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Danger Incredible

The Chinese can buy 30 million USD houses in other countries, yet only have 100 000 USD for the Philipines.

Morality count. Zilch
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Don't forget China looks down on the Philippines for trying to claim islands which she has recently drawn red dotted lines around. The Philippines are an enemy deserving of little sympathy?
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The hostility between China and the Philippines is long-standing, and this offering is designed to show exactly that.
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This makes them look pretty evil in the eyes of the world.
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Update - China have increased their offer to 10 mill Yuan, about $1.64 Mill Us


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The Chinese are only interested in themselves. They make no pretence otherwise. I recently had an opportunity to see first hand what they are doing in parts of Africa and it is not a pretty picture.
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not a pretty picture.

No, really? I'm aghast!

Is it as bad as the Brits and other European Colonialist did all over Africa not so long ago?
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I was chatting to a couple of Filipino air force pilots in Manila yesterday and they said the Americans were doing an amazing job thus far. They felt pretty bad they had little to work with themselves but that's the Philippines!

So to the last couple of posters, time your crack at the Yanks a bit better. I'd suggest there's a lot of people relying on their help at the moment.

Nice to see the Qatari and Indian C17's on the MNL tarmac too.

And on China. They've screwed up here with their foreign policy through a lack of decency. The Filipinos will most likely be very seriously looking militarizing the former giant US bases on Luzon. I'd expect some interesting developments in the future; beyond an obvious return of American forces we may even see a few flag waving exercises from the Japanese and Indians. Won't that piss off the mainland.

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"A friend in need, is a friend indeed." Horrible situation with a twist on foreign affairs. It is adolescently obvious, how 'small minded,' some countries are acting in such times. For China, they only "print" relief for their economic interest.
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Old 15th Nov 2013, 00:39
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To a fair extent, what you say is true.

However, the PLA has invested heavily in mobility ( for civil control ) and should have the means and experience ( Sichuan ) to contribute something worthwhile to relief efforts. But they have chosen no to.
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Things are'nt always what they seem

Your frame of reference will shape you views

perhaps the Chinese are not rushing in as quickly as the yanks because they are acutely aware of the fact that such problems are internal problems and unless help is requested one should not merely assume that one is able to solve everyone's else problem i.e. don't meddle in my affairs and I won't meddle in yours rather than don't meddle in my affairs but I'm free to meddle in yours in the name of righteousness, but I presume being a yank you won't understand this pov

in other words, there might also be a cultural bias here towards action or inaction when it comes to the sovereignty of another country
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silber..good and truthfull post.Aid is desperately needed but once again, it's the people affected by this disaster that lose out..again..they lose their homes and loved ones and then lose out on not getting aid. ALL VFR traffic, including my request to use an appropriate heavy lifting short field aero plane, together with a British Doctor with full med aid..has been refused!!..and yes, even when kids are starving, obese Philippino senators wait like vultures for the carving up of aid packages. It's no surprise that China has diminished the dollar hand out..maybe the yanks and the UK should do the same....?
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Yep once again the Americans have stepped up and done the right thing.
They always do.
A Nimitz class Carrier and numerous support ships sitting off TAC now ( USSGW ) along with its 25+ Helo's and crew, doing an amazing job.

Don't knock the yanks.

A whole battle group sailed at short notice down there.

Oh and guess what, no Oil reserves in TAC that I know of...
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Agree with you about Iraq. But that is a political decision made by spineless elected officials. I say if your unwilling or unable to wipe your enemy out. Then whats the point. All they do is regroup and become a irritant again. War was fought that for thousands of years. The new way is a failure.
Americans are the most generous people on the planet. The facts show that. And what makes anyone think the Philippine government didn't as the US for help?
I don't give a crap about the internal politics of Britain, Canada or Australia. I wish you non US citizens would extend the same courtesy.
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With all due respect, the UK government has donated 50 million Pounds already, and that doesn't include privately raised donations. The UK is a lot smaller than the US.
If you want to knock foreign country's contributions, maybe start with China. They have one of the World's best hospital ships, the Peace Ark....ha ha ha.....currently anchored in Shanghai, which they refuse to send, and so far they have donated 200,000USD. I personally think this is a typical, yet despicable, response and shows China in its true colours.
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Read my post. I was not knocking anyone's countries contribution. I was just advocating that the US stop being the fourms default punching bag example of what's wrong with the world.
By the way I don't see anyone else's carrier sitting off the Philippines flying aid. I bet that costs lots of $$$.
I ask that before we beat up on America. Let's all ask ourselves what the world would look like today without her.
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your having a laugh right? "imagine what the world would look like with the US"? a better looking world I would say
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...yea, with Russia, China, Iran, Al-Queda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Boko-Haram...etc, etc.... Yup. The world would be a MUCH better place.... says you are 43. Time to grow up sonny boy....
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Not laughing. Just stating a opinion. I would be happy to listen to your arguments on how England would make this world a better place then say the US. Standing by.
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Russian and China had no plans for world domination, and as for the rest they were either created due to the US presence in the Middle East (or created directly by the CIA ) or would have no interest in the US, just like they have no interest now in all the other countries that have minded their own business.
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