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The 30%

Old 22nd May 2017, 05:42
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The 30%

To the 30%, as you've come to be known, there is something the Chairmen and Directors of this company are not telling you. Something they will not tell you.

Make no mistake, it's too late to save you. That time has passed. It's been passing us by for 15 years since Chinese carriers started merging and ordering record numbers of aircraft. China Southern just over the border is the largest airline in Asia with 523 aircraft.

It's been passing us by since talks began in 2008 to establish Cross-Straight transportation. During 20 years of explosive growth of the Middle Eastern carriers. While partnerships were formed between Chinese carriers and both American and European carriers launching direct service between them. And all the while, we've done...nothing.

Our only action has been to cut around the edges in meaningless ways, not really committing to remaining a premium airline, but not a low cost carrier either. Ordering substandard interior fittings over and over again. Let's create our own EFB! Remember the salt and pepper?

And don't bother telling me again that our fuel gamble is not the problem, that there are long term structural changes in our industry. No kidding, we've all been reading about them for decades as mentioned above. Fuel gambling is THE problem for the 30%. To deny or belittle the impact of the fuel losses is an insult to them. Without this loss, HK$25 Million every day for 2 years now, there would be no need for such desperation. We would still be a very profitable airline like most others seem to be these days. So you're 20 years late in noticing the market has changed around you? That would have been ok. We could just get to work fixing our problems and adapting together as a normal corporate evolution.

But that time has passed. So to our 30%, on behalf of our Chairmen and Directors, we're sorry.
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Old 22nd May 2017, 05:57
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This airline has lost it's soul, it's focus, it's moral core, it's spirit and it's hope. To all of you Swire managers involved in this over the past 20 years, congratulations. I hope you choke on the misery you have caused thousands of people, their families and their hopes and dreams. That is your legacy.
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The cost savings on a daily basis for these redundancies, ballpark, about 2% of daily fuel hedging losses. A bit more RETI chaps and we should be able to knock off the remaining 98%.
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.....that about sums it up.....
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Some of the 30% may well find themselves the lucky ones who get into HKA before the rush. Pilots are already going across, mainly locals. One KA FO went this month and he reports that 5 CX local pilots were at his interview day. If I were a young local FO I'd be seriously considering it too.
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HKA is determined to crush the incumbents here in HK. With their political clout, and a bottomless pit of money, they will eventually crush CX. Their terms and conditions are constantly improving as well, unlike CX where it is a constant race to the bottom of the industry.
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