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FAU agreement.

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FAU agreement.

Dear Members,

FAU is pleased to announce the result of our YEN 2015. Hopefully this would be the final piece of the Deputize ExCo.

As usual, it has never been easy for any negotiation. To us, we would consider the overall achievements made in this Year End Negotiation is an acceptable package. In particular the review made on the “Disciplinary and Grievance” policy; medical evacuation protection. There are also some minor improvements made on general welfare and benefits for Cabin Crew such as taxi arrangement for “long haul overnight” flights and review on exceptional allowance. In here, we wish to share the achievements with you in brief:

Pay Rise for 2016
Inclusive of the point jump and one off gratuity, MPC will receive a total equivalent to 4%.
For HPC, 4% increment of their hourly rate.
An extra point (point 7) of the Rank Allowance for MPC SP.
Two extra points (point 7 and 8) of the Rank Allowance for MPC FP.

*Please refer to attachment for the details of the 2016 pay rise.

13th month Discretionary Bonus and Profit Share
It is confirmed that the 13th month discretionary bonus will be paid and profit sharing will be paid according to the “Profit Sharing Scheme”.

Disciplinary and Grievance Policy
A fairer mechanism is now in place for Cabin Crew for the appeal hearing at all stages. A formalized appeal procedure is now in place for termination as well. We want all our Members to take note of it. From now on, if you encounter any problems and which you believes the disciplinary actions taken against you is unfair and not justify, you can always trigger the appeal procedures and exercise your right on the "Right of Audience". Any Crew Member or FAU ExCo may accompany you to attend the appeal hearing. That is to ensure the investigation of your case is conducted in a fair and justice way. Most importantly, nobody shall be terminated without valid reason and supporting evidence.

Taxi for all “Long Haul Overnight” Flights
As mentioned in our proposal, our initial approach to address the fatigue concerns on the short layover for long haul flights is to demand ISD to lengthen the layover. Throughout the YEN, FAU ExCo have put our best effort and maintain a firm stance on this. However, we were being heavily slapped by ISD on the fact that No fatigue reports have been submitted by the operating crew. This has significantly weakened our findings made in our proposal.

Nonetheless, FAU ExCo view the importance to address the fatigue issue that Cabin Crew are facing. With the understanding that the current short layover long haul will only exist when they are not a daily operation, FAU counter proposed taxi reimbursement to minimize the fatigue level of the operating crew.

To this, ISD has now agreed to offer two-way taxi fare reimbursement for crew operating all long haul flights with scheduled layover 30 hours or less.

The ExCo has urged ISD to implement this from 01 January 2016, however, ISD claimed that they need more time to make the arrangement, and the targeted implementation date will be anytime in January 2016.

Exceptional Allowance
On top of our current policy, enhancement have been made to include delays which involves repeated “block on” and “block off”, which will cause a stretch of delays. Such an amendment will be able to reflect the actual time of delay for the flight when making our claim for the Exceptional Allowance.

Medical Coverage whilst layover in outport
Medical Evacuation has now been formalized and covered. ISD has promised to continue their support to Crew Members who are engaged in acute injury and accident whilst in outport.

Special Meal requisition for Cabin Crew
A system will be in place in June 2016 for all Hong Kong Based operating Cabin Crew to request their preferred meal to meet your dietary and religious needs.

Tertiary Leave for Hourly Paid Crew (HPC)
ISD agreed to offer an extra option for individual to break down their leave entitlement into 3 slots (LP / LS / LT). For further information, please refer to the attachment.

ISD is now working on the simulation to ensure the enhancement will not cause unnecessary impact on productivity. It is expected that this will be available for leave bidding in 2016.

Briefcase for Male Cabin Crew
To assist Male Cabin Crew to safe keep our valuables and the iPad issued by ISD, FAU has suggested ISD to issue a soft document bag for all the Male Cabin Crew. ISD has now confirmed to begin their sourcing for this item.

Extension of Retirement Age and Induction Talk
FAU is extremely disappointed with the stance of CX in regards of these two issues.

ISD has been very reluctant in discussing the Extension of Retirement Age; even though FAU has tried in suggesting to use it as a recognition programme for those crew who are retiring, to continue their contribution to the Company. ISD still refused to look into this issue and excused that there is no provision of Age Discrimination Ordinance in Hong Kong regarding retirement. FAU ExCo would not drop this issue aside and would keep looking into ways to pursue on this issue.

It is also sad to see our Management ignore the need to properly recognise and acknowledge the status of FAU and to allow the Union to establish a bridge between Cabin Crew and Management. Our kind gesture to meet up the inductee during their lunch break has also been declined.

In conclusion, the Deputise ExCo have tried our utmost effort in this YEN and hope you will extend your continuous support to your Union.

