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Old 7th Jan 2016, 04:30
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Haha.....that did make me laugh Love him or hate him....he's a good guy when you get to know him.
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Old 7th Jan 2016, 05:36
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I hope you are not reading this, as this whole thread is well beneath you.

I have thanked you in person and I will do so again anonymously here. Thank you, I wish you all the best in retirement.
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Old 7th Jan 2016, 08:08
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I call this A S S K I S S I N G!

But ML is ok. I actually enjoyed flying with him. But I also don't care too much because I'm not a little princess like most people here.
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Old 7th Jan 2016, 09:37
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White None,

"Socially, each to their own, no judgement, it takes all types etc; however, for all Mike's supporters, you do realise that there's an enormous, overwhelming silent majority saying nothing to be polite but not... that... upset...."

How would you know that they are silent supporters of your viewpoint.

I suspect that, like myself, they are silent supporters of Mike.
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Old 8th Jan 2016, 13:33
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Uh Huh :-)
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Old 8th Jan 2016, 23:17
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Fortunately every time I got called off reserve it was because half a dozen others had gone sick to avoid flying with him, I was crew controls last resort, sitting on 95+ hrs and got a nice extra bucket of cash because of him.
Thank you CX. God only knows how much these people cost the company, not that we're here to carry punters and turn a profit.
Heaven forbid.
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Old 9th Jan 2016, 10:44
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Never had any problems with him when he was my F/O.
( yes, there really are some old gits lurking on here! )
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Old 10th Jan 2016, 13:55
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If he had one fault, it was that he didn't have the knack of making oxygen thieves feel good about themselves.

Great flying and having the odd rum and coke with you. Enjoy retirement, you've earned it.
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Hear hear, xfr8. A bloody good Chief pilot and Gma to boot.
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Not particularly brave slagging someone off from behind a keyboard. Very nice guy when I knew him back in the Kai Tak days.
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Old 10th Jan 2016, 15:57
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Well, on balance I think ML comes off pretty well on the thread. We've bashed him and praised him. Even the most jaded amongst us would probably not wish him ill in retirement. We will all get there eventually, and none of us will do so without bending a few noses out of joint along the way. Best wishes Mike. Let's give this thread a dignified burial shall we?
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Amen to that. All the best Mike in retirement. If you deign to read this.
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Old 13th Jan 2016, 10:39
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I know others have had run ins with him but he's always been charming and a gentleman to me. Good luck with his new life.
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Average pilot. One of a few who made me uncomfortable on the 400 back in the day. "[email protected] off".

Mediocre (at best) trainer. I watched him train two S/O's. Both left.

But one of the better Boeing characters for the 90's. Maybe the others set a really low standard?

Anyway, he survived three decades at CX. He definitely spoke some common sense when many of his peers were busy keeping silent. Plus he definitely was good company after hours. Happy retirement!
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Thumbs up MFL

Way things are going someone with Mikes Bark and integrity badly needed. Very best of luck MFL
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