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Well Mr Tyler, will you be refusing your bonus this year.

Not so long ago Mr Willie Walsh, BA big wig, refused his bonus due to the T5 balls up and the lack of profit due to the credit crunch etc.

Whilst returning on a flight the other day, I was trying to read the South China Morning Post whilst sat in my lovely coffin seat on the upper deck. When I managed to fold the paper 36 times to obtain the correct position to read I came across an article about our leader. The article went on to explain how TT managed to make 11 million last year. Now this got me thinking! CX have made a few cock ups this year with the price fixing and $60 mil fine etc and how we are being affected by the downturn in the worlds economy. I am hoping with all the cost saving we have to put up with Mr TT will join in and refuse his bonus this year. I know, pigs might fly.....

What was most satisfying was that right after reading the article I was presented with my amenity kit, I know I am supposed to politely refuse it but it felt good accepting it.....
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Considering his bonus is post dated, ie the $11M was for 06/07, imagine how big it will be for 07/08!!!
Yes come on TT, set the tone big fella!!!
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It will match the $60 million that he lost in the price fixing scam. Probably more but then he will bleat on how hard they work and we must make sacrifices in order to survive in this critical phase of investor turmoil.

I'm going to be sick....
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I reckon his smiling image looks just like Alfred E. Neuman
in MAD magazine. Wish I knew how to get the two images
side by side for a comparison. Same IQ level as well!

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Dear CX Employee,


Love and Kisses,

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