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1 year...

Old 25th Oct 2021, 05:55
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Ive been hearing that for nearly forty years. When I first arrived a 3000 sq foot House in Clearwater Bay was 1.8 million. I heard repeatedly it’s crazy it can’t last.
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Old 25th Oct 2021, 06:33
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Always the same mistake. People simply compare whatever they can buy at home for the same price and then conclude real estate in HK is overvalued. It isn't.

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Old 25th Oct 2021, 07:05
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Exactly the same scenario in Oz. People have been Ďpredictingí a housing collapse for 10 years but itís only gone up and up. Now with covid thatís pushed house prices in places like Sydney and melb even higher. I donít see it going any other way if not even a global pandemic can bring the prices down.
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Old 25th Oct 2021, 10:33
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I bet that this time next year you are still here, still complaining and saying there are better options and with a similar excuse of “just a few more months”.
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Old 25th Oct 2021, 10:46
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Well, happy at least some guys moved on. Some got jobs in the US, the alcoholic from DB went back to AHK, one or two lucky oneís with corporate jobs in Aus. Hang in there - wonít be soon, but will change at some point.
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Old 25th Oct 2021, 17:59
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Ten years ago the Hong Kong government introduced mortgage restrictions to cool down the property speculators. 50% deposit, additional stamp duties for a second property, additional stamp duties for non-PR, etc. The government could simply unwind some of those restrictions if required.

Unlike Australia which is so desperate to prop up its housing market that it has incentives to buy, as opposed to Hong Kongís disincentives.
One jurisdiction has restrictions it can ease to assist a falling property market. The other
jurisdiction is throwing printed money around.

Back on topic. All the best to our ex KA and CX comrades wherever you may be. Hong Kong and the company is a lesser place since you moved beyond

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Borders are now expected to be closed until well into 2022 whilst working conditions and pay continue to slide into the unsustainable. Apparently the AOA has withdrawn their support for extended duties due to the 75% cut to PX pay - the fact people are volunteering whilst still thinking Yammer or the AOA will have any impact on the company's plans is laughable. In November they've rostered FO's for 30 office days in a row without notifying them of their days off (DA) - the new rules are that there are no rules until CX pilots grow a spine and withdraw their services until changes are made or outright leave. Anyone volunteering for anything deserve everything they get.
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Old 26th Oct 2021, 11:24
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Old 26th Oct 2021, 12:09
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What’s all that about?
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Sooo we now have second officers doing P1 'upgrades' on SO pay with a new heavily reduced number of simulator sessions. . If ever the swiss cheese holes were to align with such highly motivated individuals .
Cut the training + cut the pay = cut the standard
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P1SO = 2 SO North America flights
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Wait until P3's flying single crew across the Pacific whilst in the cruise as CX wants to implement by 2025?
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Why do you think sick leave policy gets a mention in the weekly rag so much? Sick leave is through the roof. A different type of market forces is emerging. It's what the cabin crew have done for years. I also don't see cabin crew filling US tax returns. pilots are their own worst enemy and management know this, so nothing will ever change.
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Thats right nobloco, then i'll hit 65 and become a sim instructor and complain even more!
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Thanks for the sleeping tips, seems like the 747 has sunk to new low's.
Its shocking to see!

Yet the 747 pilots are suckers for punishment. Stand up for yourselves for once!
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