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EK now hiring.

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EK now hiring.

F/O positions, direct entry A380.

Now there's a shiny new jet if you're interested.

Suitable for new joiners and JF/Os who might like to be a little closer to Europe, or you can hold out for a base.

Some benefits:

Emirates pilots are provided with company accommodation (including an additional utilities support allowance) or accommodation allowance.
Company Transport
Our pilots enjoy personal chauffeur service to and from their residence and work locations, within the city limits of Dubai.

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and no doubt we will see the same migration as before from the many CX moaners on PPRuNe - virtually zero.
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Regardless the hours, you can actually live like a king and breathe fresh. Your kingdom now is no longer a 500 sq feet box.
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and no doubt we will see the same migration as before from the many CX moaners on PPRuNe - virtually zero.
I think this time we will...because of one word..."housing"....

A shoe box or highrise in Tung Chung vs. a MASSIVE high rise on Sheikh Zaid Road or a villa...

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speed up Cadet hiring, good news for local new joiner.

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Is this the same Emirates Airline ?

Boris Johnson had no idea about the clause in Transport for London's contract with the Emirates not to criticise the Dubai government or do deals concerning the Thames cable car with Israel, his office has admitted.

And the Mayor called on TfL boss Sir Peter Hendy to immediately renegotiate the contract, which Emirates have agreed to do.

The Huffington Post reported on Tuesday that the Mayor had effectively gagged himself and TfL from criticising the Emirati government or Royal Family in connection with the Emirates Airline, and agreed to abide by UAE foreign policy when entering into contracts and partnerships relating to the cable car while the deal is in place.

That meant a ban on deals with Israel, the only country which the UAE does not have diplomatic relations.

The Mayor's official spokesman told HuffPost UK both clauses were being drafted.

"The Mayor was unaware of the clause in question, the details having been drawn up by TfL officials," she said.

"When he was told about the clause yesterday he asked Sir Peter Hendy to speak to Emirates. Following those discussions Emirates agreed to remove the clause and re-work the wording.

"The Mayor is pleased Emirates has moved quickly to clarify the situation."

Emirates said they were happy to comply with the Mayor's request.

“The clause in the Emirates contract with TfL was put in place to protect the commercial interests of the Emirates brand. The clause was not intended to discriminate against any particular person, religion or country," a spokesman told HuffPost UK, referring to the ban on deals with Israel.

"Given the misinterpretation of this clause Emirates has agreed with TfL to remove it from the contract. Emirates, a global multicultural, multimedia company, does not discriminate against passengers of any race, people or religion.

"Emirates is proud to employ people from over 160 nationalities and connect people from all backgrounds across our international network.”

On Wednesday, TfL told HuffPost UK the contract does not ban expressions of opinion and said it was standard for a sponsor to expect that it would not sell the cable car on to someone else that contradicts the commercial interests of Emirates - including any Israeli company.

But the transport authority has since revised its opinion, telling HuffPost UK on Wednesday morning they would soon publish the revised wording of the contract.

Danny Price, TfL’s Head of the Emirates Air Line, said: "We have agreed with Emirates that this clause should be removed from the contract.

"The intention behind it was always to give Emirates the option to withdraw their sponsorship should we sell the Emirates Air Line to someone else, something which is common in such contracts.

"We will work on, and publish, alternative wording to express this in these simple terms. Moreover, we cannot foresee any circumstances in which we would sell the Emirates Air Line."

Johnson came under fire from Labour Assembly members for his lack of attention to detail.

Labour London Assembly Member Andrew Dismore said: “TfL clearly have not read their own contract.

“It is clear that if TfL wished to bring an Israeli company into the operation or monitoring of the performance of the cable car, it would be in breach of this contract.

“It is clear the contract is aimed at boycotting Israeli businesses. If it is not, why do they have these terms in the contract at all?

“It is fatuous of TfL to suggest that it is to exclude an organisation “that cuts across the commercial interests of a main sponsor” and that "this is standard practice”.

“If that were the case, the “conflicting person” definition would be set out in terms of commercial conflicting interests, not in terms of diplomatic interests by referring to countries with which the UAE does not maintain diplomatic relations.

“This cannot by any stretch be seen as normal standard business practice.”

The £63m Emirates Air Line cable car travels across the Thames from North Greenwich to the Royal Docks.

The former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, told HuffPost UK earlier he would never have agreed to such a clause.

"Boris just doesn't do detail. He was very busy writing a book about the history of London at the time," he said.
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Caveat emptor: do your due diligence.

Smog or sand,Suzie Wongs or Camels take your pick.
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Agreed, but probably more chance of a new joiner eventually skippering an A380 into Heathrow in a reasonable time frame rather than waiting decades to command a clapped-out A330 into Taipei on yet another split duty.

Also a thread on the Terms forum about Delta now hiring in the States. Good news for the global pilot community.

However, this lot sees every experienced, expensive expat leaving or retiring as eventually replacable with a cheap, inexperienced, malleable, passive ex-cadet, no inconvenient foreign base required, just grateful to be 'flying' a big shiny jet.

As an aside, it was interesting reading the latest AOA update regarding the financial implications of the administration and closure of the Paris base: company defence,...'wah, we Hong Kong company, we do wha' we wan'. It may be worthwhile for retired crew who have held a Paris base to contact the AOA.

Arrogance combined with incompetence can be a bad combination.

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Just applied myself. Only 4 years of housing left.. not a huge loss and I'd rather skipper better equipment to better cities.
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So you've had 21 years of housing?
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Why is it that we constantly discuss the same old bs ?

Americans will leave to UPS or United, Emirates will cause cadets to leave/ not apply in the first place, quick commands in the ME will cause mass immigration, BLA BLA BLA. Guys, pleeeeeeeeeease..

We will never have a pilot shortage at Cathay. Never ever. Just accept it and move on, this discussion isn't helpful and pointless.

Join the union and stand your ground.
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no equity into my housing
The same as if you rent here using the housing allowance.

Oh, yea, forgot, the new guys don't get that anymore......
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Airline Applications


Delta - Pilots

Now i am going to throw my kfc tray away
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Man, I never thought I would see the day were Delta's hiring mins are bare ATP mins. If that doesn't tell you there is a shortage, I don't know what does.

Also hard to believe that the DAL/NWA mega-merger did not furlough a single pilot.
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Wow...full staff travel after 30 days...BN would get a heart attack of we demanded that...
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and no equity into my housing...
You have the option of opting out of Company Accommodation and taking the allowance.
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"You have the option of opting out of Company Accommodation and taking the allowance."

Yup, buy the flat and keep the housing allowcn.
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umm... 11 years.. I don't believe the 25 year housing as promised is in the cards
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I'd wager we could get it, but at what cost?
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From the EK website :
Is this true ?

I have heard it said that commercial pilots with Emirates fly very long hours. Is this true?

"Our crews are augmented on all very long flights. Our monthly flight times may vary based on aircraft deliveries, seasons, and fleet size but we are limited by our governing agency to fly 900 hours annually."

So in essence no EK Pilot flies more than 900 hrs per annum ?

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