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From the DFOs update:

CX to launch new service to JEDDAH
It was announced this week that Jeddah, the second major commercial city in Saudi Arabia, will become our 46th online passenger destination wef 25th October 2009. We will operate HKG-DXB-JED v.v. with an Airbus A330-300 aircraft four times weekly. The schedule will mean that the aircraft is on the ground in JED for approximately 6 hours not quite long enough for crew to clear customs and get to a hotel down town for the required split-duty rest. The idea, at this stage, therefore, is for crew to take rest on the aircraft and return to DXB the same day. This is not ideal but perhaps preferable to two or three night stays in JED and, with capacity being cut to many other destinations in the CX system, we need to do whatever is necessary to take advantage of such commercial opportunities. The view is that JED is going to be a strong market for front-end travel and cargo.

So it would have to be a shuttle out of DXB?

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3 days in Jeddah, why not, beautiful place, culture and people
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Why does the plane have to be in the ground for 6 hours?

Opportunity my ass. This is just another example of the lunacy that goes on up there. It is only the third floor, but it must be high enough that they are suffering from hypoxia.

Yet another trick to operate this mickey mouse airline with not enough staff.
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another good reason to be flying the 744 i reckon! to the airbus really have my sympathy. a touch and go is too long on the ground in saudi IMHO
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It takes 6 hours to march the shackled maids to the A/C that were raped, now pregnant overworked not paid beaten and now deported. Vile country
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Get over it, boys, stick to flying the airplane and let others worry about the commercial aspects of the departure time, and crew scheduling.
Look at it from another angle...less time in JED, more time in DXB at the pub.

Some of you younguns' can't see the forest for the trees.
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...and you old git can't see the desert for the cactus...! bugger off you old fool..., you have no idea of what this airlines about, nor it's idiosyncrasies.
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Absolutely 411a, and some of you old'ens should go there be beheaded and f#@ck off.
You are an idiot
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Can't say I'd wish for the sword treatment to be bestowed on poor old 411A, a most unpleasant way to exit our spinning rock.

We all know most of his comments are either designed to wind up, provoke or just display that he is a very forthright no middle ground type of man.
However, I do sometimes wish he'd fall off his zimmer frame and smash his keyboard .

Been to Saudi, didn't like it, mongrels steal your passport when you arrive, or at least they used to.
If it came to a choice of going back there or eating cold vomit, it would be a tough decision.
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It's no so bad after a few second in the microwave, if that makes your decision any easier.
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Now, boys, hold your horses.
Yes, I know you'all are god's gift to aviation, and all that...however, I'm quite sure the CX commercial department does not especially need your input about schedules and such...after all, as clearly pointed's CX after all...and they have the best there is.

Welcome to JED...I'll wave as I pass by in my TriStar.
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