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anxiao 25th Jun 2021 10:55

Oi, this was my thread, and you've Godwin's Law'd it in 17 posts. :=

Back to the thread. I tried to buy a copy of Apple Daily on Thursday, the last day, and their 1 million print run had run out in my local 7 Eleven at 0800. I understand it had run out shortly after midnight as people queued for it at newsagents that stayed open. They could perhaps have sold 2 mill if they had the capacity to print them.

Seems there was a need for such a journal in Hong Kong, irrespective of what some people think of its quality. We cannot all be Guardian readers... :hmm:

veryoldchinahand 25th Jun 2021 15:42

anxiao, You should have got up earlier.
They made a few bob out of that for sure and I rather though that they would have donated the proceeds to those in need ..... but this is Hong Kong and silly me they did.......in HK charity defiantly begins at home.
Curry Lamb , I am wondering why you don't save yourself a lot of stress and just bugger off if you now hate HK so much and Cathay even more.

JMock 26th Jun 2021 08:36

oldwhitebloke, the profit from the newspaper sales was directed to pay the suppliers to the paper and salaries of staff made jobless after bank accounts were frozen …
there was no profit

Just stop, you are an embarrassment

quadspeed 26th Jun 2021 20:16


"Far fetched" . Just give that some thought, in light of the situation in HK just a few years ago. The Iron curtain has fallen, do not expect a gradual transition to totaliarism.

JMock 27th Jun 2021 23:59

Alice Mak, pro Beijing legislator just came out saying she could see absolutely nothing wrong with HK becoming a police state

Load Toad 29th Jun 2021 03:14

Flying Clog 29th Jun 2021 03:53

The exodus is in full swing. Who in their right mind would want to remain in this dystopian dump for a minute longer than necessary?

G Merch 29th Jun 2021 06:20

The irony is that the UK is passing bills which puts their totalitarianism to levels which makes anything Beijing has look like a holiday resort.

quadspeed 29th Jun 2021 13:21

Hehe. I'm sure the Uighur holiday campers would agree. Whatever totalitarian bills are passed by the UK lawmakers, the citizens can protest them, spreak out against them, challenge them in a court of law and in the end - throw them out of office. Should Beijing be inclined to accepting peacfeul protests, free speech, legal justice and democratic elections, then we can compare your oranges to my apples.

G Merch 29th Jun 2021 13:29

You don't seem to be quite up to speed on the state of the UK. Do a quick search of the "Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021". I'd post a link but prune wont allow it.

IFB 29th Jun 2021 14:03

G Merch

And which planet are you from exactly? Itís clearly not the one Iím living on.

Flex88 29th Jun 2021 15:50


As is ALWAYS the case you must translate what "pro" Beijing persons ( in particular legislators) say into plain English ( or Cantonese).. What she said translates to; "I have mine already, money is in the bank in other countries and I have 1 or two other passports"...

S22 30th Jun 2021 03:47

Originally Posted by Flying Clog (Post 11070099)
The exodus is in full swing. Who in their right mind would want to remain in this dystopian dump for a minute longer than necessary?

Me, I like it here.

Bokpiel 30th Jun 2021 04:59


Well, I believe we have more than just a few weeks or months left of FB, YT, etc, which is all I meant with my reply. Anyway, we shall find out in a few weeks, months or years.

1200firm 30th Jun 2021 05:01


Pistolpete47 30th Jun 2021 06:24

Nice little pro-china article from an author who also thinks nothing untoward is going on in Xinjiang.

JMock 30th Jun 2021 07:35


Nury Vittachi CCP lapdog

Rie 30th Jun 2021 08:28

Eventually all of Nury's tankie antics will fall apart when the Mainland Overlords realise he isn't Chinese. Maybe he can start writing books about back home in Sri Lanka. Every single thing that comes out of his mouth is pure drivel.

Load Toad 1st Jul 2021 03:21

...he's a refugee - he alleges that (aged 2) he overheard a telephone call to his father '..get out now, the police are coming' - so the was a precocious two-year-old.

Now, this claim has been removed from his Wiki page. Edited Wiki

But the SCMP story still has it: NV SCMP I was born in Sri Lanka in 1958 when the civil war broke out. I was two or three when the civil war got worse and my family was targeted. We had to flee in the night.

My dad got this call from the chief of police, who said, “I’ve been ordered by the prime minister to arrest you—better make sure you’re not home.” My dad said, “Put your shoes on, children, we’re going out.”

The reason why we were thrown out was because my father wrote a column. I remember thinking, “Wow, dad wrote something in the newspapers and now we’re being chased by men with guns—this is so cool!”

In a sense, that influenced me and I thought: “I’m going to do what dad does—cause trouble.”

So, refugee, fleeing persecution to the UK, where he is safe & secure, moves to HKG - earns a living writing and enjoying the freedoms that HKG had - but now...?


1200firm 2nd Jul 2021 05:39

The article was written by Peter Fredenburg. It must be really annoying for you Brian Kern types when the facts don't fit the foaming at the mouth BBC/FOX NEWS style anti China rant narrative.

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