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Contract Compliance going into week 3

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

Contract Compliance going into week 3

Old 14th Dec 2014, 12:42
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Contract Compliance going into week 3

I've just spent 3 days of reserve without hearing a single word from Crew Control, and that despite the fact that at least one whole set of crew expired without even leaving the home port because their jet went tech.
I am close to 50h for the month, so it wasn't because I'm expensive to call out.
And I'm way below the 900h mark for the year. RQ FO.

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Old 14th Dec 2014, 12:58
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Mr. Churchill,

I've heard there are Nazi spies in the village, and Hitler has deployed super-weapons. We are losing the war. I'm scared and was wondering what your thoughts were....
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Old 14th Dec 2014, 18:08
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Perhaps one nut on one wheel is somewhat less than its ideal torque setting.

But we're a long way from seeing wheels falling off.

With the current defensive rostering, Cx has more coverage and greater flexibility than ever. It will be well into 2015 before the company begins to feel any negative consequences.

You're well below the 900 hour mark?
So CX hasn't needed you for the past year.
Why did you think that would change in your first 3 days of reserve??
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Old 15th Dec 2014, 00:00
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Freight dog
I prescribe a large dose of redtube for your anxiety
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Old 15th Dec 2014, 00:26
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yes, so much for ....lets start CC so that we can bring the company to it's knees

Total BS! It did not work in the past and it will not work now!
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Old 15th Dec 2014, 00:33
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Wanna swap?

Does your last name start with a letter at the end of the alphabet?

I got called every single day, and the new duties even extend into my O day and into my following trip.
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Old 15th Dec 2014, 03:35
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Frogman. Then just live on your knees ok? Pathetic. If CC won't work, then explain why RH is so incensed that he has to resort to thinly veiled threats to counter it? Also, explain why the have cancelled numerous flights for the next few months (LAX/LHR)? It will work, just give it time. In the meantime, be an a** and give the enemy a helping hand with some more pathetic posts.

Last edited by Trafalgar; 15th Dec 2014 at 06:50.
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Old 15th Dec 2014, 03:40
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I would kill for 3 days on reserve and not get called out ,what a pleasure
Trust me they may have defensive rostering with more reserve but it will cost them as more and more pilots reach their 30 days on reserve per annum
Just enjoy it and stop complaining
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Old 15th Dec 2014, 07:54
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Management weapons ..... close the door into Dispatch and delay the roster ...... watch those pesky pilots squeal!!
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Old 15th Dec 2014, 08:51
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I'm at 110 hours with 2 days of RSV unassigned. Yeah, they aren't assigning me trips because I am the cheapest!
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Old 15th Dec 2014, 09:42
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Stick with it....any and all crewing flex will eventually be gone.

It's not a question of "will" the wheels fall off, but "when".
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Old 15th Dec 2014, 09:51
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Chaps, please see the facts behind the current situation. The only way that CX can maintain the 'appearance' of normality is because they canceled hundreds of flights from the schedule in ANTICIPATION of CC. The reason that things appear untroubled is that they are not flying thousands of pax and freight a week that they would have otherwise been carrying. They would rather cost themselves millions of $$$ instead of lose face. They will only be able to carry that facade off for a short period of time. Eventually people far higher than the RH's of the world will start asking some very difficult questions. Keep doing what you are doing. They emperor has no clothes and soon everyone will see that.
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Old 15th Dec 2014, 10:21
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Wot Trafalgar said.

Truth is the first casualty. They will do everything they can to avoid letting us know that CC is working.

Stay the course (and it can be a long course too, mind you! 5 years last time, or something like that...).
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Old 15th Dec 2014, 11:37
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Ohhhh I see they started canceling the LAX flight a few months ago because they knew we were going to go into CC over December...Riiiiight!
I get it now Yes Trafalgar it will work ...this time it is different!
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Old 15th Dec 2014, 12:49
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Your hillarious
100$ YOU WERE AT the staff party having a boogy with 3 rd floor , or are you 3rd floor
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Old 15th Dec 2014, 13:48
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Frogman. I made a comment about 'ignorance' on a different thread. I see after reading your comments the same word applies here. You obviously know nothing about the situation, nor do you seem to want to understand the facts. One question: if CC was not going to have an effect, then perhaps you can explain RH's almost hysterical emails that were laced with intimidation, obfuscation and outright lies. Quite a strange reaction if CC was going to be ineffectual.
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Old 15th Dec 2014, 22:24
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Yes you are right I know nothing about the situation. You, on the other hand, obviously have a firm grip on reality! Please enlighten me with the facts and help me cure my ignorance!

There is a big difference between a rant email and what is happening on the line.
Let's face the facts...how many passenger services have been cancelled to date?
How many have been significantly delayed due to CC? I'm afraid to say... Zero!

Last week at dispatch out of the 15-20 crew members at dispatch two of us were wearing the red lanyard, the rest were not. When I asked my FO why he was not wearing his, his reply was that he did not want to bring attention to himself.

Please do yourself a favour and look at the history of this company and tell me when did CC ever work in the past? Yes...this time is different!
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Old 16th Dec 2014, 00:59
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Frogman. Even if you genuinely held the opinion that you are stating, why on earth would you be so intent on pushing it out here in this manner? All you do is risk weakening the resolve of others who are genuinely making an effort to demonstrate to the company the value of their goodwill. Further, the company had a VERY good idea that CC would be instituted in December, which is why they DID cancel 1/4 of the LAX services for the next two months, and why they have had to cancel a host of LHR services as well. Not to mention many others too numerous and varied to mention. So yes, CC is already having an effect. It has forced their hand early on. Please, feel free to argue about it, but the facts remain. You can continue to help support the company point of view if you wish. I truly don't know why you would wear your lanyard....or question your FO about it. Based on most of your comments, I really don't believe that anyway.
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Old 16th Dec 2014, 01:40
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I would love to believe that all these cancelled flights were caused by CC but suspect that most of those London flights were cancelled by them being between Christmas and New Year; a period when we are unlikely to fill so many 777's between Hong Kong and London.

The LA ones? Is it CC or is it just us being short of pilots all round.

Without doubt, CC will have an impact but it will take time. Many of my friends are already asking whether they will get to their destination over Christmas; public insecurity and doubt is as important a result as cancelled flights.

Frogman; i don't spend much time looking around dispatch but i will give you a snapshot of my flights. All bar one person, who was australian based, has shown up with red lanyards. You might not agree with the path being taken, but its a shame that you cannot fully support the direction that our elected Committee (or should i say our VOTES) has taken.

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Old 16th Dec 2014, 01:43
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Frogman is a classic disinformation troll, ignore him.
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