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Trafalgar 14th Oct 2017 08:07

Anna's Friday Liar. 13/10/17
Dear Anna,

I cannot let your F Liar pass without comment. So, to help clarify a few things, please take note:

Regarding the JRC Negotiating Framework: you state that “this is a great example of how we can work together”.

You and I both know this is complete ‘bullsh*t’. There is no ‘working together’. Only intimidation and threats. Not a single pilot in this company is under any illusion otherwise. We know the type of manager you are, and are making our plans accordingly. We also know that you and your management group will corrupt and distort any agreement and mechanism entered into. We have a 25 yr history to reference.

“The updates we have put out about our business ‘performance’ and the reason for making changes to our cost base and the way we work so that ‘we’ are more productive have understandably generated ‘quite a bit of interest’ from the pilot community”.

Seriously. Are you for real? “Business Performance”…? You and your ilk are responsible for the epic fuel hedging loss, that has undone years of committed, professional and dedicated application of ‘real performance’. We are accountable, you and your accomplices are plainly not.


“We” are already productive. Many of us doing 900 hours a year. Minimal days off. The worst rostering in the major airline industry. Don’t talk to us about ‘we’. There is no 'we'. There is ‘you’, and ‘us’. We are honourable. You and your cohorts had your integrity stripped away years ago.

“Quite a bit of interest from the pilot community’’…?

"Interest; is that how you define it? You are without shame. You are threatening our security, lifestyle, financial planning, contracts, family plans, retirement and general well being. “Interest”….? Far more than that. What you have ‘generated’ is a sense of malice that will take years to resolve. We will confront you starting now. On every level, every sphere of the public, media and corporate. You will be made to acknowledge and realize that you can’t abuse us, can’t threaten us and can’t compromise our integrity and professionalism.

We are NOT your slaves Anna. We certainly will NOT contribute one penny to your bonus and salary. You have made enemies of over 3000 professional aviators. We will be heard. Don’t plan on a quiet holiday season. I suggest you start planning on how you will cope without a training department.

To put all of this in context: I have not heard one word from you, Rupert and the other Swire incompetents about how YOU are taking the FIRST cuts in salary, the FIRST cuts in bonus and the FIRST cuts in housing. That would require REAL leadership, the one thing your Swire experience has stripped you of. That and integrity, honesty and humility.

There is no going back. We will cripple this operation, as you are trying to cripple us. And please, stop with the deceitful, manipulative and dishonest emails with your distorted graphs and statistics. We are far too aware of the truth to be conned by that pathetic attempt at deceit.

Apple Tree Yard 14th Oct 2017 08:17

Wow. Right on. I wonder if Anna and her accomplices realise that fully half the pilots (and probably more) are planning on leaving asap. Most FO's and SO's close to upgrade are looking for better options. They are DONE working for a group of manipulative liars. They and their families deserve better.

Air Profit 14th Oct 2017 08:24

A pathetic attempt this evening to co-opt the trainers. Most of us will be resigning if there is any change to our housing. Immediately. And we demand the 13th month as well, as WE did not cause the losses in this airline. Anna, Rupert and all the Swires are not fit for purpose. We are in a state of 'war'. Don't plan on booking CX over the holidays.

Amber Vibes 14th Oct 2017 08:26

I hope you don't mind an editing suggestion, Trafalger. You should put quotes around the passages from the Friday Liar and start a new paragraph (new line) with your response in bold. This way it is easier for readers to separate their lies from your truth.

Trafalgar 14th Oct 2017 08:29


betpump5 14th Oct 2017 15:02

Don't plan on booking CX over the holidays.
Been telling my mates that. BA and the Beardy geezer it you want to have a hassle free festive season.

alohajec 14th Oct 2017 16:03


cxorcist 14th Oct 2017 17:48

Thank you Traf for summing up exactly how WE ALL feel and view the current environment. Management swine reading here, yes I know you do, have been put on notice! Passengers and shareholders ought to take note as well. It only gets worse from here.

Freehills 14th Oct 2017 22:50

True, the next letter to management may well have some of the longer words underlined! Probably a bit too provocative though.

Uberskyjockey 15th Oct 2017 03:18

I noted in her letter she kept referring to group airline(s) losses yet only the CX pilots are the target of vicious cuts !

bacou 15th Oct 2017 03:48

Originally Posted by Uberskyjockey (Post 9925417)
I noted in her letter she kept referring to group airline(s) losses yet only the CX pilots are the target of vicious cuts !

KA doesn’t exist, it’s been the case for more than 10 years, nothing much happens at KA, big decisions taken by CX management for CX airline. No need for a change !

Uberskyjockey 15th Oct 2017 05:02

My point exactly. KA drivers keep their salaries and housing packages intact whilst CX drivers take the hit. Is that fair I ask.

Uberskyjockey 15th Oct 2017 05:04

Last nights impromptu C&T get together saw the C&T group separate from us line guys and try to negotiate a deal with AT.

OK4Wire 15th Oct 2017 05:22

No surprise there, unfortunately.

edit: walked right into her trap. She will be a happy bunny!

Trafalgar 15th Oct 2017 05:30

Does anyone know the details? I am no longer a 'member' of the club. Curious as to what if any details discussed.

Cpt. Underpants 15th Oct 2017 05:44

3 separate letters to the trainers from 3 FOPs managers.
Do you think, possibly, that they’re desperately trying to stave off a mass resignation?
This is their Achilles heel.
They’re too thick to even attempt the other devious schemes they’ve been accused of engineering.

Gnadenburg 15th Oct 2017 05:45

My point exactly. KA drivers keep their salaries and housing packages intact whilst CX drivers take the hit. Is that fair I ask.
Don't be so flaccid.

Trafalgar 15th Oct 2017 08:53

Spoke to a colleague who was there the first of two nights. No such conversation took place. Apparently it was made clear that the trainers would NOT support a 'special deal', and that their continued role as trainers is in question. If you have evidence to the contrary, then show evidence to support. Otherwise you are just throwing a hand grenade. :mad:

broadband circuit 15th Oct 2017 10:33

My point exactly. KA drivers keep their salaries and housing packages intact whilst CX drivers take the hit. Is that fair I ask.
It won't stay like that. Once the CX package has been whittled away, then that becomes the "benchmark", and they'll start attacking KA

Uberskyjockey 15th Oct 2017 10:37

Trafalgar, I am a huge fan BUT the C&T ARE negotiating a 3 year lock-in deal whereby their package remains untouched and the training machine remains intact. FOP managers have already agreed such a deal leaving us line guys hung out to dry. In total about 400 C&T guys vs 2800 line crews. It is a safe option for AT to take.
Also Fridays and Saturdays impromptu meeting at Dacho was company sanctioned and paid for by a company credit card.

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