FAU will soon be calling for the ExCo Election for 2015~2017. We sincerely hope to see a New Team being elected. For Members who are passionate and have brilliant ideas to improve the way FAU work and achieve, we strongly urge you to come forward and lead a better future for FAU
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Good for them!

Embarrassing for the pilots.

A taxi for a "short" long haul pattern to address fatigue?

Did I misread that? I think what it was supposed to say is:

Taxi allowance after a 30+ hr continuous duty

Oh wait. They don't do that.

For gods sake, this pilot group needs to man up.
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"...all long haul flights with scheduled layover 30 hours or less"

So you mean like....ALL the standard long haul patterns we do?
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I think it is hilarious that they have gone EFB before FOP.

Have any "real" airlines done that as well?

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This is what a union looks like. Nice going guys and gals.

Glad I've never actually checked under the skirt of any crew, I suspect I'd find larger balls than on some of our stoop-shouldered gutless fearful "leaders."
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And they do it with lower dues and less staff/overhead.
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Originally Posted by Shutterbug View Post
our stoop-shouldered gutless fearful "leaders."
I think you mean members!

Anyone can put a motion forward for a STRIKE.
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All very beguiling. Frankly they ( the Olympic torch carriers that never go out) have f..k all to lose. Education, getting your mortgage paid off etc etc. Sadly one man's meat is another's poison here and that's why you'll never see concerted industrial action.
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I've personally never much bought off on the golden handcuffs argument. Most expats are from developed nations where one isn't going to starve and one isn't going to debtors prison. I think some trap themselves by their perspective and philosophy rather than realizing one only gets one life to lead and the most valuable commodity in life is time. Moreover, most have marketable skills, most of us can do other things if need be, and Hong Kong is a pretty easy place to skip town/simply walk away from (and any potential lingering commitments) if it would really come to it.

Take the long term view considering the 'big picture,' but do so with understanding the vector of where things are and have been going over the past years. Understand the situation for what it is; not what you would like it to be or think it could be. Conditions aren't going to get a lot better, nor are they likely to get a lot worse in the near term. There will be no magic solution for pressing issues anytime soon. This is the situation one faces.

One sets up one's own walls and can tear them down at will. There's little reason to be afraid.

If you like it, stay. If it's tolerable but things have gone south a bit consider other options and give an objective look as to what you want to do with your life. If one has grown to hate it or is losing time one won't get back from being with family/loved ones, consider leaving and doing something else. You'll get by somehow just like the bazillions of other folks do. Pretty simple.

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Yes Shep. Whether you buy in to it or not is irrelevant as it's very easy to spout vicarious horseshit from the sidelines when ONE isn't actually living an expatriate lifestyle. 70% of the pilots in this outfit are in HK, our respective home markets are stuffed, and whilst the company are taking ever increasing steps to diminish our number a lot of our brethren do view the housing market etc and other benefits as their provident fund. Given that the company one is pants. And frankly there's no other gig left like it. And that's why you won't see any concerted industrial action (save what you see now) here. Do you not think it has been thought of before and discounted ?
Good use of the formal pronoun by the way. It's over use is almost as bad as one not using it at all. ��

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Well then I'll just have to send you some cheese for all that whine. Harden up princess or do something about your lot.

I don't see a lot of folks standing over fire barrels in the cold with no safety net as was the case in many nations pasts. Enjoy your self-made prison.
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I wasn't whining. Nor bitching nor moaning. Just pointing out the bleeding obvious. Cheese. Rimshire or Whelksleydale ? Just so long as it isn't any of that shite from F Street. Apparently one of our Canuck colleagues barfed over it.
And as to my lot ? Perfectly in order, my prince, perfectly in order.
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And before I try and sleep in this apparently self imposed gaol, we have shit air, a rudderless inept administration ( I won't dignify it by calling it a government) however, we thankfully don't have this:-
Sleep well.
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Good post Shep!!

Frankly they ( the Olympic torch carriers that never go out) have f..k all to lose.
It's easy to make such a comment when you're sh!t scared of your own shadow.

Just curious, do you actually take the time to chat to some of the gals and guys you fly with? You don't think they have financial obligations and commitments like you do (kids, mortgage, etc)? Or perhaps you think they fly for sh!ts and giggles and to be bestowed by your god like presence.

Instead of giving us a link that's completely irrelevant to the topic being discussed, why don't you f,,ken enlighten yourself and have a look at the median salaries for low level jobs in Hong Kong. Then ask yourself if a senior Purser doesn't have f..k all to lose.

Ignorant Ahole
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Flap10, the dude probably thinks he's in the middle east where all locals have their housing education etc paid for
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