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Courtesy of the new COS18 painters. Just another sign. You REALLY couldn't make this up.
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Well it looks like that plane is the only thing at CX not getting "F"ed
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I think this just confirms no one from the pilots to painters give an F anymore
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Does that mean we now have to get CiiC notes?
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So we had the wing walkers in Europe, the ad men who can't tell the difference between PVG and HKG and now this.

And still management will continue to say that cheap labour is a form of winning. Time to win, indeed.
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Is it ok to wear a different uniform to work? I'm embarrassed to be seen working for these clowns.
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The letter 'F' is double the cost of the other letters. We're in a crisis here. Time to Win!
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Couldn't spell PATHETIC.
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No more F's left to give.

See? God does have a sense of humor.
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14 % saving by leaving the F out. Why not "Cafay" and save another 15% ?
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Wanna know something else funny?....comparing that pic with other 777s suggests they started at the last letter C and worked backwards, so they have 4 letters to repaint not 2!
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Proof that there is no longer an F'in Cathay Paciic. I am amazed they managed to get the rego spelling correct on the nose gear doors.
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It's gone viral on Facebook and made the BBC World news. A spectacular own goal.
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It is a test for new joiners.

They ask them what they see.

If they say ‘one of our airplanes’ — or something along those lines — they are hired.

if they say ‘they misspelled Cathay Pacific’ they are not.

The latter might be a person who actually reads their COS.
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Time to Win

Nobody Gives an F

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Don’t worry, all the critical maintenance you can’t see is done to an impeccably high standard.
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As you imply - what else has been missed? How to turn a once great Airline into a laughing stock in 3 decades of simply awful management. How could such an error not be noticed? I understand the Chinese do not like to lose "Face". Well, stick around to be sniggered at in the Hong Kong Club and similar.
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Obviously the “leaders” will try to make light of this amateur embarrassment. But if I was a member of the travelling public I would be thinking, “ if they can get something so basic wrong and nobody checked it, what else is being done in a slap-dash unprofessional manner? What else is being missed? Have they done the maintenance correctly, will the engines keep running?” This is all so far removed from the well run , professional Cathay of old. Amateur hour.
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I sense that this may be the start of a new era for the opening sequence of Fawlty Towers - a different yet amusing anagram on the side of every Cathay Pacific aircraft.
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