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routetuner 1st Jul 2011 07:23

Greatest Approaches
Getting away from the negative rubbish on here for a moment.
What are your favourite approaches that you do around our network?
For me it's RWY 25R HKG, evening clear sky and just sliding down that Loc. with the speed easing back, Hong Kong Island all lit up on the left, and you've got a couple of days off at the end of the trip. This job is special sometimes.( RWY 13 Kai Tak was probably the best).

Cavallier 1st Jul 2011 07:57

Anchorage Rwy 07R or L. I find it a reasonably straightforward approach from Amott when finishing a crossing from Hong Kong. Quite spectacular when in good VMC on the arrival and to the East on the ILS. Also nice knowing that in 2 hours you will be sipping some Alaskan Amber and shaving some of that dodgy cheese at F-Street!!!

The Cav:cool:

Iron Skillet 1st Jul 2011 10:42

Please someone end this thread....so embarrassing. Really? Greatest approaches? :yuk:

Cpt. Underpants 1st Jul 2011 11:55

The greatest approach I've witnessed is the S/O pitching one at the ISM...


FR8R H8R 1st Jul 2011 12:35

"Sliding down that loc". Seriously?

At least make it interesting like a circling NDB over an nude beach from your PPL days or something.

711 1st Jul 2011 15:13

Tough one for based guys:}

ron burgandy 1st Jul 2011 16:20

just sliding down that Loc
Could the real Toss please stand up:eek:

T-Mass 1st Jul 2011 17:14

Not so spectacular in my puny regional jet, but following a BA 777 to San Diego on LOC/RNAV 27 (7,600' usable) is pretty impressive!

FOCX 2nd Jul 2011 00:56

Trying to slide down the loc is going to run you seriously short of fuel.:ooh:

In all seriousness though, while reading the post late one night in bed with my GF, mac between us, I suddenly found her hands wandering to the side stick...need I say more, it got her going!!

RT, only joking, I have a dumb sense of humour!

AAIGUY 2nd Jul 2011 03:46

Gayest thread ever.

Congratulations.. really, on this forum thats saying something.

Flap10 2nd Jul 2011 04:12

and you've got a couple of days off at the end of the trip. This job is special sometimes.
This is surely a wind-up....has to be...I mean even from a brand new joiner's perspective this would be a stupid comment.

iCloud 2nd Jul 2011 05:32

A few pop into mind:

All time favorite:
1. A little fat guy flying around with another Cx training captain in 16 ft without gear.
2. 2 Cx training captains selecting landing flap in 400 ft flying into new York.
3. Another one topping that at around 350 ft into Hkg recently
4. One leading into a map where nobody knew who actually is PF. Hands off and autopilot off stalling around 120 kts momentarily.
5. Another beautiful approach is the one with the gear pins still in place.
( Chinese call him lick fly).
6. Not to mention a few visuals in Japan, one off course in the middle east,
One offset ils in new york etc,etc,etc.

And Johnny wants to hire even cheaper ones.
Hope his family doesn't sit in the back when sh1t hits the fan.

Steve the Pirate 2nd Jul 2011 09:23

Two types....

There are 2 types of pilot, namely:

a. Those who have made mistakes or errors of judgement and;

b. Those who are going to make mistakes or errors of judgement.

No-one is infallible, not even you.


broadband circuit 2nd Jul 2011 13:37

The steps down into Neptunes, with a gut full of rum, and a fist full of five hundreds.
Bring back Laguna. Didn't need a fist full of $500s.

Hello Sir.

Max Reheat 2nd Jul 2011 23:20

OK, back to the thread...

How about the visual recovery to Gibraltar with "The Road is Closed!"

larrikan larry 3rd Jul 2011 16:10

Root Tuner
You fackin' knob.

Who cares about fackin' 25R approach.

Just another boring ILS.

Must be a slow news day eh?

Back in ya jammies and grab your Xbox flight game...

crwjerk 3rd Jul 2011 16:34

The approach to the mens room in The Strawberry ( as it was once known ) was by far the most picturesque, and interactive approach in the network.

atila_101 1st Aug 2011 10:00

Any APP in Beijing Capital, wonderful fog around, incomprehensible ATC and lack of preparation since you do not know what runway until you are at 6000', a really thrilling experience.

aeropro 4th Aug 2011 21:31

I vote for the checkerboard and right turn into Kai Tak in the 747. Check out all the laundry hanging out the windows in the high rise apartments, then land on a narrow runway with water on 3 sides. Remember that? But on a slightly different approach, anyone remember the Winchester Club?

VR-HFX 5th Aug 2011 06:35

Block M NDB letdown after 2 hours holding at the George & Dragon.

Depart G&D, over the pipe on the klong, transition at Cemetery. One always had to carry sufficient reserves to make the beach in case of a missed approach. :}

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