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Who the hell is Anna T?
Sad to see the Mark 8 moving on. Who will be the one to turn out the lights on the 400?
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And I see R.D. is moving on from Line Ops to COO of AirHK.

And who the hell is Anna T?
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Anna T is a Swire prince(ss?) who has bounced around Cathay and AHK for the last 20ys. Basically cut from the same cloth as the last couple. So expect more of the same head knocking and 19th century HR.......
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I don't think she has the balls for the job!
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I just hope she has the brains to actually speak with pilots before making big decisions on how to manage them.
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Nothing for PH anywhere. Some good news then
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And NR moving again as well.... No money in Cargo then....
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I hope Swire realised the level of stife generated by the last individuals.
MH as GMO seems a step forward.
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And having done a great job at cargo our past DFO now becomes Director Personnel.
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The more things change- the more they stay the same

If tradition holds, the senior person on the Aircraft Flight Safety Video goes on to become DFO. I guess the swap of RD across to AHK for AT is just RD broadening his experience before replacing RH as DFO.

I wager AT will be a puppet of NR. Management by remote control. That is mildly amusing as one of the first things NR will have to deal with is the steamng pile of stinky p00 of SHP claims. Amusing, because it was his inaction that created this mess.

Karma.... What a bitch

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This is just another case of no significant change.

The DFO AHK slot is probably available due to retirement of the incumbent. The popular guy moving there will most likely stay in position until his retirement. This is a loss for CX Pilots and a gain for all at AHK. However, his replacement as GMO is same-same.

With NR staying in CX City he can continue his puppet show through the DFO.

The GMA position is a poisoned chalice. I guess that the good news on the promotion would have been followed by a quick brief. "Sort out this can of worms, ignore the court cases and deliver us a cost savings of 10% by the end of the year... any questions?"
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The appointment of a woman as GMA is either a stroke of genius or utter folly. If she has any brains, she will know what she is taking on. Either she will want to make some positive changes to the appalling relationship we have with our Managers or will just be given the 'chalice' and told to do as she's instructed. I'd love to sit in on the handover from PH. All I can say is 'Good Luck' because you can't do any worse than the present incumbent.
Well done to Mark 8 though. Genuine talent recognised.
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Undoubtedly..."do as instructed".

Swire has hired some seriously talented Chinese graduates over the years but without exception, they have all left due to tokenism and slow promotion.

Those that floated to the surface (with a few exceptions in shipping) like PC were sub-par.

Gweilos..would become outport managers within 5 years...locals 15-20 years.

We are now seeing some local talent as country managers which is a very good thing. FWIW.
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MH congrats and great choice.

GL for Boeing fleet manager or Pete L for the 747 otherwise.

AT I think will be better than PH.

It is not the image we like to have when we think of business leaders. But troubling research indicates that in the ranks of senior management, psychopathic behavior may be more common than we think – more prevalent in fact than the amount such seriously aberrant behavior occurs in the general population.

At first blush this may seem counterintuitive, even outrageous. We tend to think of psychopathy as the province of criminals, with leadership qualities that may land someone atop a fringe religious cult, say – not in a boardroom. But before discussing the research, let’s consider for a moment why this possibility is actually less bizarre than it may initially seem.

The hallmarks of the psychopathic personality involve egocentric, grandiose behavior, completely lacking empathy and conscience. Additionally, psychopaths may be charismatic, charming, and adept at manipulating one-on-one interactions. In a corporation, one’s ability to advance is determined in large measure by a person’s ability to favorably impress his or her direct manager. Unfortunately, certain of these psychopathic qualities – in particular charm, charisma, grandiosity (which can be mistaken for vision or confidence) and the ability to “perform” convincingly in one-on-one settings – are also qualities that can help one get ahead in the business world.
If she's a charmer watch out!

Sutch is moving up fast and Dad was a charmer!


One who casts spells; an enchanter or magician.

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Head of the table

SMOC Quote:-
" If she's a charmer watch out!
Sutch is moving up fast and Dad was a charmer!"

Indeed, let's not forget that he sat at the head of the table in the boardroom!
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Anyone know what the new GMA's position was in AHK?
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Does anyone know who is taking over from Mark 8 in the 747-8 Operations Office (also referred to as the 747 Fleet Office)?
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I bet you can figure it out in two guesses.
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Get a life people..who gives a ****'s all the same Masonic , round table crap on the little guy and marginalize the Pilot will be a corporate corriollis effect in the end and Swire will bid us all adios for the new pretenders at China S or East..FGS....
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Thanks Pucka, que a million posts about blasphemy.
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