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The totalitarian state is revealed. He's currently here in HK.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: 'I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things' ? video | World news |
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Good luck to him - I think he'll need it!

(Maybe he is available to give our pilots a series of lectures entitled "Balls, and where to find them").
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Obama tries to justify it by claiming it doesn't apply to Americans.
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The so called "conspiracy theorists" were right after all!
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An Open Door:

If the Hongkong government is reluctant to co-operate he could always ease over to North Korea. Joesph Dresnok the american serviceman who defected from South Korea says life in Pyongyang for a foreigner is pretty good and that he does not wish to live anywhere else. ( including the USA )

Air Koryo the national airline of the DPRK operate regular flights from Vladivostok to Pyongyang so as well as Iceland that door is still open.

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Do not know why he choose HK
(If indeed he is here )
Unchallenged press reports have documented the role of HK in extraordinary renditions via HK in the past.....
Does anyone think there is a connection between the nsa leaks and the press reports that HMG pays Swire around 850,000 Hk per month for accommodation for their Consul General at Stubbs Rd ??
Apparently it has a nice view ....
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Incredibly Naive or very cunning

I agree... I found his description of Hong Kong as some (ad lib) bastion of liberty frighteningly naive. I guess he wasn't reading all those cables about Hongkie cops snatching Free Tibet T-shirt wearing youths left right and up the middle along the parade route for the Olympic torch, or the gross mandhandling of protestors and reporters during mainland officials' visits to our fair city.

And he's dead-wrong on assuming the Hongkers won't summarily hand him over to the US if requested to. Then I saw an interview with one-time CIA case officer Bob Bear wondering if young Mr. Snowden wasn't some sort of Chinese plant meant to embarrass the US on cyber issues just as Xi Jinping was stepping off his plane for his meet with Barry. According to Bear's interpretation Hong Kong is mainland intelligence's bailiwick and Mr. Snowden's fate is up to the whims of the communists.

We'll soon see. Either way, the information he's released has essentially been public knowledge for several years now for anyone with the slightest interest in the matter. The CIA used a front company as an angel investor for Facebook... so Zuckerberg's comment that FB doesn't "hand-over" user information to the intelligence community is partly correct: he doesn't need to. The intelligence community is seeded inside the company. They don't need anything handed over. They have direct access.

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I doubt very much he's a Chinese plant, that's just disinfo, the yanks can't bear to think that one of their own has split ranks and spilled the beans, they're just trying to save face and hope that the sheep will buy into this quite obvious disinformation campaign. It's about time someone told it how it is, I agree with his sentiments, 1984 should be a thing of fiction. George Orwell, real name Eric Blair, saw this coming years ago,
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And with everything else being so exceptionally well handled by the US government right now, why be upset by "modest encroachments on privacy?" (Obama's words) It's not like they'll stick the IRS on you, or target an American citizen with a CIA drone. Then, they would never lie about it in the aftermath by "editing the talking points" to change the narrative. Of course, once the truth was revealed, no one important would know anything about it, preferring instead to throw low level civil servants under the bus and intimidate (demote) them into silence.

Disgusting times we live in! Where's the outrage so many expressed during the Bush years? Oh, that's right. The international community loves Obama. What's not to love??? This is the most corrupt administration since Nixon, but what else should we expect from a Chicago politician and all his comrades?

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Now can we get back to the important issues. Like, who is Kim K going to wear to the summer dance:-) Vera or Gucci?
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A good article here from Ron Paul the man that should be in the White house!

Ron Paul On Government Spying: "Should We Be Shocked?" | Zero Hedge

Is This How Obama Is Checking Your Email? | Zero Hedge
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Chirp, chirp, chirp...

Might as well delete this thread so some big government lefty does not get all upset by the non-PC banter.

Great editorial today by Cal Thomas if this stuff interests you.

Cal Thomas Official Web Site - When government can?t be trustedBy Cal ThomasTribune Media ServicesWithout the slightest hint of irony, President Obama said last week, ?If people can?t trust not only the executive branch but also don?t trust Congress,
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CX Monitoring Private Data etc via MDM

Have u all seen the push by Cx to get us to install MDM (Mobile decive Manager) onto our ipads. Marketed to a provide better source to view iJourney light etc.

By accepting and installing this onto our private device we now give Cx permision to monitor and control ALL DATA (incl our own private data)

They can also DEVICE WIPE all our data if need be.

Personally I think this is a step to far.
If they want us to use such mediums, give us company IPADs.
We need to protect our personal devices for personal use. Not mix and match.

FYI ' This way they can "inhouse" monitor your postings on PPRuNe as well"

Be warned, but lets also push to get company devices as well.
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