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Vote on "Offer"

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Shep, some people will just never get it.

Those that think bases and freighter commands were taken "out of seniority" when they were offered to all, in seniority order, will just never get it.

The argument that the pay was lower so therefore it's "out of seniority" is not valid. Anyone who has ever worked at an airline with a REAL seniority system and different pay for different aircraft knows this.

The old "save the bullet for the real fight" has been heard time and time again. The bullet is not a bullet, it's a carrot.

Didn't we hear the same arguments before the LAST pay adjustment passed by a 75% vote? When was the bullet, that was promised to be used for FTLs, used?

My guess: the majority will roll over just like they always have and always will. The pilot group will be further divided, as intended.
I needed a laugh. Yes they offered commands to everyone, right now irrespective of your seniority if you ditched $60k plus in housing and took $24K instead. Yes while fighting to convince the company we need more pay some took command and the opportunity to get paid way less.

Good for you. And much like now, if no-one selfishly took the cheap command offer it would send the company back to the drawing board for something better. Didn't happen then, won't happen now.

Everyone has their own unique set of circumstances and at CX they will always act in their own best interests.
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Old 15th Sep 2014, 03:21
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No expert on RP07, but I imagine the next time RP's are "negotiated" it will go something like this:

CX: we want more productivity. If you bend over and don't squeal too much we may give you a couple of extra dollars (in normal circumstances).
AOA: we don't want to work more for virtually nothing.
CX: no problem, you are now on 90 days notice to terminate RP07 after which we will be rostering to the AFTL's (utilising some extra variations that we have tricked the CAD into).

Negotiation complete. Whats's next? Housing...
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I don't disagree Rod, but one will come before the other...
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April Fools Day ?

Did they really just offer you this insulting "raise", and then make it effective on April 1st ? April Fools day.

The Swire Group certainly have an interesting sense of humor.
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Old 16th Sep 2014, 00:04
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They introduced B scales on April 1st as well
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Why doesn't the public know?

I don't understand how the public doesn't know about the new deal the new pilots are getting. They think we are all greedy pilots that get 100k a year for housing etc etc.

Why doesn't the union let the people know that the new guys are only getting 37k a month plus 10 hkpa???......don't think they would believe it personally.
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Now is the time
they are on the edge , we know it , they know it . Vote accordingly. Don't let this moment pass, only to be disappointed again with your gut

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