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The best way to attract students

Hey everyone

Any good ideas how to best atttract new students???
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Depends on the type of student you are trying to attract.

If you're talking about ordinary PPL candidates, with no further aspriations than private flying, I think you are going to have to identify what might attract such people to flying. There has been discussion on PPRuNe in the past about post-PPL mentoring etc, which is necessary to ensure that people really get the benefit of the license that they have been sold on. If they do, then they will tell their friends and some business be generated by word of mouth. But you have find out what people want first and put a realistic proposition to them.

Once you know the proposition that you are putting forwards is, it will lead to the methods to generate interest. I wouldn't look for new students in the Aviation Press. The readers if they are up for flying training will come you to if you have a good reputation, are not overly expensive and are convenient for them. They are already interested. The ones you need to attract are people who haven't considered it.

What's your proposition?
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You've asked a good question at least. I'm glad to see someone's trying, otherwise things will go the way this vision has it:
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I rent out a C152 and am trying to get a few of the more atractive members of the cabin crew to start flying this will no doubt atract a a few more guys to start flying.

Once the guys get the flying bug then they wont have eny money to spare on entertaining the girls and this will hopefully mean the girls will move on to atract more guys into the flying.

Just joking...............honest !
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Any good ideas how to best atttract new students???

A mini skirt always works for me
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