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Single Pilot plant for the A350

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Single Pilot plant for the A350

Old 16th Jun 2021, 16:58
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Single Pilot plan for the A350

This would not be a flight that I would book a seat on.
Cathay Pacific Set For Single Pilot Airbus A350 Flights By 2025 - Simple Flying

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Old 16th Jun 2021, 19:37
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So do we piss in a bottle, or wake up the resting pilot? Nappies maybe.
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Old 16th Jun 2021, 21:36
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I believe there will always be two pilots on the flight deck, just that one of them won't be human.
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Old 16th Jun 2021, 22:39
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Do they in fact need any human pilots on the flight deck in cruise? With the ever increasing reliability and coverage of modern data comms. is there any reason why the aircraft can’t be controlled remotely from … say a repurposed call centre in Mumbai? The potential cost savings are every airline managers wet dream and therein spells the beginning of the end of piloting as a career.

Bear in mind the USAF has had UAVs tootling around the world for at least two decades now. And it seems like they’ve got the hang of it.
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Old 16th Jun 2021, 23:35
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With POS18 being a 50% paycut, they have already achieved “Single Pilot Salary” in the cockpit!
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Old 16th Jun 2021, 23:44
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Yes they have but with a team in Creech Nevada flying them.
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 00:15
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Yeah, they could use the call center that always wants to sell me a car warranty or says I'm eligible for a new interest rate on my credit card.
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 00:26
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Personally I think it's a good idea. A good idea to get the f#[email protected]! Out of here!
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 00:38
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Unmanned passenger carrying flights will not be happening, as no airline/manufacturer will ever accept responsibility if a plane goes down and kills 200+ people. They need a ‘scapegoat’.

Just look at how many Teslas have crashed due to the autopilot mode with no one behind the wheel. Yes it’s a small percentage but still too big for aircraft manufacturers to accept as suitable
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 00:50
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Old news. It’s already been trialled on delivery flights with Airbus observers and telemetry from Blagnac.
It’s far from a done deal as yet. Small matter of regulators, at home and en route, signing up to it, let alone all the other technical issues.
It is certainly being looked at by Airbus, and Grumman.
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 01:02
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Surely they're starting at the wrong section. Install vending machines and get rid of the cabin crew. Imagine the hotel and allowance savings plus income generation by people needing to swipe their card if they want a meal or snack.
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 01:50
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If commercial Aviation had the same safety records as the UAV’s I doubt anyone would ever fly again.
A small percentage of accidents, scaled to the same number of flight hours as Commercial aircraft would see a tremendous loss of life.

Single Pilot cruise is coming, that much I’m sure of. Beyond that? Not in my lifetime I reckon.


Cabin crew are there to meet regulatory requirements for emergencies and general first aid. If the ratio of FA’s to PAX (and Doors) wasn’t regulated then I have no doubt the amount of crew would be at least halved, depending on the Airlines level of service.
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 02:30
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CX recruitment drive to be extended to dogs.

Must be able to bite the pilot if he/she touches any switch. All breeds considered iaw policy, diversity and inclusion.
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 03:09
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Must have PR, and be vaccinated for kennel cough.
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 04:56
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Since POS18 drove recruitment to new levels more and more flights have become in effect single pilot anyway.

Airbus have been very active in this. Single pilot, monitored by a ground 'pilot', who is watching over a dozen flights.

On the plus side I'll be gone before the aircraft, companies and public are ready for this. Glad my kids are heading to other industries.
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 05:12
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At least we can re-use the yellow cups for something…

all we need is a brown cup now.
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 07:48
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Could this be some pure PR distraction topic just brought up to change some headlines?
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 07:54
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I think you’re right.
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 12:06
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I can't see any of that happen in EASA or FAA land in the aftermath of Germanwings. The majority of European or US companies do not allow for a pilot to remain alone in the flight deck even during a three-minute loo break, let alone for hours on end.
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 12:52
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Single Pilot


I'm wondering if the countries CX flies overhead will agree with this? Canada, Russia, USA, all EU ???

The only thing Swire Princes have a knack at is cut, cut, cut and lose, lose, lose.. Never innovation.....
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