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Hong Kong dying

Old 8th Jan 2021, 02:15
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Hong Kong as a financial hub is still going strong and will be for a long time yet. As an out of work pilot now working in the finance industry in HK I can see the money is still flowing. IPOs from China are coming thick and fast and the values are huge. US listings of Chinese companies on the NYSE and Nasdaq still come through HK and if US scrutiny and curtailment of those companies continues that will only strengthen HKs position.

It is a city full of well educated and financially literate graduates with high standard of English spoken. I don't have any concern for HKs financial future.
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Old 8th Jan 2021, 05:56
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Has the ban on Cantonese being taught in schools in Hong Kong started yet ?
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Old 8th Jan 2021, 06:02
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I'll stay for now but only coz there is nothing else to go to. Soon as things pick up, like most westerners I'm out, for good. I certainly wouldn't want to own a property there anymore, I keep $20k in the bank and send the rest home. I have a "my bags are already packed" approach, I have zero trust in the government. . I feel really sorry for the locals, I made a lot of friends in HK & I like the locals, HK was good to me & I had a fun time, hell Cathay was even good to me, for a while, but if you can't hear the fat lady singing, you are in la la land. Time to head home, not just for the Pilots either, sad as that makes me.
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Old 8th Jan 2021, 08:18
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Sino-British Joint Declaration . 19 December 1984

In the years of negotiating and then signing this deal in 1984, there was almost no observable support among the local population for continuation of Hong Kong as a colony under the benign rule of Britain. If there had been, things might have turned out differently.
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Old 8th Jan 2021, 08:25
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Glad you brought this up.

I recall there was very palpable anti Union Jack sentiment then.
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Old 8th Jan 2021, 10:12
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I feel that you have a deep misunderstanding about China. I have been in China for a few years and it is not what the media described it at all! This is a country that truly serves the people!
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Old 8th Jan 2021, 10:15
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Hong Kong is a region of China. Of course, it must be governed by the National Security Law. Are there areas in Europe and the United States that are not governed by the National Security Law?
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Old 8th Jan 2021, 10:16
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Trust me! Hong Kong, which is governed by the National Security Law, will be better!
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Old 8th Jan 2021, 11:11
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Amite - from your pro-Beijing perspective would you like to comment on the fact that China signed an agreement over HK that they are clearly in the process of eroding?

I have no issues with China repossessing HK but they did agree a process which they seem to be ignoring
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Old 8th Jan 2021, 11:16
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"I have a "my bags are already packed" approach,"

Good advice for ex-pats everywhere IMHO

I know people who have had to leave East Africa, Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia, the Balkans, Timor Leste & the Lebanon at a moment's notice - one family drove off as the (well-organised) mob arrived at the other end of the street to burn them out

You are a guest, and often a disliked guest, when you go overseas - never, ever, forget it
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Amite, there is of course no arbitrarily "National Security Law" in Europe or the United States.

In these countries the law serves to protect the people from the government, not like in China the other way around.

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Old 8th Jan 2021, 13:15
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Its all relative and subjective.

Your typical Hong Kong expat understands Asian/Chinese values as much as the typical Asian understands Western values. In many instances right and wrong is relative, not absolute.

Market forces give some indication of what the majority think although that too is subjective. Given property prices continue to increase and the HKMA sells its dollars at a record rate to keep a lid on the HKD cap then a grade 1 student can see the inflow of money continues to outperform the outflow. Will that continue or is it a good investment? If any of us could answer that we wouldn’t be wasting our time with PPRuNe or any other aspect of aviation.

As for western values, the decline of capitalism in 2008 has lead to its death in 2020 virtually making democratic opposition parties little more than enthusiastic supporters who’s only complaint is the decline isn’t happening fast enough.
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Don't fall for it. Amite is clearly part of the 50 cents army.
3 posts blindly supporting big brother; he's getting his pay for the day.
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The Great Return

Very good article albeit sad on many levels..
The deal was done, the fat lady had sung and it was over..
Well, not quite.
2047 was the year #China was to take full control and as usual they lied.. They played their hand 27 years early and I'm sure every last corporation based/headquartered in HK is still gasping for air as they formulate contingency plans that "mitigate" the lawless corrupt thugs to the North..

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I Have Control
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I fear so.
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First The North, then The Rona. Just wait for a regional conflict to kick off. If you aren't sorting out a Plan B for yourselves and your families yet, you should start.
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Wise move.
I’m taking bets over on another thread re our neighbours to the east being set upon sometime in the next couple of weeks while certain players have their heads up their backsides with political and pandemic issues.
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Why stay in HK for retirement !

I have a UK cousin, recently retired, who is choosing to stay on with husband and family in HK.. They have worked out there in finance for the last 35yrs.
Money is not an obvious worry to them.
I cannot understand what the pull is, apart from a large group of church friends. They could choose anywhere else on the planet.
It just confounds us all back here.
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If worked in finance it might be a financial decision.
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