now, sitting handily far far away from us in HK now.

veryoldchinahand 24th Jun 2021 07:59

JMock - I live and work in HK and have kids in school here. Do you ?

JMock 24th Jun 2021 08:49

my children were born and raised here and work here as adults.
One side of my family has been here for 5 generations

as for your ridiculous comment that the Brits would have shot similar rioters.
that’s the point old bean. There were no riots under the Brits. We could march to commemorate what we chose, read any publication and listen to any uncensored broadcast and enjoy trials by jury.
we were so repressed

Less Hair 24th Jun 2021 09:00

China could just quietly have waited out the entire transition period and HK would have been "theirs" automatically. China would have looked "strong".
Instead they went for all these little changes way too early creating a lot of global attention, protests and such, breaking promises and looking "weak".
I still don't get why they went the second route? Wanting to demonstrate "we just don't care" like the heavy handed Russia sometimes does? Do they think it worked whatever it was?

taobao 24th Jun 2021 09:03


You may like to refresh your knowledge on the riot in HK in 1967. That went against your belief of "we could march to ...".
1936 people were charged, 832 injured, (including 212 from the police), 51 dead.

Before that, there was also the riot in Oct 1956.

If you still believe you had more freedom under the Brits, check out what the "Special Branch" in the police was, est in 1934 til 1995.

JMock 24th Jun 2021 10:07

Are you delusional?
that was the communist insurrection attempting to suborn HK
my family suffered and our then government fought and repelled the cross the border communist insurgents
And when calm returned it was a calm until the breach of the legally binding Joint Declaration when China drove a coach and horses through its promises

when did this site attract wumao ?

Christ on a bike
how about a few aviation related questions before the tick to join

Over it

anxiao 24th Jun 2021 12:56

Jmock the old china hands have been part of the problem for generations, as you know from your family history.

I must admit to a surprise that there is such agreement on this thread from a few (well two so far..) contributors that the Hong Kong government under its Beijing mentors is doing such a fine job. It is one thing being a mainland resident and regurgitating the China Daily themes of the last few years as you don't understand the other point of view. It is a Trumpian dystopia to have lived in Hong Kong and seen the value of its legal and press freedoms ripped up and open your arms to the appalling future to which the majority of Hong Kong people are destined.

Less hair I agree that if president Xi could have waited until 2047 then both Hong Kong and China would have both been very different political entities, much closer in many ways. I believe it was the main reason that the 50 years was agreed. But Xi cannot wait, as he knows that to be known as a famous emperor he must unite Hong Kong and Taiwan in his reign, and he is not getting any younger.

I fear there may be more eggs broken before his designs are satisfied, or frustrated.

Load Toad 25th Jun 2021 03:40

The only reason there were protests was that Calamity Lickspittle and the CCP couldn't keep to an agreement made legally, signed by both sides and registered by the UN. Also they constantly tried to erode Hong Kong's freedoms and rights as protected by 1C2S (which practically no longer exists). Even when 1 - 2 million people peacefully protested she tried to push through the Extradition Bill. The escalation of violence and disorder came mostly from the side with all of the guns, batons, body armour and other munitions. What is happening in HKG is the choice of the CCP and the puppet government....not the majority of the people in HKG.

Flying Clog 25th Jun 2021 05:33

That's a pretty good summary.

Curry Lamb 25th Jun 2021 08:36

These muppets now pride themselves in the fact that Hongkers is now a POLICE State.
They’ve successfully turned the place into the new Auschwitz.

Nothing wrong with HK being a police state: lawmaker

Less Hair 25th Jun 2021 08:43

You know what Auschwitz was? Something very different. There is no need for comparisons like this.

Curry Lamb 25th Jun 2021 10:11

You’re right Hairless One. Hong Kong is worse!

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